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This is my RAW Roster... It's a little out there, but too bad!

General Manager and Creative Director - Eric Bischoff

The Kliq:
Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg Jesse James and Badd Ass Billy Gunn

The Pac:
Triple H, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash

Randy Orton
Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho
Booker T
Shelton Benjamin
Matt Hardy
Hulk Hogan
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Mick Foley and Eugene
The Hurricane
Rosie and Rikishi

Batista and The Nature Boy Ric Flair
Scott Steiner
Diamond Dallas Paige
Steven Richards
Big Show
Randy Macho Man Savage
William Regal and Gene Snitsky
The Coach
Christian and Tyson Tomko

Lillian Garcia
Stacey Keibler
Trish Stratus
Molly Holly

RAW Preview:
New Year's Revolution change the direction of RAW completely... With the assitance of the Nature Boy, Batista defeated the Game in the gruling Elimination Chamber to be crowned the Heavyweight Championship of the World. Kane made his long awaited return to Wrestling and destroyed Snitsky in a last man standing match. Only to find out later that he has been traded to the Smackdown Brand. Maven turned on his friend Shelton Benjamin after Benjamin successfully defended his championship against Mark Henry.

As Royal Rumble draws closer, how will Eric Bischoff react to the revolution that has taken place in the RAW Lockeroom.
What will happen to Batista and Ric Flair now that the game is on the hunt to destroy his evolution team mates?
And who from Smackdown will replace Kane on RAW... find out on Monday Night RAW.

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This sounds pretty good for a new kids show...... Hope it takes off you, cause it's what BTB needs at the moment, also if you have msn add me;

[email protected]

If you do maybe I can your you a few pointers to make you show a great one.

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thats awesome haha... that makes sense i never thought about it lol... new years REVOLUTION, maybe this means we'll see a Revolution on RAW with the disbanding of Evolution.. yes!! Now Batista can turn face.

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I appologize for not using bolds or different colours to make it easier to read. Please inform me on how I can do that!

January 10, 2005

RAW kicks off with Eric Bischoff heading down towards the ring to present the Heavyweight Championship of the World to Batista

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw! (crowd cheers) I am honoured and privilege to present to each and every single one of you. Your NEW Heavyweight Champion of the World, Batista!

Batista’s music starts to play and the champion comes down to the ring with the Nature Boy Ric Flair right beside him. They enter the ring and shake the General Manager’s hand. Ric Flair grabs the microphone and addresses the crowd.

WOOOOOOOO! This is the greatest night in the industry, as we know it. Tonight is the dawning of a new era with a new champion to lead in the New Year. All of you have waited for the moment when Batista was going to step up and take the championship and now it has happened. He is on the top of Space Mountain. And nobody will push him off.

Triple H’s music starts to play and the former heavyweight champion heads to the ring (crowd boos). He steps into the ring and asks for a microphone.

We all know that the only reason Batista is the champion is because you Flair turned your back on me last night. Unlike Batista who needs you Flair to make him what he is, I don’t need anybody. I have proven time and time again that I am the only man who deserves to hold the heavyweight championship.
You think you have something to prove, well then why don’t you prove it tonight… You and me right here tonight on RAW (crowd cheers).
That’s exactly what I want. Right here, right now!
That would be a great idea and in fact I am going to make that match (crowd cheers). Just not tonight, not for a RAW main event (crowd boos). I am going to sign Triple H and Batista for a World Heavyweight Championship match at the Royal Rumble. Here tonight however, Triple H will go head to head against The Nature Boy Ric Flair…

Eric Bischoff’s music starts to play and the General Manager leaves the ring with Triple H and Batista staring each other down.


The Big Show enters the arena as JR and the KING question his presence.


Match 1 Notes:
Val Venis vs. Steven Richards

The match begins with both men locking up; Val immediately backs Richards into the corner. Richards sucker punches Venis after the referee forces Venis away. Richards get the offence by kneeing Venis in the face. Steven dominates for the most part of the match until he goes for the Steven Kick and Venis ducks it. Val clotheslines Richards to the ground and elbows his chest. Val is now given the offence in for the match. The match ends when Carmella comes out to the ring and pushes Val off of the top rope. Richards crawls over and covers Venis for the three-count.

Winner: Steven Richards

After the match, Carmella holds Venis up as Steven nails the Steven Kick. Carmella and Richards leave the ring together. Christy comes to the ring and helps Val to his feet and helps him to the back.


A knock comes to Eric’s office door and he answers it. Theodore R. Long comes into the office and the two GM’s start to discuss a roster trade. Eric shuts the door behind him.



Batista and Ric Flair are in their locker room as the Nature Boy prepares for his match with the Game later tonight. A knock comes to the door and the Big Show comes approaches the Champion.

What do you want?
I want the same as what Triple H wants and what all these people want to see. I want a title match right here tonight.
You’re new to RAW, there’s no way your going to get a match against me tonight for the World Heavyweight Championship.
That’s what you think. As a signing bonus, Bischoff granted me a championship match anytime, anywhere.
Listen, Batista will give you a match, but it won’t be tonight. You have to wait just like everybody else.

The Big Show slams Flair and Batista against the lockers and pins them by their throats.


The Big Shows leaves the locker room, while the champ and the legend favour their necks.

Jim Ross and Jerry the King Lawler are shown in the arena.

Can you believe what’s going done tonight?
Two huge matches made for RAW. Triple H and Ric Flair will meet one on one later tonight and with the Big Show’s challenge for the World Championship, we’ll see Batista and the Big Show as well.
The two largest superstars on the RAW Roster will go against each other for the biggest prize in the Business today.
Tonight’s RAW is only getting started, stay tuned.


Match 2 Notes:
Chris Jericho vs. Edge

The match begins with both men bad mouthing each other then start to exchange right hands. Edge whips Jericho across the ring and clotheslines him. Jericho gets up quickly and tackles Edge between the ropes, to the floor. Both men continue fighting back and fourth as Jericho body slams Edge onto the ramp. Jericho goes back into the ring to break the count and climbs the top rope. He flies off with an elbow, but Edge moves out of the ring and Y2J landed hard on the ramp. Edge gets into the ring and soars from one side of the ring over the rope, taking down Jericho. The match continues as Edge throws Jericho into the ring. Edge suplexes Jericho several times in the middle of the ring. Before setting up for the spear. Edge charges towards a delirious Jericho who gets out of the way just in time and Edge nails the ring post hard, falling to the ground. Jericho lands a Lion salt on Edge and covers him for a two count.


The match continues as Chris Jericho has Edge caught in the walls of Jericho. Edge fights his way to the ropes and the referee counts to three before Jericho releases. Chris Jericho turns around and to his surprise is thrown to the outside as Edge grabs his tights a pushes him out. Jericho lands on the floor with Edge coming out immediately after. Edge whips Jericho into the steps and then back into the ring. Edge grabs Lillian Garcia’s chair and brings that into the ring with him. The referee warns him not to use the chair, but Edge pushes the ref out of the way and slams the chair hard across Jericho’s back.

Winner: Y2J Chris Jericho (via Disqualification)

After the match, Edge continues his assault on Jericho as Benoit comes down to the ring. Edge and Benoit get into it as Christian and Tyson Tomko come to the aid of Edge. It’s now three on two in the ring with Edge and Christian grabbing chairs from outside. They are about to Con-chair-to Benoit as RKO’s music hits. Orton comes running to the ring with Shelton Benjamin and they take out Edge, Tyson Tomko, and Christian. Orton and Benjamin help Jericho and Benoit up and the four stand tall in the middle of the ring.


Eric Bischoff shows Theodore the door and the two shake hands.

Player, I think we are going to make our respective brands that much better.
I’ll send you the contract for the soon to be RAW superstars to sign.
No problem player, I feel ya!
ERIC: Now if you excuse me I need to address some issues concerning my show tonight.

Eric Bischoff heads towards the ring

Val Venis goes knocks on the Divas’ locker room door and Stacey answers. Venis asks for Christy to come out and Stacey proceeds to find her. Christy comes out and Val proceeds to ask why she came out help him earlier. Christy doesn’t answer, but instead implants a long kiss on Val’s lips.

Eric Bischoff’s music starts to play as the General Manager comes down to the ring with a purpose. Bischoff grabs a microphone and addresses the locker room and the crowd.

Things have got way out of hand tonight and I’m going to fix it right now. Batista and the Big Show will get it on inside this ring tonight for the World Heavyweight Championship. (Crowd cheers) Next week, RAW will feature an eight-man elimination tag match to kick off the show. On one side Edge, Christian, Tyson Tomko, and Maven will team up. On the other team Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin and Randy Orton will be together. (Crowd cheers) And I am sick and tired of all of this love floating around RAW with Val Venis and Christy and Steven Richards and Carmella. Next week on RAW Christy and Carmella will get it on inside the squared circle. But what will be the stipulation? That is where you the fans decide. Log on to WWE.com and vote for your favourite of the following… a Bra and Panties Match, a Pillow Fight, a Hair vs. Hair match, or a Mud-Wrestling Match. The results from the poll will determine the stipulation for next week. (Crowd Cheers) Tune into RAW next week as every week becomes more predictable than the last.

Eric leaves the ring as the fans cheer for his huge announcements.


A split screen shows both Triple H and the Nature Boy coming down toward the ring…


Match 3 Notes:
Triple H vs. the Nature Boy Ric Flair

Triple H begins taking the game to the Nature Boy, chopping him into a corner. The game knees Flair numerous times before chops are delivered again to his chest. HHH gets right into Flair’s face and trash talks the Nature Boy. Referee Earl Hebner finally pushes the Game away from Flair and warns him to back off before he is disqualified. Flair comes out and uppercuts the game. Flair now starts to deliver a series of chops to the Game. Flair whips Triple H into the ropes and flips him onto the mat. The Nature Boy drives a knee into the face of the former champion and then starts to work on his legs. As Flair wraps around the game for the figure-four, he is countered with a small package. Triple H only gets a two count as Flair kicks out. The match continues to shift back and fourth until Triple H gives a low blow to the Nature Boy. The game whips Flair into the corner and into the referee. With the referee out cold, the game decides to take advantage of the situation by grabbing the timekeeper’s bell and bringing it into the ring. As Triple H goes to use it, Batista runs in and clotheslines him. Flair gets up and assists Batista in delivering a Batista bomb to the former champion. Ric Flair hooks the leg and covers the Game for a one, two, and three.

Winner: The Nature Boy Ric Flair


Match 4 Notes:
World Heavyweight Championship
The Big Show vs. Batista (champion)

The Big Show dominates the champion with an overpowering head butt and a series of chops. Batista propels off the ropes and attempts to clothesline the challenger, but the Big Show just staggers. Batista continues his action a few more times until the Big Show catches him with a boot to the face. Batista lands on the ground and the Show lands a leg drop across the Champion’s throat. The Big Show gets back up and motions for the Choke Slam. The Big Show picks up Batista and puts his hand around the Champion’s throat. Batista kicks the Show in the stomach and delivers a DDT. Batista gets back up to his feet and repeatedly kicks the Big Show in the face. The Show tries to get up to his feet again as Batista sets him up for a Batitsta bomb. Before the Champion could nail his finisher, the Game nails him across the back with a steal chair. The referee rings the bell.

Winner: Batista (via Disqualification)

After the match, Triple H pedigrees Batista on the chair and leaves the ring. The Big Show staggers to get up. When he realizes that his hopes on becoming the Champion are crushed. The Big Show takes his frustration out on the champion by Choke slamming him onto the chair. RAW ends with the Game standing on the apron laughing at the carnage that the Show has made on the champion.

Please rate!

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Nice first show, I'm surprised with how well you did it....

To answer your first statement; Italics and Bolds

BOLD = [b*] {enter text} [b/*}

Italics = [I*] {enter text} [/I*]

(Just take out the *'s)

Ok now to your show:

Not a bad first attempt, I liked it more than I thought I would and I found it a really good go for your first ever show, as I said I have high hopes for you.

Although I was a little left out with some of your bigger stars, like 'The Kilq', DDP, Steiner, Hall and Nash, unless your bringing them in later to join Triple H, which in other words I wouldn;t have put them on your intial roster... But hey, it's your thread.

I was surprised that you captured most of the characters, unlike most first attempts you were really on the mark for the the promo's, I also had forgotten about Flair and 'Space Mountain', nice going with your first working with promos.

Val and Cristy is interesting along with Carmella and Steven, should be good to see where you go with this from now on, could turn to something pretty good. Also nice idea for the voting, can we vote or will you decide which match it is?

I'm wondering who was traded for Big Show to Smackdown!...... maybe we'll find out when it goes up...

Good job on the Show / Batista / Flair promo.

A good set up for the 8-Man tag match next week, could this be a re-union of E&C? Should be good to see where this leads. Should be a good one next week.

Before I forget, nice job with the match summaries and it wouldn't hurt to add in some more commentary during your shows, there was one bit, but try some at the beginning and see how it goes.

Next week should be a good one, looking at Bischoff's promo.

Flair over Batista was a sure shocker, didn't see it comming. Just to double check, Batista is face right?

Maybe there should have been something between the two last matches, maybe it would have looked better if there was another promo in there or something, dunno just didn't seem right.

A nice ending to the show, line up next week nicely...

A great first attempt, hope you stick around and keep up the good work.
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