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2011 Royal Rumble Best Moments/Let Downs (SPOILERS)

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What are your best moments from this years Royal Rumble and let downs?

Best Moments
Alberto Del Rio winning
Kevin Nash returning
Booker T returning
John Morrison's AWESOME save from being eliminated on the wall
John Cena and Randy Orton NOT winning the Rumble

Let Downs
NO HHH (For fuck sakes, how much LONGER is this freakin' guy gonna milk his return?)
NO Chris Jericho (quit playing your stupid rock music and get back to work)
NO Undertaker
NO Christian
NO Awesome Kong
NO Vince McMahon (STILL in a freakin' coma huh Vince?)
NO Raw GM (How much LONGER is creative going to STRETCH this shit out?)
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· You're better than that Cole.
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I was letdown they put Morrison in so early which didn't make him look like a contender. Also disappointed that they made Cena take out Nexus with no problem. Along with wasted surprises like Diesel and Booker T getting no eliminations.
Nah Ill admit, they did their job in making their bland wrestlers look good by being eliminated but the sad thing is about that is, mostly everyone except John Cena got a mediocre reaction while the roof came off for those two legends. The fans prove once again why they will cheer on a broke down Kevin Nash then 70% of the bland wrestlers today, that’s’ actually sad for WWE. These people will kill for the past era’s to return then the shit they watching today.

· You're better than that Cole.
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Let me ask ya this, and be honest. If Awesome Kong was the 4th Diva, would you feel the same way? Or did you just find the situation ridiculous.
I will be honest, I did think Awesome Kong would make her debut the moment Cole announced there will be another entrant. The fans were chanting for Kong to make her debut only to be let down with Eve Torres. It was actually "LOL" worthy cause you can see the disappointment in their faces which I don't blame them.
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