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I didn't participate in the voting for this list, because I am not a member of WKO. However, I pretty much agree with their list here. And the guys on the list I don't recognize I'll be checking out soon. Anyway, what do you guys think of the list. Who would you have higher/lower/etc.?

100. Terry Funk
99. Felino
98. Mike Quackenbush
97. Preston Quinn
96. Konan Big
95. Jay Briscoe
94. Willie Mack
93. Hector Garza
92. Kenou
91. Valiente
90. Rocky Santana
89. Louis Lyndon
88. Mascarita Dorada
87. Villano IV
86. Michael Elgin
85. Mascara Dorada
84. Freelance
83. Cody Rhodes
82. Shaun Tempers
81. Primo Colon
80. Darren Young
79. Oficial 911
78. Kyle Matthews
77. Averno
76. Yoshihito Sasaki
75. Bam Bam
74. Koji Kanemoto
73. Low Ki
72. John Morrison
71. Bugambilia del Norte
70. El Generico
69. Damien Sandow
68. Stuka Jr.
67. Pantera
66. Akira Tozawa
65. Kevin Steen
64. Ray Mendoza Jr.
63. Hayato Jr. Fujita
62. Oficial AK-47
61. El Mesias
60. Jake Davis
59. Meiko Satomura
58. Yoshihiro Takayama
57. El Hijo del Santo
56. Evan Bourne
55. Yoshiaki Fujiwara
54. Brodie Lee
53. Shinsuke Nakamura
52. Jun Akiyama
51. Mike Segura
50. Eddie Kingston
49. Derrick King
48. Bill Dundee
47. Claudio Castagnoli/Antonio Cesaro
46. Randy Orton
45. Drew Haskins
44. Yujiro Yamamoto
43. Pierrothito
42. Damien Wayne
41. Chris Hero
40. Necro Butcher
39. Angel Mortal
38. Bully Ray
37. Sheamus
36. Takeshi Ono
35. Dean Ambrose
34. Chris Masters
33. Arkangel de la Muerte
32. The Big Show
31. Gran Apache
30. James Mason
29. Guerrero Maya Jr.
28. Demus 3:16
27. Dolph Ziggler
26. Christian
25. Alberto del Rio
24. Solar I
23. Jerry Lawler
22. L.A. Park
21. Luke Gallows
20. William Regal
19. Trauma II
18. Drew McIntyre
17. Dr. Cerebro
16. Dave Finlay
15. Daisuke Ikeda
14. Sami Callihan
13. Dick Togo
12. Yuki Ishikawa
11. C.M. Punk
10. ***** Casas
9. John Cena
8. Rey Mysterio
7. Daniel Bryan
6. Trauma I
5. Blue Panther
4. Black Terry
3. Virus
2. Mark Henry
1. ***** Navarro

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Luke Gallows, Callihan, Del Rio etc so far up the list ? Henry number 2? I like Henry but come on , there's been heaps of people that had a much better 2011.

Necro Butcher being at 41 and Hero being at 40 stands out too. Necro is ahead of Orton , Claudio, Steen and a massive 31 ahead of Generico. What is this shit?:lmao

There's a lot of Lucha names there I'm not too fimilar with so I can't pass judgement.

What is this list based on anyway? How good of a 2011 as a worker they had I assume? If it is it's one of the worst complied one's I've ever seen. Almost seems like a joke , espically Necro on it.

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Don't watch as much lucha as the WKO guys, but can't argue with much of this bar the indy picks, which I don't really like at all. WKO look for different stuff than me obviously but what the hell did Necro Butcher do in 2011 that was any good? Low Ki? I'd also have Claudio quite a bit further up based on his fucking phenomenal PWG run that was about as good a monster champ angle as you can have in the big indies.

No problems with the WWE portions, though. Probably put Dolph a bit further up but otherwise this looks very okay to me.

Also the lucha matches what I've seen from people whose opinions I respect who know lucha well so that's cool too.

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ダニエル;11365017 said:
I agree; totally outrageous. He should have been #1.
Punk, Bryan,Ziggler,Christian,Mysterio etc had a much better 2011 then Henry did IMO. I'd probably throw Orton in there, maybe Masters for his immense superstar matches.

I think Henrys really hit his this peak late in the year around September to be that high. Started like a house on fire in 2012 though.

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WKO 100 always looks like it was drawn out of a hat. It feels like no one on the list has been compared with anyone else on the list. Like they were reviewed in a vacuum.

WKO is the hipster & world cinema version of wrestling fans. REALLY not my cup of tea, but if I view the list through the perspective of a Seancarleton or a Daniel aka "Japanese Letters", then I can see what they are looking for and why the list is as it is.

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Neither Sean nor I had anything to do with their list. I don't agree with pretty much half of it and don't even see the exercise itself being that worthwhile/productive other than to troll. That said, the list comes as a result of voting - which explains why it's disjointed. There wasn't any argument or debate held over it. It's just an aggregate of opinion of a few guys who like stuff that doesn't get much attention in the rest of the IWC. That's all it's supposed to be as well.

If we must use a film nerd analogy, it's closer to having a bunch of Peckinpah and Bunuel fans rate their favourite films of the 60s and 70s.

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I really enjoy reading the list, and while it's not as helpful as a MOTY list or something like that, it certainly provided me with some guys to check out. It's isn't a "troll" (though they do seem to get trolling reactions from a lot of the IWC) list or anything like that either, and most of the indy guys that are rated above guys like Steen and Generico are way better than Steen and Generico.

And Necro had some pretty good performances against Masato Tanaka and Mark Savior. Not entirely sure what else though.

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Why can't this forum just get together and make a Top 100 list? I'm partially joking but part of me wonders how that would turn out. I don't know how it would work but for some reason it sounds nifty.
That would be interesting, but I have a feeling I would despise the results. It would probably be waaaaaaay too indie-centric. Almost no lucha, and guys like Cena and Mark Henry would get a really short end of the stick.

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That would be interesting, but I have a feeling I would despise the results. It would probably be waaaaaaay too indie-centric. Almost no lucha, and guys like Cena and Mark Henry would get a really short end of the stick.
If it was made in this section alone I think it would be a pretty nifty list. Plenty of Lucha experts and Henry and Cena are regarded as great workers by pretty much everyone in this section. I think there's only a very few Indy wrestlers that would make the list anyway , well place high on the list.

Somebody make it happen.:)
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