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1. If many people work together you refer to them as a stable.

2. When you see a co-worker crying, you shrug it off and think "it's probably just an angle."

3. You refer to every sports game as "a work."

4. You play Triple H's theme song every day on your way to work.

5. You refer to the TV as the "Titan Tron."

6. When you discovered that a friend of yours had stolen something of value from you, you explain to others that "he turned heel on me."

7. You refer to your ex as "the Jannetty of the relationship"

8. After a two-week vacation from work, you predict that when you return, you will have "ring rust."

9. When someone does a good deed, you dismiss it as "just trying to get over with the crowd."

10. If you are let go from your job, you tell friends and family that you were "future endeavored."

11. When you have a yard sale, you refer to the merchandise displayed as "the gimmick table."

12. You refer to neighborhood kids as "Little Jimmies."

13. Instead of telling people you have the day off, you say "I'm not booked."

14. When you trip or drop something, you refer to it as "a botch."

15. When a fan disrupts a baseball game, by running around the field, you refer to it as a "run-in."

16. You refer to a promotion at work as "getting a push."

17. When watching politicians make their speeches, you refer to it as "the cheap pop."

18. You refer to the Human Resources department as "Talent Relations."

19. You call the area before your front door the "Gorilla Position."

20. Your wife tells you she wants a divorce. You respond by asking "is this a work or shoot?"

21. When you find out the divorce is for real, your friends ask how you took the news. You tell them you were sad, but "no-sold it."

22. You refer to the newspaper as "the dirt sheet."

23. When people laugh at your jokes, you refer to that as getting "a good pop."

24. When you feel yourself getting tired at work, in order to make it through the day, you begin to "Hulk Up."

25. When people don't laugh at your jokes, you refer to them as "a heel crowd."

26. If you deliberately get fired from your job for poor performance, you explain to your friends that you "just killed the territory."

27. When your friends are laughing at a TV show, you tell them to "quit marking out."

28. Instead of saying "I'm going to sleep" you instead say "I'm tapping out."

29. You refer to your boss as "the booker man."

30. On message boards, your location is listed as "Parts Unknown."

31. At the busy shopping mall, you motion to another car that they can have the parking space, only to hit the gas and beat them to it. You refer to this as a "great swerve."

32. You refer to your last snack of the day as "the go-home snack."

33. While searching for a new job, you tell friends that your planning to "jump ship."

34. Thanks to Nikolai Volkoff, you can easily recite the Russian National Anthem.

35. You sometimes wear a mask while doing yard work, to throw off your neighbors.

36. When shopping at Home Depot or Lowe's, looking at Ladders brings a smile to your face

37. You refer to athletes as "heels" and "faces."

38. After being bothered by a Telemarketer, you tell friends "I cut a great promo on him."

39. When you get into an argument with your girlfriend, you explain to your friends that "my girl's got some heat with me."

40. After your order has been taken at the Drive-Thru, the clerk asks if that completes your order. You respond by yelling "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

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41. When you enter a cinema before it is packed and a certain wrestlers theme song is playing before the advertisments start, you walk down the isle doing their signature entrance.
(I did this two days ago to Ride of the Valkeries, side stepping down the isle shouting "YES! YES!")

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LOL. Did you think of this your self or did you get them somewere?
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