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Hi to everyone on the WEforums,

If anybody recalls, there used to be a user on this forum called Kingpin2003 (me -to no surprise!)

I had started some storylines, and now using the basic idea of them I'm starting some new ones.

The idea is there is no superstar split, but because titles are exclusive to either RAW or SmackDown!, if a superstar wins a title, he is forced to stay on that show. When he loses the title, he can go on both shows again.

I am going to be starting from after WWE Unforgiven 2004. Here are the results:

-Triple H def. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship
-Shawn Michaels def. Kane
-Chris Jericho def. Christian for the vacant Intercontinental Championship
-La Resistance def. Rhyno & Tajiri to retain the World Tag Team Championship
-Chris Benoit and William Regal def. Batista and Ric Flair
-Trish Stratus def. Victoria to retain the Women's Championship

I will carry on the storylines from these results.

Thanks and I hope users will enjoy and REPLY TO the storylines,

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