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2011 Royal Rumble Best Moments/Let Downs (SPOILERS)

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What are your best moments from this years Royal Rumble and let downs?

Best Moments
Alberto Del Rio winning
Kevin Nash returning
Booker T returning
John Morrison's AWESOME save from being eliminated on the wall
John Cena and Randy Orton NOT winning the Rumble

Let Downs
NO HHH (For fuck sakes, how much LONGER is this freakin' guy gonna milk his return?)
NO Chris Jericho (quit playing your stupid rock music and get back to work)
NO Undertaker
NO Christian
NO Awesome Kong
NO Vince McMahon (STILL in a freakin' coma huh Vince?)
NO Raw GM (How much LONGER is creative going to STRETCH this shit out?)
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Best moments

Morrisson spot!!!!!!!!
Booker T returning
ADR winning
Bryan, Punk, Regal and Morrison's 5 minute bout was great!
Ziggler selling the spear
Orton not winning the championship

Let Downs

No marathon man...Morrison or Bryan should have made last 4
Santino not winning in the end...joking
WWE Title match was a bit slow paced although i was expecting it
Knowing that Kane and Del Rio were the last 2 (Why not make it either a huge star or a returning one as 40?

Great overall though!

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- Edge spearing Ziggler (what a spear that was)
- CM Punk hitting the GTS on Orton
- Morrisson on the barricade and jumping on the ring steps
- Cena kicking nexus's ass
- Booker T return
- No cena/orton rumble win


- Hornswoggle and Cena teaming up
- Orton eliminating Kofi
- Nexus/Corre brawl at the start
- Del Rio winning

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Let me ask ya this, and be honest. If Awesome Kong was the 4th Diva, would you feel the same way? Or did you just find the situation ridiculous.
I only barely know who Awesome Kong is.

But if she was the 4th Diva, I'd have been happy. Mostly cause I know she'd bulldoze the other 3 and pick up the win in half the time the match took as it stands.

Also the situation was ridiculous. I was ready to endure a short handicap match, but instead it was pointlessly changed to a longer contest. It was just wasted time, but that's my opinion on it. I've never been interested in Diva's matches, except during that few months several years ago that I was briefly straight. (that's a joke, i've NEVER been into Diva matches. they bore me half to tears)

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Are we talking about the match itself or the Rumble as a PPV because the Edge/Ziggler match was amazing from start to finish.

As far as the Rumble match goes, there were a lot of little things but I'm tired/sleepy so yeah...

Morrison Spot
Chavo's Suplexes (turn those hips!)
Booker muthafuckin T
New Nexus mini-domination
Hornswoggle was actually funny
Santino Cobra and following celebration
His name is Alberto Del Rio and the Rumble was his destiny

Let Downs:

WWE Title match (nearly fell asleep - no joke)
Orton and Ziggler wasting Rumble spots in my eyes
Kane at #40 and his following disappointing showing (should came out earlier)

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I will be honest, I did think Awesome Kong would make her debut the moment Cole announced there will be another entrant. The fans were chanting for Kong to make her debut only to be let down with Eve Torres. It was actually "LOL" worthy cause you can see the disappointment in their faces which I don't blame them.
the same goes for me, I was intrigued but the announcement and was hoping for Kong, but I must admit I was let down when Eve came out. She goes from not being in the title picture, to divas champion in one night

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The Good
Punk/Bryan starting
Bryan going like 20 minutes
Morrison's spot
Barrett eliminating Mr Fingerpoke of Doom
Cena dominating SES 2.0
Miz dumping Cena
Barrett and Jackson looked good
Of course the guy who won...but you already know that!

The Bad
Gabriel and Slater get embarrassingly eliminated while SES 2.0 were in way too long
No Christian

Christian was the only guy I was expecting/hoping to return tonight. Overall a really fun Rumble though.

EDIT: One more for the good, almost forgot! Chavo going suplex crazy! Good to see him not get the complete jobber treatment.

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Best Moments
Alberto Del Rio winning RR 2011
Kevin Nash returning
Booker T returning
No one previously winning it (Orton, Cena etc)
Triple H not returning

Let Downs

No Christian
Cena not getting eliminate by someone that was in the royal rumble
Having Cena going superman mode and eliminating the other 60 percent of Nexus

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i've NEVER been into Diva matches. they bore me half to tears
ummmm DUH! lol...I don't blame you at all, I have been a fan of the divas division as I started to watch it during the Lita/Trish Stratus days and I have enjoyed those matches, but todays matches have not been the best and I have been bored to hell as well, but I was pretty intrigued with this announcement because I thought things would of turned around, having Awesome Kong, Beth Phoenix and Natalya in the WWE could turn things around for the divas, but we will still have to wait and see if it will as we wait for Kong.

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Another let down is the last 3 Rumble matches the endings have been so rushed. I miss the good times when HBK and Taker went at it for like 10 mins before we had a winner instead now we get such quick finishes it's really dissapointing.

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Nash and Booker T
New Winner (i'll give it that)
Morrison's sick spot
The little bits of Bryan-Punk were awesome
The segment of Bryan, Punk, Regal, Dibiase all at once
Ziggler-Edge was awesome

Nexus domination ruined the match (and that's not hyperbole)
Del Rio, a heel, winning when the WWE desperately needs a new face
Orton-Punk dragged on way too long
Eve in the divas match? wtf?

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Santino being runner up
McGillicutty's sprint
Bookahhhh and his face when eliminated
Barrett getting quite a lot of eliminations
Morrison's awesome spot
Chavo F'N Guerrero the suplex machine


Gabriel and Slater getting owned
the winner
No Primo

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Best Moments:
Del Rio winning
Daniel Bryan having a good showing
Booker T and Diesel
Last frew minutes of Edge/Ziggler. It was a great match, but it was REALLY heating up at the end.

Kane being the #40 entrant and doing absolutely nothing
CM Punk being eliminated too early
Cena and Hornswoggle
No Christian or Jericho (I don't really care about HHH and there was no way Bourne was coming back)
The entire Diva fatal-four way and Eve winning

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Orton entering the Rumble wouldn't have been so confusing if Punk was still in and he would of attacked him but Punk was already eliminated so Orton looked so out of place during the match ..

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Barrett getting some pay back on Nash after the shoot Nash did on him. :D

Bad part however was Ziggler and Orton getting in..I mean they already had a match and while Ziggler made no impact really, Orton was super man and ended up coming third from last, or second from last if you discount Santino.
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