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2011 Summer CM Punk Vs John Cena = YES! 2012 PG CM Punk vs PG John Cena = NO!

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Honestly I hope this feud does not happen especially in Punks current state of a babyface. To be honest I like Punk as a face and think he does a great job because hes one of my favourites but seriously like many of you have stated he has no edge and is a generic babyface who panders to the crowd, good guys and goes against the bad guys.

Whenever him and Cena have confronted each other since Punk full transition into a babyface everything about tearing Cena apart verbally seemed to diminish. If Punk stands in the ring with Cena I wouldnt be suprised if they do the typical Cena/Sheamus and shake/raise each others hand or crack jokes with each other completely forgetting their history.

If rumours are circulating that Cena vs Punk may be re-ignited for their summer feud and with both of their current characters disturbingly appauling then in un-wise words of the young children to Daniel Bryan when he screams "YES"... I shall reply "NO!".
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Everybody thinks this will happen, but i see through that. Cena will likely become the first person to unsuccessfully cash-in, and there is no way they are going to put their Nr 1 face over their Nr 2 face after trying to make Punk the star he is today. The only way Cena will unsuccessfuly cash-in is if Bryan wins at MITB, setting up a triple threat at Summerslam. Either he will unsuccessfuly cash-in by losing the match, or he will end up pinning Bryan at SS.
I would like to see another match between the two.
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