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With Curry's blessing, I will be taking over the duties of running this thing for the coming season because he will be busy

Curriculum Vitae
I ran the non-draft league on here last season
I have a calculator on my phone

It will probably follow the same format as last year, unless any of you have some suggestions. Plz state them in here if you do and they will be taken into consideration

Each of the 16 participants will pick 11 players in snake draft order. Those 11 must include 1 goalkeeper, at least 3 defenders, at least 3 midfielders and at least one striker. There is no limit to how many players you can have from a single team.

The scoring system used will be from http://fantasy.premierleague.com so have a look over there to see how points are scored and what type of players will get you the most points.
Anyone can forfeit their pick to be first in line for a new arrival to the Premier League. This is how Curry explained it last year:

A point no one has mentioned yet is players who are transferred to the Prem after the draft starts. Obviously this could be a problem if something like De Bruyne to City were to happen as he would be a first/second round-level player.

To try and make this less of an issue, I'm thinking anyone can forfeit one of their draft picks during the draft to be next in line for new players to the premier league.

So if it gets to pick #23 and you think a better player will join the league than any you could draft right now, you can forfeit your pick (Taking pick #177 instead) and have first dibs on De Bruyne/Pogba/Whichever megastars come in by September. If pick #26 then wants to do the same, they'll have second dibs and take pick #178 until that time.

If no one has any preference picks left during the end of the window or during the January window, priority on new players will go to those at the bottom of the league.
Trades are also allowed and are a great source of hilarity and fuckery

Once the 16 participants have signed up, I will RANDOMIZE them using a RANDOMIZER

A new thread will be created for PICKS ONLY and it can then be used for swapping in/out players throughout the season

Last year's draft began on July 15th, so we might try to get this draft started by next weekend maybe? Might be best to sign-up only if you're a regular poster so you'll be around to make picks

1. DA
2. Curry
3. LFC_Styles
4. Vader
5. Mr. Socko
6. Rugrat
7. The Arch of Mia Malkova
8. Lawls
9. Kiz

Still searching
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I'm in. Might be worth sending a link out to Rugrat/Vader as the more active members from last year.

You're a mong.
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Yeah I'll do this. Give me a top 3 draft order though. None of this random shit. I'll not give you any shit for a year.
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