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2011 Royal Rumble Best Moments/Let Downs (SPOILERS)

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What are your best moments from this years Royal Rumble and let downs?

Best Moments
Alberto Del Rio winning
Kevin Nash returning
Booker T returning
John Morrison's AWESOME save from being eliminated on the wall
John Cena and Randy Orton NOT winning the Rumble

Let Downs
NO HHH (For fuck sakes, how much LONGER is this freakin' guy gonna milk his return?)
NO Chris Jericho (quit playing your stupid rock music and get back to work)
NO Undertaker
NO Christian
NO Awesome Kong
NO Vince McMahon (STILL in a freakin' coma huh Vince?)
NO Raw GM (How much LONGER is creative going to STRETCH this shit out?)
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Booker and Nash not dominating
Gabriel being eliminated early
Cena overstaying his welcome...again
Randy Orton
Morrison, Bryan, Booker, Punk being eliminated way to early
Christian not returning
Diva's match

Edge using the Killswitch
Del Rio winning!
the whole Rumble match was actually good except for some early exists and Orton

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Two good title matches
Del Rio winning
Morrison's parkour spot
Bryan, Sheamus, Barrett, Jackson, Kofi, and New Nexus all having good runs
Booker and Nash returns
Jackson eliminating Big Show
Strong field at the end

Divas match
Two members of the Corre, who are supposed to be this big group, being to made to like chumps
Morrison didn't last long enough considering the push he's been getting.
The New Nexus dominating for what seemed like forever. Really dragged the match, which had been pretty good up until that point, down. I think it was the first time I was happy to see Cena when he came out to take them all out.
Ziggler, Swagger, and McIntyre all non factors
Nash and Booker should have done more. They could have at least had them eliminate a guy.

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That Darren Young wasn't involved in the Rumble
Striker's reaction to Diesel returning
Hornswoggle FU'ing Tyson Kidd
That DH Smith wasnt involved in the Rumble
CM Punk, Bryan and Regal being in the ring at the same time. Triple threat match between them would be amazing
John Morrisons spot, It could of gone so horribly wrong....

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40 wrestlers is the reason Punk was eliminted so early because if he stuck around till Orton showed up then I think he would of already broken the record or was in the top 5 and I know the WWE weren't ready to toy around with the records just yet

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From the Rumble match itself:

Hornswhat leaving!
Cena/Orton/HHH not winning!
Bryan's dominance!

Del Rio winning
Horsnwhat entering!
Kane #40 whopper letdown
Pointless returnees looking for easy money
Nexus/Corre angle wasted
Would Cena actually die in a hole somewhere I'm beyond sick of his shit. All he needs is a cape and it would all become clear! He burying wrestlers and ruining feuds. Cuck Fena!

Plus......none of my favourites won! Who wants to see a heel, who isn't properly over yet, win?
Clearly Del Rio has a lot of fans on this thread, and I'd be one of them. However, there's no way (in my opinion) that he's been built up enough to main event WM. It just doesn't grasp me as a main event I'd like to see. Who's he going to face anyway? Rey Mysterio? Gee, that's never been done before :rolleyes:
It all feels like a wasted opportunity, why would Del Rio potential victory but likely loss at WM excite me? He's just a Mexican JBL with more talent and less flab. Obviously, Vince loves this type of character, hence his victory but it just feels empty. ADR doesn't have any real rivalries besides RM that could make a WM match interesting.

Christian had won imagine the pop, I know he's injured but he could have come in at #40 and fought, say, Del Rio for the eventual win? THAT would've been something.
AND, Edge could've turned heel and face him at WM. That I would pay to see! But as most of us know, Vince doesn't consider Christian a main eventer, for the sake of WM, the World Title and my interest, I really hope that'll change.

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Best Moments:
Santino's swerve was just wonderful.
I gained a fuckton of respect for Ziggler after that WHC match.
Orton losing the WWE title match.
Booker's micro-markfest as well as Diesel returning.
Riley taking out the new Nexus with that dive.
Edge's unprettier.
Striker's Booker marking.

Worst Moments:
Orton being in the Rumble.
Edge's cheating win, despite the magnificent spear.
The continued branding of Natalya as fat.
Santino not winning.
Eve winning.
Kane at number 40. He should have been in very early, taken out the new Nexus or a bunch of jobbers and went past HBK's record, letting him retire.

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Morrisons spiderman spot - moment of the night for me, its a shame he didn't last longer.

Divas match (would of been happy with the original handicap match or a kong debut, but really don't give two shits about eve)
Gabriel being made to look like an idiot being eliminated so fast
ADR winning (don't get me wrong I love watching him in the ring, but the WWE desparately needs a new main event face at the moment, they have loads of heels)

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Edge using the Killswitch
Chavo finally does The Three Amigos
Cena being tossed out like the piece of crap he is
Morrison trying out for the new Spiderman movie
Booker T and Diesel
ADR winning

Thinking Kong would be the 4th women in the Diva's title match
When Randy and Cena were looking at each other and the counter was counting down, it being Kane instead of HHH
Superman Cena wrecking all of Nexus

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-Dolph and Edge's match, great way to start the show. Dolph sells the spear perfectly, and Edge hitting the Killswitch/Unprettier was awesome.
-Morrison Spider Man
-CM Punk's "Whats Up" to R Truth.
-Me freaking out that Santino was going to win the Rumble.
-ADR winning.
-Daniel Bryan had some nice moves in the Rumble.
-Chavo: WWE actually let him get in some moves instead of being a total jobber as per usual.
-Chris Masters: He delivered a hellacious spine buster.


-Diesel and Booker got great props, but then they got in the ring and proceeded to do...nothing
- The Miz/Orton match felt like a regular old Raw match. Is Miz just not ready for this level of match, or do these two just suck working with each other?
-Re-using Orton and Dolph in the rumble.
-Hype for Awesome Kong, then we get Eve instead. Though she had a nice moonsault. I felt bad for her cause she was crying...she must believe the Diva's Title actually means something, and that the WWE actually considers women to be viable wrestlers and not just tits and ass. wrong.

- Hornswoggle lasting as long as he did.
-Morrison being eliminated so early.
-Moments with too few people in the ring, and the Nexus power moment lasted a bit too long for my taste.
- Triple H not returning. I was so pumped for this to happen, but as soon as Sheamus got tossed I knew it wasn't gonna happen. It almost ruined the PPV for me. lol.

Lastly, I hope they don't bury Dolph Ziggler to obscurity after this. He has proven that he is the go to man for quality matches. He can work a great match with anybody.

Overall though, this was a pretty damn good PPV, and after it was over I didn't feel like I just pissed away my money, which is my normal reaction after a pay per view. :)

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Booker T & Diesel returning
Cena didn't win
Morrisons moves

Alberto Del Rio winning

Total waste of Booker T
New Nexus dominaiting were boring
Cena "The Superman" eliminating New Nexus
Justin Gabriels & John Morrison eliminated early
Kane number 40

Very Bad:
Cena wasn't eliminated fairly (it would be awesome if he was...)
No HHH, Y2J or Christian

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Booker's return was amazing, but Diesel's was better imo, his entrance was just so badass, everyone in the ring stopped to look at him and the pop and following chant he got was huge, Rey Mysterio, the biggest babyface since Santa Claus, got heat for doing the 619 on him lmao!
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