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24/7 Hardcore Title

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hello once again

just thought id write a quick thread before i went to work have to go through to stirling how shit is that

anyway how awesome was the 24/7 hardcore title

i always used to love the vignettes of crash holly getting attacked in his bed lol always funny

i say bring back the 24/7 hardcore title

and yes i do realise wwe is pg rating but it wont last forever
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The biggest problem with the 24/7 ruling became apparent very quickly - when you have that ruling in place, booking hardcore title matches on the show becomes pointless because for the champ, life is one big match anyway - and so many guys would run out and try to win the belt during the match.

It got to the point that Crash was having matches for his belt but not completing any of them - just running away. Would have been a better idea if they made the rule right away that during hardcore title matches - no one else could pin the champ.
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