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The Raw Promo Plays and pyros then blast off from around the ring and stage as Raw comes live from Buffolo as we see clips of what happend last week with the championship match and Bischoff. JR welcomes us to the show were we got a big night instore

Bischoffs Music plays through the arena as he starts to make his way down to the ring as the crowd Boo him as they dont like him and Bischoff goes to talk

"since im the Chieff of staff i have the power to book matches book what i want when i want so thats why tonight im going to make Stone Cold Steve Austin defend his WWE Championship against a man who is the greatest technical wrestler in the world he is Chris Benoit"
(crowd go nuts)
Then 'here comes the money starts to play as Shane Mcmahon comes out and stays on the stage and looks at his new Business partner and then he smiles becasue Shane is the General Manager of raw and can change anything that Bischoff does

"you know what Eric i may not be able to fire you becasue there is only one man that can do that and that is my Dad Vince but i can change you matches and that why im making it a Non Title match becasue i want to save the title match at No Way Out but since you want to make title Matches i will let you decided who will be in the Womens Championship match at No Way Out"

Bischoff looks at Shane

"the 2 women are Trish Stratus and Jazz"

JR "ow my god what a womens championship match"

King "Puppies Galore"


1st Match
Triple H vs Brock Lesnar

A good solid match with HHH slowing Lesnar down and bringing him down Half way through the match Flair makes his way down to the ring as Lesnar Picks HHH up for the F5 Flair jumps up on the apron and grabs the ref Lesnar then leaves HHH go and looks at Flair and he Punches Flair and HHH hits a Pedigree on Lesnar as he turns and gets the 1,2,3

Winner of the match Triple H

In the back we see Charlie Hass getting ready for his match with Bubba Ray when shane comes in looks for Batista but cant find him and Hass says he's in the gym

2nd Match WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Jamie Nobalw/ Nidia vs The Hurricane

Quick Match with a lot of High flying moves Hurricane Hits his Chockslam but Nidia distracts him and Noble hits his Tiger Bomb to pick up his first title Defence

Winner and Still WWE Cruiserweight champion Jamie Nobal


In the back Shane finds Batista and Shane tells him that he's got a WWE Intercontinatel Title Match with John Cena but Batista tells him he already been singed a match by Bischoff and thats aginast Edge, Shane walks off with a Pissed look on his face

3rd Match
Charlie Hass vs Bubba Ray Dudley

Bubba out looking for revenge after last raw Bubba got a lot of Shots and moves in but Hass was to quick hitting takedowns and Submission holds, In the end Hass tries to hit a superkick but bubba ducks hits the Bubba Bomb and out from the Crowd Comes Shelton Benjamin who hits a superkick to Bubba and the ref calls for the Bell and Hass and Benjamin destroy Bubba as D'von comes out only to get destryoed aswel and hass and Benjamin.

Winner Via DQ Bubba Ray Dudley


as we come back The Rocks Music hits the arena and he starts to make his way down to the ring with the crowd going wild as he jumps in the ring and grabs a mic

"Know at the First WWE New Era PPv called No Way Out i go against my nemsis HHH and i tell you what i will be still here becasue that Jabroni can take his ass shin it up real nice Turn it side ways and shoved straight out of that door and i will love it as the Rock and his Millions (crowd chant 'Millions') And Millions of rocks fans will become the WWE Champion of the world"

WWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOO Plays through the arena as the Nature Boy Ric Flair steps out and stands on the stage and looks at the Rock

"now People think that i screwed HHH out of his match with you last time on raw but you know i didn't i just tryed to get you 2 to work together becasue if you 2 were my tag team we could take the WWE by the throat and shake it up but no you 2 had to spoil things and now one of you is going to leave and im the ref in the match so you know what Im going to call it right down the middle and we will see who the best man is"

Ric Drops the mic and leaves the arena

4th Match
Dave Batista w/ Randy Orton vs Edge

Good match with Orton getting involved alot and Edge hit the spear but orton distracted the ref and Hass and Benjamin comes down and they all beat up Edge Untill The Dudleyz come down and chase them out of the ring and it looks like we got a stable in WWE with all the Young starts



5th Match WWE CHampionship
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Chris Benoit

Austin and Benoit have a good chain wrestling start with Both men doing a lot of good moves Benoit slappin on the Crossface with Austin screaming in Pain as he tries for the ropes and as Austin was about to give up Medal Hits the arena as Kurt Angle starts to make his way down to the ring and sits at the Announcer table, The match goes on with more moves and austin getting the Upperhand a lot and as Austin hit the stunner the ref was about to count the 1,2 but Angle pulled him out and threw him into the ring steps and he went in the ring and hit an Angle slam on Austin and then slapped on the anckle lock as Austin was screaming in pain and Y2j Lesnar comes running down to the ring and Hits an F5 on Angle and Austin and Benoit are up Benoit tries a German but austin hits a low blow and then a Stunner and he gets the 1,2,3 with a new ref

Winner and Still WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin

Scene fades with Austin Holding the belt with Lesnar looking on

WWE Champions
WWe Champion= Stone Cold Steve Austin
WWE INtercontinental champion= John Cena
WWe Cruiserweight champion= Jamie Nobal
WWE Womens Champion= Vacnet
WWE Tag Team Champions= Dave Batista + Randy orton

WWE No Way Out card

WWE Championship Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs Kurt Angle

WWe Intercontinetal championship
John Cena (c) vs Edge

Loser Leaves town match
Speical Ref= Ric Flair
The Rock vs Triple H

WWe Womens championship
Trish vs Jazz
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