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What was your favourite part of RAW?

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After seeing how long it takes to write an episode of RAW, I've decided that I'm not going to do SmackDown!. However, because there is no superstar split, if there are any important storylines or matches that are on SmackDown!, I'll only post them and not a whole show.

Thanks and anxious to see your replies,


WWE RAW: Episode I:

Raw kicks off live with Vince McMahon heading to the ring, with he whole of the RAW roster already surrounding the ring.
Vince gets in the ring and begins talking about how much he liked the fact that a few weeks before Unforgiven on RAW, Chris Jericho asked the fans for the match type between himself and Christian at the PPV. Vince announces that he’s making a whole PPV out of the idea, called Taboo Tuesday!
Vince says that while we have some new and challenging ideas affecting the WWE today, we also have some old-fashioned ones, like going back to before the brand extension! Mr. McMahon explains that as from that night, superstars could freely appear on RAW and SmackDown! once more!
However, Mr. McMahon says that titles and PPVs were still exclusive to shows, so if you were a champion, you couldn’t change shows – except for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions and the Undisputed WWE Champion!
Mr. McMahon then announces that Taboo Tuesday will be a mixed, interactive PPV with the first two matches being announced as the WWE Tag Team champions vs. the World Tag Team champions, and the WWE champion vs. the World Heavyweight champion!
McMahon then announces the Main-event for the evening: Randy Orton vs. Triple H in a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship!
When Triple H hears this, he jumps in the ring and begins to protest to Vince. He says that he is not feeling good from the previous night and that he needs time to rest. He also complains that the fans don’t know how to run a wrestling company; they’ll probably end up with a Hell in a Cell, Ladder, TLC and Cage match all in one night!
Vince tells Triple H that he wasn’t going to get out of this one. He says that he believes the fans will make a great WWE pay-per view. McMahon then declares that Taboo Tuesday will be one of the greatest WWE pay-per views ever! Vince then tells everybody to have a great evening and leaves the ring as Triple H looks on in fury!

After a break, Tyson Tomko accompanies Trish Stratus to the ring for a Women’s Championship match, with the challenger being Victoria, in a rematch from Unforgiven.

Match I: Trish Stratus (w/Tyson Tomko) def. Victoria to retain the Women’s Championship
Victoria ducks a clothesline from Trish and nails the Victoria Sidewalk Slam. As Victoria picks Stratus up for the Widow’s Peak, Trish quickly rolls through Victoria for the 1-2-3!

After the match, Tyson Tomko gets in the ring and is about to attack Victoria, but Trish stops him. Trish takes the mic and asks why there wasn’t going to be an Undisputed Women’s Champion. She accuses Vince McMahon of being against women’s rights and calls the WWE Divas to protest against the WWE owner! She then shakes Victoria’s hand before cheap-shotting her to the mat!

Backstage, Eric Bischoff in his office talking to Kane. “The Big Red Machine” tells Bischoff that he wants a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Bischoff tells Kane that he was sorry, but he didn’t know when he could give him a shot, because Vince said that after that night’s Main-event between Orton and Triple H, he didn’t want the championship to change hands again, because of the upcoming Taboo Tuesday PPV. Kane threatens Bischoff that now Vince has got rid of the superstar split, he can go on whichever show he chooses, whenever. Kane then grabs Bischoff by the throat and tells him that if he doesn’t get what he wants, he’ll never appear on RAW again!
Bischoff tells Kane he will sort the situation out, but for now, he wants Kane to be happy with another championship – the Intercontinental Championship. Bischoff continues to tell Kane to go to the ring for the match.
Kane then releases the RAW GM and heads for the ring.
As Kane leaves, Christian walks in and asks Bischoff why he was giving Kane a shot at the Intercontinental title, when he should be the one challenging for the belt.
Bischoff tells Christian to stop whining. The RAW GM says he has had enough of wrestlers demanding that they get what they want from him. He orders Christian to get to the ring, for this was going to be a Triple-Threat title match, and if Christian lost, he would never get an Intercontinental title shot again!

Match II: Chris Jericho def. Christian and Kane in a Triple-Threat match to retain the Intercontinental Championship
Kane goes to double-clothesline Christian and “Y2J”, but they both duck in time and instead he knocks down the referee. Jericho then gives Kane some chops to the chest before taking him out of the ring with a Dropkick, whilst Christian quickly gets the IC title belt. Christian gets back in the ring and nails Jericho with the belt. As Christian tries to get the ref back up, Kane gets back in the ring and waits for Christian to turn around. Christian turns and receives a Chokeslam! As the ref is still coming to his senses, Jericho hits Kane with the belt to the back of the head and knocks the “Big Red Machine” out of the ring. Jericho then gets a dizzy Christian from behind with a Bulldog, followed by a Lionsault, for the victory!

After the match, Christian escapes up the ramp as Kane gets back in the ring and hits Jericho with a Chokeslam; but the monster isn’t finished. Kane picks “Y2J” up and nails the Tombstone Piledriver, onto the IC title belt!

After Kane leaves the ring, paramedics come to attend to Chris Jericho, who seems to have hurt his neck after the vicious Tombstone onto Jericho’s own IC belt by Kane.

Suddenly after a break, the music of Theodore Long hits the arena and out comes the General Manager of SmackDown!.

Long takes a mic and asks Vince McMahon that since it was such a explosive night, why not have the company’s most important champion, the WWE champion, defend his title later on that evening? Long informs us that JBL would be happy to defend the title that night…whether he wanted to be or not!
Before the SmackDown! GM can continue, Eric Bischoff appears on the TitanTron. Bischoff is seen in the Parking lot.
Bischoff tells Long that he couldn’t deal with him now because he had to leave the arena immediately for important business, but he had a little bit of time left to tell Long to get his ass out of his ring right now!
Long responds with a soft “No”. Long explains he thought that the superstar split coming to an end meant General Managers being able to go on each other’s shows as well!
Vince McMahon comes out (without entrance movie or music, thanks to Bischoff being on the TitanTron) and says that the arguments between Long and Bischoff had to come to an end…at Taboo Tuesday!
Bischoff then thanks Vince for the chance to kick Long’s ass with his karate skills, gets in a limo and leaves the arena! As the TitanTron goes black again, Vince says it was a shame that Bischoff had to leave so quickly before he announced that fans could choose whether it was going to be a Hair vs. Hair, Career vs. Career or Ass vs. Ass match, where the loser would have to kiss the winner’s ass!
Vince then says he will be in charge of RAW for the rest of the evening and agrees to Long’s idea, claming it was turning out to be a great show, so he would allow a WWE championship match to happen!
Long then thanks Vince, and announces JBL will defend the title in a Triple-Threat No-DQ match against Kurt Angle and The Undertaker!

After a break, backstage, Vince walks into Triple H’s locker room and tells that because there was going to be a WWE championship match, he was putting it as the Main-event, so Triple H should get ready because his match was after the next!

Suddenly in the arena, Booker T’s music hits and out comes the “Book Man”!

Booker takes the mic and says it was great to be back on RAW! Booker says that he’ll never be in the “minor leagues” again. Booker goes on, saying he feels so great that he was challenging any wrestler to come and face him right there, right then!
After a minute and nobody comes out, Booker T calls every man on the roster a chicken, gets out of the ring and begins to walk up the ramp when suddenly Chris Benoit’s music hits and out comes the “Rabid Wolverine”, accompanied by Edge!
Booker says it wasn’t fair for him to face both of them and asks somebody to help him out…

Match III: Restarted as a Tag-Team match
Booker gets ready to give Benoit the Book End, but Benoit elbows Booker in the face and locks on the Crippler Crossface! As Booker tries to hold on, Ric Flair comes down to the ring accompanied by Batista! Flair gets in the ring and breaks up the Crossface. The ref then goes to DQ Booker, but Flair explains that he is going to be Booker’s partner and the ref restarts the match!

Match III: Booker T and Ric Flair (w/ Batista) def. Chris Benoit and Edge
Flair continues to chop Benoit’s chest and knocks him down. Flair goes to lock on the Figure Four Leg-Lock, but Benoit kicks Flair, sending him into the ropes. When Flair bounces back off the ropes, Benoit takes him down and locks on the Crossface! Suddenly, Batista gets on the apron and distracts the ref because Flair is tapping out! Booker breaks the hold, and Edge gets in the ring to face Booker. As the two brawl and Batista is still distracting the ref, Flair takes down Benoit with a right-hand and gives a Low Blow to Edge. Booker T then throws Edge out of the ring and continues to attack him on the outside, as Flair delivers a Low Blow to Benoit also and rolls him up for the pin, just as Batista finally gets off the apron, and the ref gives Flair the 1-2-3!

After the match, Booker throws Edge into the steel steps as Batista gets in the ring and executes the Sit-Out Powerbomb on Chris Benoit. Flair then takes the mic and challenges Benoit to a Singles match the following week on RAW. Booker T then gets in the ring and says he challenges Edge to a match the following week on RAW.
Vince McMahon appears on the stage and says that since Booker T liked to use weapons so much, he would face Edge in a No-DQ match the following week, and since Batista wanted to attack Chris Benoit so much, then he would face Benoit, in a Submission match, with Evolution banned from ringside the following week!

J.R. and Jerry “The King” Lawler then promote the following week’s episode of RAW by repeating the two confirmed matches: Chris Benoit vs. Batista in a Submission match, and Booker T vs. Edge in a No-DQ match.

Backstage, Kurt Angle is seen knocking on JBL’s door. JBL answers and asks Angle what he wanted. Angle says of he wanted the WWE championship of course, but first he had to talk business to JBL. JBL tells Angle he was listening. Angles goes on to explain that they had to work together during the match to take out The Undertaker, and then they could go one on one, because if they let ‘Taker win the match, no one would be able to get the title off of the “Dead Man”. JBL tells Angle that he understands. Angle extends his hand and the two men shake, before Angle walks away and JBL goes back into his locker room.

Josh Matthews is with Randy Orton in an interview segment. Matthews asks Orton how he feels after being betrayed by Evolution, and then having his title stolen from him. Orton asks Matthews how he was supposed to feel? He felt angry. He felt annoyed, but to sum it all up, he was ticked off! Orton says that however, he was going to be feeling on top of the world by the end of the night when he regained the World Heavyweight Championship. Matthews asks Orton how he would cope if Evolution interfered in the match. Orton replies by saying that he had spoken to Vince, and Evolution was banned from ringside! Orton shouts that the World Heavyweight Championship was his possession, his souvenir, his title and he would get back his “stolen good” tonight!

Before the match, Triple H makes a surprise move by telling Ric Flair and Batista not to come to the ring during his match, because he had a surprise for them.

Match IV: Triple H def. Randy Orton to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
HHH takes down Orton with a clothesline and pounds away on the “Legend Killer”. HHH then picks up Orton for the Pedigree, but Orton reverses with a back drop. Orton waits for HHH to get up. HHH gets up, and Orton hits the RKO! Suddenly, a wrestler comes running down to the ring with an Evolution t-shirt on and is wearing a black mask, covering his face and head. Orton sees him and goes to attack on the outside, but gets takes down with a fierce right-hand. Triple H makes a distraction by grabbing a steel chair. As the ref argues with “The Game”, the masked man rams Orton into the steel steps, before picking the steps up and smashing Orton in the head with it! Orton is out of it and the masked man rolls him back into the ring. Triple H then throws the chair out of the ring, delivers the Pedigree to a knocked out Orton, and gets the pin.

After the match, the masked man gets in the ring, picks up Orton and gives him the Diamond Cutter! HHH then grabs the steel chair from the outside and this time beats the living hell out of Orton! Orton is busted wide open as HHH raises the masked man’s arm. The masked man then takes off the mask and reveals himself to be…the lights go out!

After a few minutes, the lights come back on, but the masked man and Triple H are nowhere to be seen, but Orton is still in the ring, lying in a pool of his own blood as a result of Triple H and the masked man’s attack. Who was he?

Vince McMahon is backstage and tells us that this week on SmackDown!, in preparation for the Undisputed WWE Championship match at Taboo Tuesday, in the Main-event, the World Heavyweight champion would face the WWE champion in a non-title match! Mr. McMahon goes on to announce that the fans could choose if at Taboo Tuesday, the Undisputed WWE Championship match was going to be a Cage, Ladder or Submission match. Vince then tells everybody to enjoy the Main-event of the evening.

Main-event: Kurt Angle def. The Undertaker and JBL for the WWE Championship
Angle and JBL are double-teaming ‘Taker, when Angle grabs a steel chair and nails ‘Taker’s back. As the “Dead Man” stumbles, JBL does one of the most dangerous moves in wrestling by giving ‘Taker a Piledriver on the outside! As ‘Taker is knocked out and JBL is getting up, Angle lifts the chair high to strike JBL, but he gets Angle with a kick to the gut just in time. JBL rolls Angle into the ring. JBL throws Angle in the corner, then walks away, and runs back with a hard clothesline into the corner. Angle stumbles forward into a Sidewalk Slam. JBL goes for the pin, but only gets a two-count. JBL gets ready for the Clothesline from Hell. JBL charges towards Angle, but the “Olympic Hero” catches the WWE champion with a knee clip and locks on the Angle Lock! After a few moments, ‘Taker begins to get up on the outside and can only watch on as JBL taps out and we have a new champion!

After the match, the pyros explode in celebration of Kurt Angle’s WWE Championship win as RAW goes off the air!

-Trish Stratus def. Victoria to keep the Women's Title
-Chris Jericho def. Christian and Kane to keep the Intercontinental Title
-Booker T and Ric Flair def. Chris Benoit and Edge
-Triple H def. Randy Orton to keep the World Heavyweight Title
Main-event: Kurt Angle def. The Undertaker and JBL for the WWE Title

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You have some good storylines going I as well liked the masked man part

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Hey guys as you may know i will be writing the Smackdown portion of this thread, I should have my preview up later on but for now i am going to tell you the champions of Smackdown

WWE Champ-- Kurt Angle

U.S Champ-- John Cena

Tag Team Champs-- The Dudleys

Cruiser Weight Champ-- Rey Mysterio

and like i said my preview will be up a little later.

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Smackdown Episode 1 preview
This past Monday on Raw, Vince McMahon had 2 bombshell announcements when he announced the superstar split has come to an end and that the World HeavyWeight Champion would face the winner of the triple threat match between Angle, Taker and JBL at Taboo Tuesday. We soon found out it will be HHH vs Angle to determine a new Undisputed WWE champion at the first interactive ppv in history called Taboo Tuesday. To prepare for this match McMahon made it HHH vs Angle in a pre non title match on Smackdown. Which superstar will jump out to an early advantage and gain momentum going into Taboo Tuesday find out on Smackdown.

Plus there will be a triple threat match between Kidman, London and Chavo to determine the number 1 contender for the CruiserWeight title at Taboo Tuesday and Cena will defend his covinent U.S Title against Rene Dupree. All this and alot more on this weeks editioon of Smackdown.
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WWE SmackDown: Episode 1
A big pyro fills the arena as we start Smackdown

Cole:Hello everyone and welcome to Thursday night Smackdown and Tazz what a show we have planned toningt, our main event is the non t itle match between our WWE Champ and Raws World Heavyweight Champion and this match should be good.
Tazz: Yes my man it should be off the chain tonight and I say whoever is to win tonight will win at the first ever interactive ppv called Taboo Tuesday.
Cole:Interesting thought Tazz well lets start the show.

Vince McMahon's music hits and gets a good pop
Vince: How's everybody tonight, well I came here to discuss about Mr. Teddy Long and Mr. Eric Bischoff's match at Taboo Tuesday.

All of a sudden Bischoff's music hits, Bischoff gets major heat from the crowd
Bischoff:Listen Mr. McMahon you are one of the brightest men in the WWE but I disagree with you on this, I don't want these people to decide my fate, hell if I am to lose at Taboo Tuesday to my opponent I either have to get my head shaved, kiss his dare i say it ass, or worse lose my job Mr. McMahon I worked hard to get to where i am today.

Long's musich its and comes out to a nice pop
Long: Listen here playa I think its a great idea especially because I can kick your ass after what you said to me at SummerSlam. Eric has an angry face and punches Long which knocks him down, then walks up the ramp with a smirk on his face

Cole: Damn I hope Long beats him at Taboo Tuesday , well anyway coming up next John Cena will defend the U.S Title against Rene Dupree.
*Comercial Break*

Cena's music hits and comes out to a massive pop
Match #1 Rene Dupree vs John Cena for the U.S Title

The match starts out with Cena taking down Dupree with a close line then Cena lifts up Dupree and throws right hands at him which soon knocks Dupree down then Cena hits the throwback.
(Big Explosion and out comes the monster Kane)
Kane comes to the ring Cena throws a right hand at him but it gets blocked the monster grabs Cena by the throat and hits the chokeslam he then soon lifts up Dupree and gives him a chokeslam as well. Winner: No contest
Cole:Wow Kane made his presents in a big way
Tazz: Man did he ever but Cole guess what we still have that big main event between HHH and Kurt Angle.

Backstage we see Evolution in the locker room
Flair: Hey Champ how you feeling tonight?
HHH: You know what Flair I'm feeling damn good and tonight I will show Kurt Angle why I will become the Undisputed Champion at Taboo Tuesday
Batista: Thats the way to think positive Champ, tonight though Evolution will take over Smackdown!
HHH: Your damn right Batista tonight is Evolutions night.
*Comercial Break*

Cole: Welcome back, later on we will determine who the number 1 contender is for the CruiserWeight Championship at Taboo Tuesday
Tazz: Ya and i'm looking forward to this match.

Torrie Wilson's music hits and comes out to a big pop
Match #2 Torrie Wilson vs Dawn Marie

Match starts out with Torrie taking down Dawn and both ladies are rolling around in the ring knocking there heads against the ring. It finllay breaks up and then Torrie hits a close line on Dawn. The Cover 1-----2 kick out Torrie then lifts up Dawn who starts to fight back but later in the match Torrie hits a DDT. The Cover 1-----2-----3. Here is your winner: Torrie Wilson

Cole: Torrie won the match, but i say were all winners after that match
Tazz: Right you are my friend
Cole: Coming up next is the triple threat match between Chavo, Kidman and London

Backstage we see Kurt in an interview
Funaki: Kurt how do you think your chances are going into this match tonight?
Kurt: How do you think my chances are going into this match tonight? Listen here Funaki I am an Olympic Gold Medalist and your current WWE Champion, you need to treat me with respect and as far as your question goes my chances are really good I will beat Triple H not only tonight but at Taboo Tuesday as well and be your new Undisputed Champion.
Kurt then punches Funaki who is knocked out

Raw Rebound
Vince's is bombshell announcements
a masked man came out and attacked Orton to help Triple H retain the title
Kurt defeats UnderTaker and JBL to be the new WWE Champion
*Comercial Break*

Cole: Welcome back folks, I just got some news that next week Kurt Angle wil defend the title against Funaki
Tazz: What are you kidding me Funaki dosent have a chance, that match will take 1 minutes tops.
Cole: I dont know i think Funaki can pull out the upset.

Kidman's music hits and gets major heat from the crowd
Match #3 Kidman vs Chavo vs London to determine the #1 conteder for the CW title

Match starts out with Kidman and Chavo double teamming London, they then irish whip him but that results into London double close linnen them, London begins to stomp on Kidman, later on though Chavo comes in and dropkicks London sending him to the outside. Both Kidman and Chavo go outside to bring him back in the ring later to double suplex him, while Chavo taunts Kidman goes for the cover, 1-----2 but Chavo breaks it up, both men are now talking and shoving each other while London is down. Kidman has finllay had enough, he kncoked Chavo down with one punch, then goes for a hurricarana pin and hits it. The Cover 1-----2 but London is there to break it upand rolls up Kidman. The Cover 1-----2 Kidman kicks out, Chavo from out of no where double close line both men, then he lifts up London and kicks him in the mid section and attempts the Gorey Bomb and nails it but right after he hits it Kidman sends Chavo over the top rope and goes for the Shooting Star Press and connects with it. The Cover 1-----2-----3. Here is your winner: Billy Kidman

Tazz: Well Kidman did it he will go against Rey Mysterio for the CW Title at Tabbo Tuesday
Cole: Yup, but thats Taboo Tuesday this is Smackdown and coming up is our big main event featuring Raws Champion Triple H and Smackdowns Champion Kurt Angle in a non tilte match
Tazz: Well my man like I said this match will be off the hook and earlier i said whoever wins tonight will win at Taboo Tuesday.
*Comercial Break*

Kurt's music hits and makes his way down

Crowd: You suck, you suck, you suck, you suck
Main Event-- Kurt Angle vs Triple H

The match starts out with both men locking heads then Kurt gives an arm drag to Triple H, Triple H then runs at Kurt only to run into another arm drag. Kurt then irish whips Triple H and both men close line each other at the same time, both men are knocked out after that.
Cole: So Tazz who are you pulling for?
Tazz: Man thats a tough question but i guess i'll go with Smackdowns own Kurt Angle
Cole:Yay, well folks were going to have to take our last comercial break
*Final Comercial Break*

Cole: Welcome back, Triple H has been taking control during the comercial break as we see him apply the sleeper

Triple H applys the sleeper on Kurt. Kurt then fades on his knees the slowly starts to fade off, the ref raises Kurt's hand 1-----2--- but Kurt keeps his hand up on about 2 and a half, Kurt delivers an elbow to the face to Triple H and then runs off the rope but The Game applys the sleeper on Kurt again only to get it reversed later by a german suplex. Kurt signals for the Angle Slam but Triple H reverses it, then he kicks Kurt in the mid section and goes for the Pedigree but he gets it reversed with a back body drop, this time Kurt signals for the Angle Slam and connects with it this time about 15 seconds he slowly crawls for the cover 1-----2-- kick out.
Cole:How did Triple H kick out of that?
Tazz: I dont know I didnt think he would of kicked out of the Angle Slam but he did I guess it was insticts

Angle soon lifts up Triple H and irish whips him but the Game hits the leaping knee to the face then Triple H irish whips Kurt and nails the face buster then kicks Kurt in the mid section and attempts the Pedigree for a second time and hits it, about 20 seconds after he hit it he slowly crawls for the cover 1-----2--- kick out.
Tazz: Holy shit how did Kurt kick out
Cole: I dont know i thought it was over too, this has been one hell of a match

Kurt hits 3 german suplexes then stalks Triple H for the Angle Slam which he connects with the he applys the ankle lock, after awhile The Game is forced to tap out. Here is winner: Kurt Angle via submission

Cole:That was one hell of a match and arguabley one of the greatest on Smackdown
Tazz: Yes it was Cole and he has the momentum going into Taboo Tuesday , and my friend he might be the one standing tall at Taboo Tuesday.
Cole:Maybe, well everyone from Smackdown we wish you a good night.

Ths show fades from Kurt prevailing to a blackscreen

Match Results
Cena and Dupree ended i na no contest
Torrie Wilson defeat Dawn Marie
Kidman defeat Londo and Chavo by pinning London
Kurt Angle defeat Triple H via submission

Critics,suggestion,comments,etc please :)

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WWE RAW: Episode II Preview:
Last week's Monday night episode of RAW was definitely one to remember. Vince McMahon ended the superstar split, and announced three matches for Taboo Tuesday. The WWE owner says that the two GMs of WWE, Theodore Long and Eric Bischoff, will face each other in a match where the stipulation (Hair vs. Hair, Career vs. Career or Ass vs. Ass) will be chosen by the fans.

The two other matches are unification matches; as the separate World and Tag Team champions of RAW and SmackDown! will face each other to determine a new Undisputed WWE Champion, and the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions.

In the Main-event of the evening, Kurt Angle became the new WWE Champion by defeating The Undertaker and JBL in a Triple-Threat match, meaning he will face the World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H, at Taboo Tuesday. This past week on SmackDown!, Angle made Triple H tap out in a Non-Title match. Will he beat "the Game" again at Taboo Tuesday, whether it be a Cage, Ladder or Submission match?

Also, Triple H had some help again last week on RAW when a masked superstar helped the champion defeat Randy Orton in a rematch for the World Heavyweight Title. Who was this man? Will we find out this week? Tune into RAW for this and a whole lot more to find out!

Confirmed matches for this week's episode of RAW:
Submission match: Chris Benoit vs. Batista
No-DQ match: Booker T vs. Edge
Main-event: Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair & Triple H

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Good preview i'm looking forward to this weeks Raw good luck :)

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WWE RAW: Episode II:

Raw begins with a video package of highlights from the previous blockbuster RAW, ending with Kurt Angle becoming the new WWE Champion. J.R. and Jerry “The King” Lawler remind us of the only two matches confirmed from the previous week for the evening: Chris Benoit vs. Batista in a Submission match, and Booker T vs. Edge in a No-DQ match.

After the video, Ric Flair heads to the ring, accompanied by Batista. Flair seems to have a clipboard in his hand.

Flair takes a mic and says that he was there because he was representing Triple H. He says that “the Game” was not at the arena right then because he had “important business” to attend to, but would be there later on in the evening.
Flair shows us the clipboard and says that Evolution had started a petition. He explains that it was a petition against Vince McMahon’s decision the previous week to end the superstar split. He complains that SmackDown! superstars were on SmackDown because they didn’t deserve to be on RAW. He tells us that everybody knows that RAW was the better show of WWE, and that SmackDown! was always second best. He complains that SmackDown! superstars should stay on their second hand, second best, second everything show!

Suddenly, Eric Bischoff’s music hits and out comes the RAW General Manager.

The GM gets in the ring and apologizes to Flair for cutting him off, but he had a few announcements to make. Bischoff tells Flair that he wanted to be the first man after Evolution to sign the petition, because Flair was right, and there was no doubt about it – SmackDown! sucked!
Flair shakes Bischoff’s hand and then the RAW GM signs the petition.
Bischoff then tells us that his announcements were related with Taboo Tuesday. Bischoff says that firstly, the results of the first Taboo Tuesday poll were in and that:

a) The Undisputed WWE Championship match would be a Ladder match!
b) The match between himself and Theodore Long would be a Career vs. Career match!

Bischoff taunts Long by saying that the SmackDown! GM job was cursed and so even if he wasn’t on form at the PPV, Long would still somehow lose the match.
He says secondly, couldn’t control the SmackDown! side of the show, so when that part of the PPV was ruined, he wasn’t going to responsible. However, he could make up for the rest of the show. Bischoff tells us that although Kane attacked him the previous week, Chris Jericho was not injured and would that evening face Kane in a Non-Title match, but at Taboo Tuesday, he would defend the Intercontinental Championship against a superstar of the fan’s choice! Bischoff says that however to qualify, a wrestler needs to be a former Intercontinental champion and must have been a former RAW superstar before the week before! He then says that the superstars who aren’t voted to fight for the belt will have a Battle Royal after the match to determine a new No.1 Contender to the title!
Bischoff points out that Christian was unavailable because of his loss last week (which meant he never got another shot at the Intercontinental Title). Also, Chris Benoit and Edge were ineligible because that night, they would face La Resistance for the World Tag Team Championship, and if they won, they had to represent RAW as the Tag champions at Taboo Tuesday! If they lost, then they would be in the poll.

Hearing this, Edge’s music hits and the young superstar heads to the ring.

Edge asks Bischoff how he was supposed to face Booker T in a No-DQ match and face La Resistance on the same night.
Bischoff replies by telling Benoit and La Resistance to get out their right then so they could have the match and then could Edge could rest for his other match later in the evening!
Bischoff, Flair & Batista leave the ring as Chris Benoit comes out.

Benoit and Batista meet on the ramp and begin to brawl. Flair helps Batista, but Edge interferes. Flair & Batista retreat to the back and Bischoff says that no matter what the outcome of their matches that evening, the two teams would meet in the ring the coming week on RAW! Flair & Batista retreat to the back as La Resistance head to the ring.

Match I: Chris Benoit & Edge def. La Resistance by DQ; La Resistance retain the World Tag Team Championship
Benoit hits a Snap Suplex on Sylvain Grenier and goes up top. Rob Conway gets in the ring and argues with the ref as Benoit nails the Diving Headbutt. Benoit then gets up and tells the ref to count but Conway won’t get out of the ring.
Suddenly, coming in from the crowd, Booker T attacks Edge on the outside. As the ref goes over to get Booker away, Conway and Grenier double-team Benoit. Booker throws Edge into the steel steps, and then ref calls for the bell, DQ’ing La Resistance.

After the match, when Booker T and La Resistance have left the ring, Bischoff comes back out and tells them that if they can’t even beat La Resistance, then they didn’t deserve to be on the poll.

J.R. and Jerry “The King” Lawler then tells us the superstars who qualify to face Chris Jericho at Taboo Tuesday:
Randy Orton
Shawn Michaels
Val Venis
William Regal

They also remind us the matches for that evening and the following week:
That evening:

Submission match: Chris Benoit vs. Batista
No-DQ match: Booker T vs. Edge
Singles (Non-Title) match: Chris Jericho vs. Kane
Main-event: Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair & Triple H

The following week:
Tag (Non-Title) match: Ric Flair & Batista vs. Chris Benoit & Edge

Backstage, Vince McMahon is seen arriving at the arena. Vince gets out of his limo and is immediately met by Trish Stratus.
Trish asks him if he got her message the week before.
Vince says that he did, but he wasn’t sure if he was going to make the Women’s Champion able to go on RAW and SmackDown!, because he hated to admit it, but if Evolution got enough signatures on their petition then he would have to make a superstar split again. He tells her for them to wait until Taboo Tuesday.

After a break, we have the second match of the evening:

Match II: Chris Jericho def. Kane via DQ (Non-Title)
Kane has Jericho in a Bearhug. After a few elbows to the face, Kane finally lets go of the hold. Jericho then chops the “Big Red Machine’s” chest but Kane takes down Jericho with a clothesline. When “Y2J” gets up, Kane grabs him and picks him up for the Chokeslam but Jericho reverses it into a DDT while halfway up! Kane then sits up and yells in fury that Jericho reversed the move. Kane then picks kicks Jericho in the gut and places him on his shoulder for a Tombstone, but Jericho jumps off to behind Kane and rolls up the monster for a near fall! Kane gets up enraged and smashes Jericho with a vicious Big Boot. Kane then goes to the outside and grabs a chair - he’s had enough. He gets back in the ring and the ref tries to stop him, but Kane knocks him down with a hard uppercut, only to be hit with a Missile Dropkick from Jericho, who had been waiting on the top rope for Kane to come back in! Once again, the “Big Red Monster” rises in anger and this time is able to smash Jericho with the chair, right in the forehead. Jericho lies in pain as Kane unleashes a brutal attack on Jericho with the chair, hitting “Y2J” all over his body.

Suddenly, a second referee comes running down to the ring, officially DQ’s Kane and calls for the bell, but the monster continues his assault.

Several other officials come running to the ring and try to help Jericho, but Kane knocks them all down. Eventually, he hits Jericho with one big, last shot with the chair, right to the throat of “Y2J” before leaving.

Backstage, Vince finds Eric Bischoff in the GM’s office and tells him that Kane’s actions out there were unacceptable, and he was waiting for Eric to solve the problem.
Bischoff tells Vince that because superstars were allowed to go on both shows, there was no exclusive power of Bischoff over Kane, and tells Vince to figure this one out himself!
Vince warns Bischoff to never take that sort of tone with him again and as punishment, sends him to the ring for match against Big Show!

Match III: Big Show def. Eric Bischoff
This isn’t even a match: Show comes to the ring, ignores Bischoff’s pleas of mercy, nails the RAW GM with a Chokeslam and pins him for the 1-2-3!

Backstage, Chris Benoit tells Edge that he would go and have his match right then before Edge’s match, so that Edge had enough time to recover for his match against Booker T.

After a break, we have the fourth match of the evening:

Match IV: Chris Benoit def. Batista in a Submission match
Batista has Benoit in a Sleeper hold and is trying to make the “Crippler” tap out. He is unsuccessful, and eventually lets go. He grabs Benoit and gets him in position for the Sit-Out Powerbomb. However, Benoit reverses by pulling Batista’s legs and the animal falls to the mat. Benoit then quickly wraps the legs into position and locks on the Sharpshooter! Unfortunately for him, Batista gets to the ropes. Batista goes to clothesline Benoit but the “Rabid Wolverine” quickly reverses it by pulling Batista’s arm down to the mat and locks on the Crossface! Batista has no choice but to tap out and we have a winner!

After the match, the fans chant, “You tapped out!” to Batista as he heads for the locker room whilst Chris Benoit celebrates in the ring!

Backstage, William Regal and Eugene walk into Randy Orton’s locker room. Regal tells Orton that he knew there was some history between Orton and Eugene (when Orton was with Evolution) but now, they were on his side and they would be there if he needed them in the Main-event. Before he can answer, they leave the room.

*SmackDown! Rebound:
Highlights are shown of the previous week’s edition of SmackDown!, where Kane interfered in a match between Rene Dupree and John Cena for the U.S. Title, and attacked both men. We are going to have an interview with Kane to find out why he did this.

Josh Matthews is with Kane and asks the “Big Red Machine” why he attacked both Rene Dupree and John Cena the previous week on SmackDown!.
Kane says that there was something he had to explain: No matter what, he would become a champion at Taboo Tuesday. He explains that he would be on the poll to face the Intercontinental Champion at Taboo Tuesday, but if he was NOT chosen, then Theodore Long had promised him a shot at the U.S. Title! Kane warns both Chris Jericho and John Cena, whichever man he may face, and tells them that one of them was going to become a former champion at Taboo Tuesday.

A quick video is shown of Edge beating Booker T at WrestleMania X8 in the Skydome. Will he do it again that night?

Match V: Booker T def. Edge in a No-DQ Match
Booker goes to throw Edge into the steel steps but Edge reverses and Booker T hits them. Edge then throws Booker into the steps again and goes for the pin, but Booker kicks out. Edge then backs away and gets ready to give Booker T a Spear into the steps. As Edge charges, Booker moves out of the way and Edge smashes head-first into the steps! Booker then rolls a dizzy Edge into the ring, nails the Scissors Kick and picks up the victory.

After the match, Edge offers Booker T a handshake…and he accepts! Suddenly, Chris Benoit comes running down the ramp with a chair! He gets in the ring and without notice smacks Booker around the head! Edge yells at Benoit that Booker did nothing wrong and that had been uncalled for. Benoit ignores Edge and walks to the back and some medics come down to the ring, as it seems that Booker was hit with the chair pretty badly. The medics and Edge help Booker to the back.

After a break, Ric Flair and Triple H are already in the ring for the Main-event of the evening.

Triple H takes the mic and says that he had not been the one who ordered for the lights to go out the week before when the masked superstar helped him win his match. “The Game” tells us that he would reveal the masked man to the world when he felt the time was right, but continues to say that he would give one bit of information right then…it was a new member of Evolution!

Main-event: Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin def. Ric Flair and Triple H
All hell breaks loose when Benjamin and Flair are brawling on the outside, whilst “the Game” and Orton are brawling in the ring and the ref is trying to gain control. At that moment, he is concentrated on Benjamin and Flair as Orton hits the RKO on Triple H! Orton has the pin, but the ref is still distracted (Flair has now locked Benjamin in the Figure Four Leg-Lock on the outside!).

Suddenly, William Regal comes down to the ring, but is immediately followed and attacked by Christian! Christian throws Regal into the barrier wall, grabs a chair from the outside and gets in the ring. As Orton and Christian stare each other down, Christian turns and hits Triple H with the chair! Christian then gets the ref to look in the ring and count as Orton pins Triple H and gets the 1-2-3!

After the match, Flair gets in the ring and goes to attack Christian but gets blasted with the chair too!

Batista comes running down to the ring but instead of fighting, helps Triple H and Flair up and Evolution retreat to the back.

Suddenly, Christian turns again and hits Benjamin with the chair! Christian then hits Orton too and stands tall with the chair as RAW comes to a close!

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Smackdown preveiw episode 2

WWE Championship on the line:

Kurt Angle attacked Funaki during an interview last Thursday in return Funaki will get a Championship match against Kurt Angle will we see the biggest upset of Funaki's career or will Kurt Angle prevail? Find out on Smackdown.

Plus John Cena will go one on one against the "Big Red Machine" Kane and Chavo and the number 1 contender for the CW Title Billy Kidman go against the duo of Paul London and Rey Mysterio plus alot more all on this weeks episode of Smackdown!

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WWE Smackdown! Episode 2:
A big pyro fills throughout the whole arena.

Cole:Hello everyone and welcome to another great edition of Smackdown!
Tazz:Right you are, tonight Kurt Angle will defend the WWE Title against Funaki and Chavo and Kidman will take on London and Mysterio.
Cole: Ya and boy am i looking forward to the tag team match.

Cena's music hits and comes out to a massive pop
Match #1 Cena vs Kane

Kane starts the match on the offensive side throwing right hands, then soon follows it up with a close line, Kane goes for the sidewalk slam and nails it. Kane soon lifts up Cena but Cena throws some hard right hands to the mid section of Kane then at the head, Kane though rakes the eyes of Cena and then powerslams him. Kane starts to signal for the Chokeslam but Cena kicks Kane in the mid section and goes for the F-U but that would lead to countering and delievering the big boot to the face, The Cover 1-----2 kick out, Kane is angry and goes to the top rope, he waits for Cena to get up and when he finally gets on his feet Kane hits Cena with a flying close line then stalks Cena for the Chokeslamand hits it but thats not enough, Kane lifts up Cena and nails the TombStone Piledriver, The Cover 1-----2-----3

Here is your winner: Kane

Cole: Man, Kane completely dominated this match.
Tazz: Did he ever.
Cole: Well coming up next is RVD vs JBL.

*Commercial Break*

JBL's music hits and come out in a limo.
Match #2 RVD vs JBL
JBL starts out on top by throwing punches at RVD but RVD fights back and hits a spinning wheel kick which knocks JBL down RVD follows it up with a spinning leg drop, The Cover 1--- kick out both men get up RVD throws forearms at JBL, later on in the match JBL hits clubbing arms to the back then follows it up with a superplex from the top rope and quickly goes for the cover 1-----2 kick out RVD gets up and hits a devistating kick to the head, then he hits the Rolling Thunder and goes for the cover 1-----2-- kick out, both men get up on there feet JBL attempts the big boot but RVD ducks but JBL hits the ref with the big boot which knocks him out, JBL though turns his attention to RVD and kicks him in the mid section and follows it up with a PowerBomb, JBL knows the ref is knocked out so he goes to get a steel chair, Eddie Guerrero soon comes out of no where and takes the chair away from JBL and hits him right in the head, Eddie drags RVD on JBL and shakes the ref who finally gets up and makes the count 1-----2-----3

Here is your winner: Rob Van Dam

Cole: What a phenominal match.
Tazz: Ya you liked it because JBL lost thanks to Eddie I might add.
Cole: Well thats Eddie for you, doing a little cheating to help RVD.

*Commercial Break*

JBL is seen backstage talking with GM Teddy Long.
JBL: Did you see that Mr.Long, Eddie Guerrero costed me my match, I would have defeated RVD.
Long: Listen up player, you were going to use a steel chair on RVD, Eddie was doing the right thing by taking it away from you.
JBL: Taking it away from me, he nailed me with it, he lie cheats and steals and he stole a victory away from me over RVD.
Long: Your the one who brought this upon yourself, for bringing in the chair in the first place, now player since you and Eddie like weapons so much, you two are going to have a match at Taboo Tuesday in a Hardcore falls count anywhere match, now believe that player.
JBL: No you can't that, thats not fair.
Long: It's official, now find your way out the door I have some important buisness to take care of.

Raw Rebound:
Evolution trys to end the supserstar split with a petition.
Undisputed Match at Taboo Tuesday will be a ladder match
GM's match will be a Career vs Career match.

Teddy Long's music hits and gets a huge reaction from the crowd.
Long: My match against Raws GM Eric Bischoff is now officialy a Career vs Career match, now i realise my career is on the line as Smackdown GM but that doesn't scare MR.Theodore Long, now a few months back at SummerSlam you said that there have been alot of GM's on Smackdown who have been fired in the past and Eric said I will be another one who gets fired, well player I see it differently, after the match.....
Kurt Angles music hits while the crowd starts to chant You suck, you suck, you suck
Angle: Listen Long who cares about your match non the less your career when i can wait will be the new Undisputed Champion, thats what everyone is talking about on the streets.
Long: Kurt as much as I want the WWE Title to stay right here on Smackdown I hope that you sure as hell lose that match with that kind of attitude you have.

Angle is pissed off and Angle Slams Teddy Long. EMT's soon come down to help Teddy Long.

Cole: What an asshole Angle is, anyway coming up next is Kurt Angle vs Funaki for the WWE Title.
Tazz: I can't believe he did that.

*Commercial Break*

Cole: Welcome back Kurt is waiting in the ring for Funaki.

Funaki's music hits throughout the arena.
Match #3 Kurt Angle vs Funaki for the WWE Championship

Kurt starts with the mat game on Funaki, Funaki soon suprises Kurt with consecutive arm drags, then Kurt runs into a dropkick, The Cover 1--- kick out Kurt rolls out of the ring to catch his breath, Funaki though flys over the top rope and hits Kurt Angle.
Cole: Funaki is shocking Kurt Angle all over the ring, will be right back with the conclusion of this match.

*Commercial Break*

Cole: Kurt has taken control of this match since the break.

Kurt irish whips Funaki into the steel steps but Funaki reverses it, so Kurt runs in the steel steps. Funaki brings Kurt back in the ring and goes to the top rope to hit Kurt with a cross body, The Cover 1-----2 kick out Kurt agains rolls out the ring to catch his breath but Funaki goes right out there and bounces Kurt's head off the steel steps, later Funaki rolls Kurt back in the ring and attempts a german suplex but Kurt goes around the back of Funaki and hits 3 german suplexes, then signals for the Angle Slam and hits it, instead of going for the pin he pulls down his straps and locks in the ankle lock, after awhile Funaki is forced to tap out.

Here is your winner via submission: Kurt Angle

Cole: That was a good match, Funaki put up a good fight and was close to pulling the upset.
Tazz: I was just as shocked as Kurt was in this match, Funaki almost did it your right Cole, but Kurt prevailed and will still head to Taboo Tusday.
Cole: Right you are partner but coming up next is the cruiserweight tag team match

*Commercial Break*

Mysterio's music hits and both London and Mysterio get a big pop.
Main Event Chavo Guerrero and Billy Kidman vs Paul London and Rey Mysterio

The match starts out with Paul London and Chavo Guerrero, London begins with a quick close line on Chavo, then hits a dropkick on him and goes for a quick cover, 1---- kick out London runs at Chavo only to get a knee to the gut from Chavo, he then lifts up London and gets him up for a stalling suplex after awhile he drops him and goes for the cover, 1--- Mysterio breaks it up though, Chavo tags in Kidman while London is trying to tag in Mysterio, Kidman takes a cheap shot and knocks Mysterio off the apron, Kidman then hits a running enzigury on London, The Cover 1---- kick out Mysterio comes flying in and delievers a cross body on Kidman then both Mysterio and London close line Kidman and Chavo over the top rope, Mysterio and London have the same intensions, they run off the ropes to the other side and dive over the top rope nailing Kidman and Chavo at the same time, everyone is down.

Cole: What a match this is the only place where you will see cruiserweight action, folks we have to take our last commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

Cole: During the break Mysterio's was pushed into the steal pole and his head bonced off and is outcold

We see London applying a leg lock on Chavo, Kidman though comes in and breaks it up, Chavo picks up London and goes for the Gorey Bomb but its countered into a hurricarana, Mysterio makes it up on the apron after being outcold, back to the action both men close line each other, both make respective tags to there partners, Mysterio comes storming in, he hits Kidman with running hurricarana then dropkicks both Kidman and Chavo, then he drop toe holds Chavo right into the second rope, Mysterio signals for the 6-1-9 and nails it then goes up for the west coast pop, The Cover 1-----2---- Kidman barely makes the save, London comes running at Kidman but he gets flipped over the top ropes onto the floor. Kidman see that Mysterio's down so he lifts him up and picks him up for the BK Bomb and connects with it then he sets him up for the Shooting Star Press and nails it, The Cover 1-----2-----3

Here are your winners: Billy Kidman and Chavo Guerrero.

Cole: What an action filled pack night tonight was.
Tazz: That was one hell of a match, only one word for that kind of match Outstanding.
Cole: Couldn't disagree with you even more partner, well from everyone from Smackdown! we wish you a good night.

The show fades to a black screen

Match Results
Kane defeats John Cena
RVD defeats JBL
Kurt Angle defeat Funaki via submission to retain the WWE Title
Billy Kidman and Chavo Guerreo defeat Rey Mysterio and Paul London

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