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2004Kingpin Official Results Page - REPLIES PLEASE!!

Here's my first ever storylines!

SmackDown! Episode I: 19/08/04
“Two weeks for JBL!”

Smackdown! begins with the WWE Champion, JBL, heading to the ring. JBL takes the mic and begins to talk…

JBL: Just 4 days ago, at one of the biggest pay-per views that WWE has to offer, SummerSlam, I shocked the wrestling world. I beat The Undertaker. Did you all just hear me? I BEAT THE UNDERTAKER! I bet no one in this arena would’ve that I could, but I proved every single one of you wrong (crowd boos).
However, there is something that’s been bothering me. ‘Taker, why did you get yourself disqualified? Why couldn’t you face me like a real man? I’ve been thinking and I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘Taker, you’re scared of me. That’s right, you’re scared to take on good ol’ JBL. So, ‘Taker, if that’s the way you feel, there will be no rematch between us. Now, as to who my next challenger will be, I’ve thought…

JBL is interfered as the Smackdown! General Manager, Theodore Long’s, music hits and the GM makes his way to the ring…

Long: Bradshaw, you come out here and tell people they can’t have rematches, like you’re the GM? I am Theodore Long, and I am the GM of SmackDown!. I decide who gets rematches and who doesn’t.
But, you are the WWE Champion, and I have to say something about that. John, and everyone, I know you think that you’d not here my say this, but JBL deserves to still be the WWE Champion (Heavy boos from the crowd). JBL, on pay-per view, defeated a living legend here in the WWE. JBL has lived up to every guarantee he has made. If Bradshaw didn’t hold the WWE Championship, then the title wouldn’t be worth having. Who better on SmackDown! to hold its’ World title, and represent the show than Bradshaw? At one time I’d have probably said The Undertaker, but Bradshaw proved himself the better man at SummerSlam.

JBL and Theodore Long then shake hands, and Long raises JBL’s arm in the air. Just as JBL turns to leave the ring…

Long: Which is why JBL in two weeks, on SmackDown! you, as my WWE Champion, will defend your title against The Undertaker in a No-DQ match! (Crowd cheers).

JBL looks shocked, then replies…

JBL: You know what, Theodore? I’m still hurt from the match with Undertaker at SummerSlam; why don’t I just defend the title at the next SmackDown! pay-per view, so that the fans can see their WWE Champion in 100% condition, ready to go?

Long smiles at JBL, then says…

Long: No, I think two weeks is long enough for you to recover John, besides, you won’t be wrestling in that time, so no, the match is in two weeks. End of discussion!

Long’s music hits and he leaves the ring triumphantly as JBL looks on with a worried look on his face!

After a commercial break, it is announced that the following week Booker T and John Cena will fight in their second match of the Best of Five Series, whilst that night in the Main-event, Booker T and Kurt Angle would face John Cena and Eddie Guerrero!

Backstage, the Dudleyz knock on Billy Kidman & Paul London’s locker room door. Kidman answers the door...

Kidman: What do you want?

Bubba Ray: We just came here to tell you to get your asses to the ring; we beat you at SummerSlam, so we get a shot at your titles tonight!

Match I: Billy Kidman & Paul London (c) (w/ Rey Mysterio) def. Dudleyz (w/ Spike Dudley) to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship:
The Dudleyz nail London with a 3D and D-Von goes for the pin as he is the legal man. Kidman breaks up the pin and then argues with the ref. As this happens, Rey Mysterio clogs D-Von with a WWE Tag Team belt! Spike and Bubba then attack Rey on the outside of the ring, but Kidman climbs up top and hits the Shooting Star Press on D-Von for the 1-2-3!

Afterwards, Bubba and Spike get into the ring and apologize to Bubba as the Tag champs and Rey Mysterio leave up the ramp. D-Von simply turns his back on Bubba & Spike and leaves the ring!

After a break, Rob Van Dam is in his locker room when Paul Heyman walks in!

Heyman: Rob, I need to talk to you.
RVD: What do you need to say to me, Paul?
Heyman: Rob, don’t argue with me at all; just listen. You have potential. You have potential to become the best wrestler on SmackDown!. The thing is; you’ve never used your potential to it’s fullest…
RVD: I know what this is leading to, and no Paul, I don’t want you as my manager.
Heyman: See Rob, there it is again. I’m trying to help you, and you’re just pushing me away, like how you push your potential away. You need me, Rob, if you want to ever become the WWE Champion. Paul Heyman is here to help you.
RVD: Paul, I…
Heyman: Just think about it.

Heyman leaves the room as RVD has a confused look on his face, but then leaves also for his match, which is next.

Before this match, it is announced that the winner will receive a shot at the WWE U.S. Championship once the Best of Five Series is over.

Match II: Rob Van Dam def. Rene Dupree and Billy Gunn in a Triple Threat Match:
RVD and Gunn double team Dupree, then Gunn hits the Fame-Asser before RVD hits the Five-Star Frog Splash. RVD and Gunn then start to brawl with each other, and as Gunn goes for the Fame-Asser, RVD quickly reverses it into a Spinning Back Powerbomb! RVD then goes up top and nails the Five-Star Frog Splash on Gunn for the 1-2-3!

After the match, RVD celebrates in the ring as Paul Heyman watches from the top of the ramp, smiling.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio knocks on the Dudleyz’ locker room door, and Bubba answers…

Bubba: What the hell do you want?!
Mysterio: I’m not here for you, I’m here to tell Spike something,
Bubba: Yeah well, Spike’s not here.
Mysterio: Well you better tell him to get to the ring fast, because the next match is Rey Mysterio vs. Spike Dudley for the Cruiserweight Title!
Bubba: What?!
Mysterio: Yeah, so find him and tell him quickly, because if he’s not there in time, he’ll lose the title by forfeit!

Mysterio walks off with a satisfied look, as Bubba rushes out of the locker room to find Spike!

Mysterio heads to the ring and waits for Spike Dudley…

Mysterio: Well Spike, not long left! Come on everybody, join me! (Crowd joins in). 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3!…

Suddenly, Spike and Bubba appear from the crowd and attack Mysterio from behind, while he was waiting for Spike to come out. As they double-team Mysterio, D-Von comes running down to the ring with a bent steel chair. While Spike nails the Dudley Dog on Mysterio, the Dudleyz get a table. Spike picks up Mysterio and D-Von nails him with the chair…

D-Von: I bet you’re wondering why this chair is already bent, huh Mysterio? Well, let’s show everybody why…

A video comes on, showing D-Von knocking on the Tag champs locker room door, with a chair in his hand, ready to strike. As soon as Kidman opens the door, D-Von crushes him with the chair and then attacks Paul London. The Tag champs are left lying in pain as D-Von then leaves the room.

The video then ends, and the Dudleyz give Mysterio the 3D through the table. The three Dudleyz then stand together in the ring as SmackDown! goes to a break.

Match III: Chavo Guerrero def. Scotty 2 Hotty to become No.1 Contender to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Scotty hits the Bulldog on Chavo and signals for the Worm. As he gets near the ropes, Chavo Guerrero Classic suddenly runs to the ring and pulls Scotty’s legs! As the red argues with Chavo Classic, Chavo Jnr. hits Scotty with a Low Blow and then rolls him up for the victory!

After the match, the two Chavo’s celebrate, and Chavo Guerrero Classic has officially returned to the WWE!

Suddenly, Theodore Long’s music hits and out comes the GM…

Long: For those who don’t have WWE.com, it was announced that I would make a blockbuster announcement tonight. Well as a GM it’s my duty to give these sorts of announcements, so here it is. There is a RAW superstar, whose contract has ended, has jumped to SmackDown!, and has been guaranteed a WWE Title shot. That’s not all though! I have also signed a former WWE superstar, back to the WWE, to SmackDown!. So, without further delay, let me firstly, the RAW superstar who is now officially a SmackDown! superstar. Oh, I forgot, his wife to-be now belongs to SmackDown! too!

Suddenly, the flames explode and Kane makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Lita! Kane shakes the SmackDown GM’s hand. Long then offers his hand to Lita, who reluctantly shakes. Kane smiles at his bride to-be, who simply looks the other way at Long, without saying a word.

Long: Next week, on SmackDown!, the wedding will officially take place! And now, for the other new SmackDown! superstar…

The “Here Comes the Money” music comes on and out comes Shane McMahon!

Shane shakes Long’s hand, and then takes a mic…

Shane: You’re probably thinking why I’d join SmackDown! if I wasn’t going to be its’ General Manager? Well, I am an authority figure; I am the first-ever SmackDown! Deputy General Manager! So whenever Mr. Long here cannot come to SmackDown! for any reason, I will be in charge of the show. Also, it will be my duty to make suggestions to Mr. Long, for example, how about tonight Theodore, we have Kane compete in a match?
Long:I was thinking exactly the same thing. Who should me make you face, Kane?
Kane: I can beat anybody on SmackDown!.
Long: What, even your WrestleMania XX opponent?
Kane: Make me face HIM and it’ll be the biggest mistake of your life!
Long: Actually, I think you’ve got a point. Why have a rematch? We’ve seen enough of that. So tonight Kane, your opponent will be…Rico!
Shane: What a great match this is going to be!

Shane and Long then laugh and leave the ring as Rico’s music hits and he heads to the ring to face Kane!

Match IV: Kane def. Rico by KO:
Kane ends this match in only a few minutes; Rico goes for a Spinning Kick on Kane but misses, then Kane hits him with a Big Boot. Kane then nails a Chokeslam. Kane goes for the cover, but then lets go just before 3 and nails Rico with the Tombstone Piledriver for a KO win!

After the match, Kane brings Lita into the ring and makes her stand next to him as he brings his arms up and down again and the flames explode in the ring.

Lita…LITAAAA…in one week, YOU will be MY bride! Make sure you wear white to purify our child. OUR Child!

Lita is reduced to tears and runs to the back as Kane stands tall over a KO’d Rico in the ring!

After a break, the four contestants in the Main-event head to the ring!

Main-event: John Cena and Eddie Guerrero def. Booker T and Kurt Angle:
Cena and Angle are brawling in the ring, but Angle gets the upper hand and goes for the Angle Slam. As Cena is in the air, he slides down Angle’s back and then hits the Olympic Hero with the F-U! Eddie then sees Booker T getting in the ring as the ref begins to count, and jumps in also. The ref doesn’t see Booker but Eddie, and argues with him to get out as Booker hits Cena with the Scissors Kick! Booker then knocks Eddie out of the ring and keeps him busy outside, but suddenly The Undertaker’s gong sounds and the Dead Man heads to the ring! Angle quickly breaks his pin over Cena and stares as The Undertaker heads his way. Booker runs up the ramp and tries to attack ‘Taker, but he punches Booker down with a hard right shot! Cena sees the distraction and rolls up Angle, who’s eyes were focused on ‘Taker, for the 3 count!

After the match, Angle is infuriated that he got pinned by Cena as ‘Taker enters the ring. Angle then bails and escapes from the crowd entrance and Cena & Guerrero go after him, as ‘Taker looks on.

Suddenly, JBL comes running down the ramp and into the ring. JBL then smacks ‘Taker with the WWE title belt to the back of the head and then waits to get the Clothesline from Hell. As he runs toward ‘Taker, the Dead Man reverses with a Big Boot! ‘Taker then hits a Chokeslam on JBL! JBL rolls out of the ring and staggers up the ramp as The Undertaker lifts up two fingers, signalling that he will become WWE Champion in two weeks as SmackDown! goes off the air!

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Don't listen to john_2004. For a first time show it was a very good show. Hope you carry on with this 2004Kingpin.

Nice to see you carrying on with existing feuds such as Dudleyz vs. Kidman/London/Mysterio, Angle/Guerrero, JBL/Undertaker etc. Nice to see you bring Kane and Lita over to continue there storyline. Not sure about Shane McMahon being Deputy GM but it could work out.

Are you doing Raw or just Smackdown?

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