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In 2009, the voters of Wrestling Forum spoke out and named Bryan Danielson the King of the Independent. The landscape of the indepedent scene has changed since that day, including the former king signing with the WWE. With the close of the 2010 year coming upon us, its time to name the 2010 King of the Independent.

There is two parts of crowning the 2010 King of the Independent. This is part one, where you will nominate the 32 men to go forth into the tournament.

Rules of Nomination
1. The superstar must be a non-WWE/non-TNA wrestler. The only exception to this rule is if they currently hold a title outside of that company (i.e. if Alex Shelley holds tag titles in Japan, he is eligible)
2. They must have competed in at least one match since January 2010.
3. Each day you are allowed to vote for three individuals. You cannot cast a vote claiming all three votes go to the same person. The following day, you are allowed to cast your vote for the same three or new three.
4. Days are not 24 hour spans. If you vote at 11:55 PM, you can wait 5 minutes and vote again.
5. Five votes from the forum gains that wrestler into the pool of 32. Once inside that pool, they may not be nominated anymore. I will update this post with who has been nominated.

Once we have 32 wrestlers, I will give you a link to the bracket and I will open up the voting.

You may start nominations now. Thank you!

Davey Richards
Claudio Castagnoli
Kevin Steen
Chris Hero
Kenny Omega
Austin Aries
Chuck Taylor
Roderick Strong
Jon Moxley
Eddie Edwards
El Generico
Tyler Black
Daisuke Sekimoto
Masato Yoshino
Prince Devitt
Christopher Daniels
Colt Cabana
Jimmy Jacobs
Shingo Takagi
Eddie Kingston
Mike Quackenbush
Bobby Fish
Joey Ryan
Naomichi Marafuji
Adam Pearce
Kota Ibushi

Kenny King- 4
TJP- 4
Adam Cole-3
Johnny Gargano- 3
Silas Young- 3
Kyle O’Reilly- 3
PAC- 3
Jun Kasai- 3
Masashi Takeda- 3
Strangler Corlene- 2
Christian Able- 2
Josh Raymond- 2
Gran Akuma- 2
Johnny Goodtime- 2
Delirious- 2
Brian Cage-Taylor- 2
BxB Hulk- 2
Tursas- 2
Rhett Titus- 2
Sami Callihan
A.R. Fox
Alex Shane
Mark Haskins
Susumu Yokosuka
Phil Shatter
Tommy Force
Ikuto Hidaka
Kanshoku Dino
Tomer Shalom
Cheerleader Melissa
Jay Briscoe
Rich Swann
Steve Corino
Nicole Matthews
Pinkie Sanchez

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Davey Richards
Kenny Omega
Chris Hero

P.S. Why are japanese promotions considered as indys?

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If I counted right Richards, Hero, Claudio & Steen are in.
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