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2004 WWE Storylines

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Hi. I go by the code-name of "zeduck." If you have read RFI Fantasy Wrestling run by John Sievewright, on prowrestling.com/fantasy, you might have seen, that I use to write for RFI. But I didn't write for long, as I didn't have the time, to dedicate to it.

Anyway, me and another guy, recently started a WWE Fantasy thing, on another Forum. Although it hasn't got much feedback really. Anyway, I decided, to post on here. I write Raw, he writes SmackDown.

Basically, what it is, is the WWE in 2004. We have Raw, SmackDown, and monthly PPV's. The rosters are pretty much the same, although there will be a few new guys soon.

Seeing as I don't have the time to write matches word-by-word, I usually write the closing stages, sometimes which is actually pretty long, and I usually write one full match a show. But obviouslly, all the promos and backstage skits, are normal. Not shortned or anything. So basically, we don't write the matches full length, but I still think that the shows are still as enjoyable.

Ok, so basically, we're in the start of 2004. Storylines continuing from 2003, basically where they are right now. Excpet different champions and titles etc. So we are pretty much carrying on from where WWE is now, except in 2004.

The first show of each brand, was absolute crap, so I won't put it on. So here's the 2nd Raw show. You will catch onto the storylines soon enough though.

Thanks. Some feedback, would be much appreciated.
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12th January, 2004
Written by: Zeduck and The Undisputed One

Segment 1: (8.00pm-8.15)

The pyrotechnics explode on the stage, as Union Underground’s “Across The Nation” blares across the PA system.
JR “Welcome fans, to WWE Raw. We are live here tonight from the Joe Louis Arena, in Detroit Michigan. Lawler, “And what a show, we have for you tonight.” JR, “That’s right King, on this night, the General Manager for Raw Eric Bischoff, has ordered that all Raw titles will be defended tonight. The US Title, The World Tag Titles, The Raw Championship, and the World Heavyweight Championship.” Lawler, “You forgot one thing JR.” JR, “ And what was that?” Lawler, “Puppies!!!” JR, “Yes King, Victoria will defend her Women’s Championship tonight against Trish Stratus.” Lawler, “Anyway, lets go to our first match up!” JR, “A rematch from last week!”

Rodney Mack w/Theodore Long vs. Maven
After both men are in the ring, “Back in Black” by AC/DC hits, and the GM, Eric Bischoff walks out onto the stage. Bisch, “ The Raw roster is getting overcrowded. It is totaling over 50 at the moment. Not everyone have the chance, to be on Raw. So I’ve decided, that there isn’t enough room, for some of the roster. So I officially order this, to be a loser leaves Raw match! Thankyou!” Bischoff goes back through the curtain. JR, “Oh my god, one of these men, are going to leave here tonight, without a contract!!!” Lawler, “My pick is for Mack to win JR.”
…We join the match, which has been dominated by Rodney Mack, in the closing stages. Maven is perched on the top rope, and flies off with a dropkick, to knock Mack down. Maven climbs on the top turnbuckle, and raises his arms in the air to a pop. But from the outside, Long low blows him, and Maven falls off. The ref did not notice this, as he was checking on Mack. Rodney is back to his feet, and grabs Maven by the neck, and lifts him up. He puts him in a powerbomb position, lifts him up over his head, rams him back first into the turnbuckles, and then delivers a brutal Sitout Powerbomb!!! He hooks the leg…one…two…, and Rodney gets off him? JR, “Oh come on!” Lawler, “He’s not finished with him yet JR!” Rodney drags him to his feet, and short-arm clotheslines him back down. Mack goes to the outside, and discusses something with Long. Mack slides back in, and picks up Maven. On the outside, Long is abusing the crowd, as Mack whips Maven towards the ropes. But Maven reverses the whip, and Long sticks his arms out, and accidentally trips Mack! Rodney gets back up and yells at Long, asking him what the hell he thinks, he’s doing. But suddenly Maven rolls Mack up from behind…one…two…three! JR, “Maven! Maven! Maven has won!”
Winner in 8.30: Maven

After the match, Long gets in the ring, trying to apologise to Mack. But Rodney takes none of the apologies, as he has just gotten fired, boots Theodore in the gut, double-arm underhooks him, and drills him head-first into the mat, with the GONSO BOMB!!!
Mack storms out of the ring, as Al Snow rushes down to congratulate Maven. But suddenly, from the Back runs Batista. He get in the ring, and as Snow turns around, Batista drills him with the Spinebuster!!! Maven takes a boot to the gut, and a Sitdown Powerbomb!. Batista gets on the Mic…”This proves, that I am one of the most dominant people here! Bischoff, I hope you’re watching. You never give me a damn chance. Well you’d better soon! Or you will pay!”
With that, Batista leaves the ring.. JR, “Well he has certainly just spoken his mind! Fans, we’re going to a break. See you after this.”


Segment 2 (8.15-8.30)

WWE Women’s Championship: Victoria © w/Steven Richards vs. Trish Stratus
Closing moments: Victoria has Trish on the top rope. She goes for a Hurricanrana, but Stratus holds onto the ropes, and Victoria flips down, but manages to land on her feet. She stumbles forwards, as Trish flies off the top, for a flying Bulldog, but Victoria pushes her off, and Trish lands on her back, which she holds in pain. She stumbles to her feet, right into a vicious Victoria Superkick. That is enough, for the 3-count.
Winner in 4.35: Victoria

Richards gets into the ring, and celebrates with Victoria, and starts taunting, a now standing Trish. But Stratus slaps the taste out of his mouth. Victoria grabs her arms from behind, and Trish struggles as an angry Steven, sets up for a Superkick. But suddenly, Lawler takes off his headset from the announcer’s table, and gets in the ring! JR, “What the heck are you doing King?” Lawler gets in the ring, and spins Richards around from behind, kicks him in the nuts, and gives him the Pulling Piledriver, as Victoria escapes out of the ring. Lawler is rewarded by his heroic actions, with a kiss from Stratus.

We go Backstage, to where Eric Bischoff is sitting at his desk. In come The Dudley Boyz, with Spike behind. D-Von grabs Bischoff by the tie. D-Von, “Bisch, you say every title is on the line tonight! Well give us a damn shot at those tag-titles! A whimpering Bischoff says…”What did you do, to deserve a shot at them anyway? Bubba, “Didn’t you see. Watch the match from last week. I was the legal man dammit.” D-Von, “Anyway, Rob Van Dam ain’t here tonight. So do we get the damn match or not!?” Bischoff, “NO!” Bubba pulls Eric out of the chair by his tie, and gets right in his face. Ray, “ If you don’t give us the fu*kin match, your pussy ass will regret it.” Eric stammers…”O,o,o,o…ok. But if you win, which of course you will have no chance of against my men, you have to defend the titles next week in a handicap match!” Bubba lets go of him, and they leave the room, with Spike laughing at Eric. Chief Morley appears. A fuming Bischoff says…“Go and find 3 Minute Warning! I think I have a job for them…” Eric as a pissed off look on his face, as him and Morley start talking, as the camera fades out to black…


Segment 3 (8.30-8.45)

United States Heavyweight Championship: Test © with Stacy Keibler vs. Booker T
"Can you dig it Sucka?" JR, “Here comes the 5 time WCW Champion and he will go one on one tonight with the USA Champ, Test!”
"Test, this is a Test"
Test runs down to the ring to get this match underway. Test, is also accompanied to the ring, by the beautiful Stacy Kiebler. Booker and Test circle the ring and start things off with a collar and elbow tie up. Test kicks Booker in the gut and is already going for the Meltdown, but Booker escapes and rolls to the outside. Booker waits for Test to come on the outside. Test follows Booker and the brawl begins! Booker goes to Irish whip Test into the barricade but Test reverses it, send the 5 time WCW Champion into the barricade himself. Test then picks up Booker with a Gorilla Press and drops him throat first over the barricade! Test then rolls Booker back into the ring. Test picks up Booker and slams him hard down to the canvas with a Scoop slam. Test bounces off the ropes and nails Booker in the throat with a Legdrop. Test goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Test picks up Booker and whips him into the corner turnbuckle. Test then nails Booker with some elbows to the head. Test then whips Booker into the opposite corner. Booker bounces off the turnbuckle and walks right into the Big Boot! This one could be over quickly! 1-2.....NO! Booker kicks out! Test can't believe it and Stacy can't believe it either! Test starts to get frustrated and throws Booker onto the outside. Test distracts the referee in the ring, while Stacy slaps Booker right across the face. Referee Charles Robinson looks on the floor to check on Booker and Stacy backs off. Test then goes onto the outside to bring Booker back into the ring. Test goes for the cover again but Charles Robinson only puts his hand down to the canvas twice! Test then positions Booker in the centre of the ring. Test then climbs the turnbuckle to the top rope! Test is wasting time by looking out to the thousands of fans. Test attempts a Frog Splash off the top but misses! Test is out! Booker is still down! Referee Robinson starts the count. 1.....2....3....4..... both men start to get back to their feet on the 7 count. Test is back to his feet first. Both men are in the centre of the ring. Test goes for a right hand punch but Booker blocks it! Test goes for another right hand, but Booker blocks it again! Test goes for another and Booker blocks this one! Booker then gets some of his own right hands in! 5 right hands and Test is down. Test quickly gets back to his feet, but Booker knocks him back to the mat with a clothesline! Test gets back up again and another clothesline by Booker! Test gets back up again and another Clothesline by Booker. Test gets back up again and Booker whips Test into the ropes and nails Test with the Harlem Side Kick. Booker is waiting for Test to get to his feet again. When Test is back to his feet, Booker kicks Test in the gut and nails the Axe Kick! Booker is now setting up Booker for the Book-end! We could have a new USA Champ! Booker's got him set up! But Test is trying to block it with back elbows to Booker's head! Test escapes from the Book-end! Test kicks Booker in the gut. It looks like it's time for the Meltdown! Test picks him up, and drops him down thunderously to the mat with the Meltdown. Test goes for the cover. 1-2.....wait a minute! It's Jeff Hardy! Jeff Hardy from out of nowhere nails Test in the head with a Chair. The referee calls for the bell.
Winner by Disqualification at 9.29: Test
Jeff Hardy starts hitting Test with the chair right in the skull. Test is bleeding. Jeff Hardy then pulls Test over to the corner nearest the Spanish announce table and hits Test with a Swanton Bomb. Jeff then looks at the crowd, and then at Test! Jeff climbs to the top rope again, BUT HERE COMES SHAWN MICHAELS!!! As Jeff is about to attempt another Swanton Bomb, Shawn Michaels runs up onto the apron and Sweet Chin Music's Jeff while he is on the top rope. Jeff falls off the top and through the Spanish Announce table!!! The crowd starts chanting, “Holy shit!” over and over. Test slowly gets back to his feet. "Sexy Boy" hits the PA and Michaels celebrates! But wait a minute! Test is attacking Michaels! What the hell is going on?! Test, still bleeding hits Michaels in the skull with the steel chair, Jeff Hardy had used earlier. Test then picks up Michaels, and Meltdown's him onto the Steel Chair! Test leaves the ring with Stacy Keibler and the USA Title still around his waist.

Backstage, Test has just walked through the curtain, and up rushes “The Coach” for an interview. Coach, “Test, tell me why you attacked Shawn Michaels?” But before he can respond, Eric Bischoff cuts off Test! Bischoff, “What the hell was that? That match was shambles. So I have decided, that a re-match will take place. You, and Booker T for the USA Title. At the Royal Rumble! But I want to assure that no one will interfere in this match. So it is officially, a Steel Cage match! Bischoff storms off, towards the stage area, as we go to another area backstage…

We see backstage, where Chief Morley, has found 3 Minute Warning and Rico. Morley, “Yo Rico. Bischoff gave me a message for you!” Rico, “Sure, what is it?” Morley, “ You have to take out one of those damn Dudley Boyz, by 9.45, or there will be servere consequences for you!” Rico, “Sure, no problem!” Morley walks off, as the Island Boyz smack their fists, into the palms of their hands!


Segment 4 (8.45-9.00)

We come back, with the camera focused on the ring, with Jeff Hardy slowly getting out of the rubble, of the table! And with Michaels, slowly getting up in the ring.
“Back in Black” hits once again, as Eric Bischoff comes back out to the stage, to some heat from the crowd. He has a microphone with him…” Now I know that neither of these men are in any fit condition for a ladder match, but dammit, I promised all titles would be on the line, and this one will be. So the match will still be on!!!” Bisch leaves the stage through the curtain once again, as we continue the show…

WWE Raw Championship: Ladder Match: Shawn Michaels © vs. Jeff Hardy
Shawn Michaels is now up and rolls out of the ring. He slides from underneath, a ladder. He gets in the ring with it, and starts climbing, and is about to reach the title belt hanging down. But Jeff Hardy gets in the ring at the last minute, and knocks the ladder from underneath him! Michaels is dangling by the cord, as Jeff Hardy goes off the top rope, with a flying clothesline, taking HBK down to the mat. Jeff pops right back up, grabs the ladder, and leans it against the corner. He goes to whip HBK into it, but Michaels reverses and Jeff goes crashing in to the ladder. Michaels runs and goes for a splash, but Jeff moves, and all he gets is a face full of ladder. Shawn stumbles backwards, and Jeff dropkicks him into the ladder, and as he staggers backwards, Hardy snaps him back with a nasty neckbreaker. Jeff rolls to the outside, and sets up a 2nd ladder, across the apron and barricade and then gets back into the ring, and sets up the other ladder, and climbs it. Michaels stumbles back to his feet, as Jeff jumps off the ladder, and catches him in an amazing Hurricanrana!!! JR, “Jeff, taking a high risk move there.” Jeff then puts the ladder on top of Shawn, and goes up top. He poses to the crowd and gets a mixed reaction, then dives off, going for a Splash, but Michaels get out from underneath the ladder, and Hardy lands on top of it!!! Lawler, “Ouch!” Michaels is back up, and he puts Jeff on top of the ladder. He goes up to the top rope, and signals to the crowd!!! They pop huge, as Michaels nails his Signature Elbow, crushing Jeff! Both men are down, as the crowd applaudes the huge move. Shawn slowly gets up, and drags the carcass of Jeff Hardy, to his feet. He whips him off the ropes, and drop toeholds him on top of the ladder. Shawn legdrops the back of his head, then hooks him in a face lock, and lifts him right up and over with a Vertical Suplex. He tosses Jeff outside the ring, over the top rope. Michaels slides out, and picks him up. Shawn goes to whip him into the ring pole, but Hardy reverses, and swings Michaels into the Steel Steps. Jeff shows his new mean streak, by viciously booting Michaels head into the steel steeps! JR, “Oh come on, enough is enough, Shawn is now bleeding!” Lawler, “Come on JR, there are no DQ’s!’ Jeff grabs Shawn, and repeatedly drills his head into the steps, numerous times. Shawn’s blood is flowing freely down his face now, while he is stumbling around ringside. Hardy gets on the apron, springboards off the ropes, and takes Michaels down with a Asai Moonsault!. He slowly gets back into the ring, sets up the ladder, and starts climbing. Shawn rolls into the ring, and stumbles into the ladder! Jeff goes flying off to the outside, and lands chest first on the ladder, set up across the apron/barricade!!! The crowd chants, “Holy Shit!!! Holy Shit!!!” Jeff is screaming in pain, holding his ribs. JR, “For the love of god, he must be broken in half!!! Shawn goes outside to check on Hardy. He helps him up to his feet, but Jeff pushes him away. Michaels tries to help him again, but Hardy shoves him hard backwards into the ring post, grabs a chair, and decks him over the head with it!!! Lawler, “Wow JR. Jeff wants no help from Shawn, even though his ribs are probably broken!” Hardy collapses on the ground in pain, holding his chest. While Michaels is out cold, from the chair shot!
JR, “We must go to a break. We will be right back, after this!”


Segment 5 (9.00-9.15)

We return, to see Jeff Hardy stacking up some tables, at the bottom of the ramp. There are 2 stacks of 2 tables. He drags Michaels carcass over while holding his chest with his other hand, and puts him on top of the tables. Jeff Hardy gets back into the ring, sets the ladder up directly underneath the title belt, and climbs. He gets to the top, but instead of grabbing the belt easily, he signals down at Shawn. JR, “What the hell does he think he’s doing?” Jeff Hardy then attempts a Swanton Bomb off the ladder in the ring, to the outside, but Michaels manages to roll of the tables, and Jeff Hardy crashes through 4 TABLES!!!!!! The crowd start up the holy shit chant, once again. Lawler, “…I’m speechless.” JR, “We need help out here right now. He may even be dead dammit. Officials and Paramedics rush to ringside to check on him, as Michaels rolls into the ring. He slowly climbs the ladder, and reaches the title, taking it off the cord.
Winner: Shawn Michaels in 17.50

On the outside, paramedics are putting Jeff Hardy on a stretcher. JR, “Well Jeff Hardy was trying to prove his worth, but that attempt of the Swanton Bomb, has totalled backfired…” Lawler, “Poor Jeff. We may never see him, wrestle again.” JR, “If we can, we will get an update on the condition of Jeff Hardy, and tell you later in the program. Paramedics take away Jeff on a stretcher up the ramp, as we go backstage…

We go to Evolution’s Locker Room, where we see Randy Orton and Triple H, in a discussion. Orton, “Eric has given me a chance tonight. If I can beat Christian tonight, I am guaranteed a shot at the Raw Heavyweight Title, next week. HHH, “That is great, hey, I’ll come down to the ring with you, as you might need some help. That way, you’re gonna be guaranteed of that Title Shot you want!” Orton, “Sorry Hunter, but could you please stay behind while I’m out there. I know I can do this one myself, and I don’t want your help.” With that, Orton leaves the room.

Randy Orton vs. Christian- Winner gets a Raw Championship shot Next Week

Closing Moments: Christian has dominated most of the match up so far, and we are now 3 minutes in…Orton finally starts fighting back, drilling Christian with repeated punches. He goes to Irish Whip him, but Christian reverses, and knocks Orton down with a clothesline, when he comes back off the ropes. Christian drops an elbow on him, for the one…two…kickout! Christian puts an illegal chokehold on Randy, but the ref makes him stop. Christian locks in a sleeper, and it looks like Orton is fading away fast. The ref lifts his arm once…it drops back down limp. He does it again, and Orton’s arm drops down once again. The referee lifts it up for a third time, but Orton keeps it up. He fights back to his feet, and elbows Christian in the gut 3 times. Christian lets go as Orton starts to deliver the right hands. He whips Christian off the ropes, and nails him with a Dropkick. Randy leaps up to the top rope, and catches Christian, with a Flying Crossbody! He hooks the leg, one…two…kickout! But Orton now has Christian ready, for an inverted DDT. But Christian fights out of it, and gives Randy a Spinning Spinebuster. He picks Orton back up, and goes to whip him into the corner, but the referee Teddy Long was in the way, and Randy crashes into him, knocking the ref down. Christian stomps on Orton, as Triple H makes his way down to the ring with a chair, to a huge amount of heat.
Hunter gets in the ring, swings Christian around, and smashes his head into Hunter’s own knee. Christian staggers around the ring as Orton is now up as well. HHH goes to drill Christian with the chair, but he ducks and Randy takes the blow! The ref is now up but hasn't seen this, but orders HHH out of the ring. Christian now picks Orton back up and delivers the Reverse DDT. He pins…one…two…HHH goes to break the pinfall, but the ref counts 3.
Winner: Christian in 7.11

JR, “Well Triple H, has just caused Randy, to lose a title shot opportunity.” Lawler, “And Orton is fuming as well!” Orton is yelling at HHH in the ring, before he storms off to the back.


Segment 6 (9.15-9.30)

We go backstage where Batista and Ric Flair is waiting in Evolution’s locker room. Orton comes in, as HHH does, not long after. Orton, “What the hell do you think you were doing?!?! I damn well told you not to come out! I didn’t need your help!” HHH, “It was a damn accident and you know it! Anyway, you know you needed my help, you were getting your ass kicked, and…” Orton, “What the hell did you just say?” Flair, “Alright, calm down everyone. Hunter, he told you not to come out and help him. He was doing alright in the match, and now you have ruined his chance of a title shot.” Orton, “Damn right you have!” HHH, “Ok, I’ll make it up to you, when I beat Kane later tonight single handedly to retain my gold, I promise I’ll give you a title shot next week. Deal?” Randy says nothing, and leaves the locker room, with Batista alongside. Flair, “Hunter, you have really pissed off him now…”

World Tag Team Championship: Lance Storm and William Regal © w/Chief Morley vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) w/Spike Dudley

Closing Stages of Match: Bubba gets the hot tag, after he has been dissembled the entire match, by cheating tactics, from Storm and Regal. D-Von gets into the ring and explodes on Storm with numerous right hands. He whips him off the ropes, and nails Storm with the flying forearm. Regal gets into the ring, and runs straight into a Back-Body drop. Bubba is now up, and puts Storm in a Full Nelson. He then drills him with the Bubba Bomb. Suddenly Chief Morley runs down the ramp, to a lot of heat, from the crowd. Regal has the referee distracted, as Morley hotshots D-Von’s neck on the ring ropes. Bubba gets out of the ring, and chases the Chief around to near the announcer’s table. Suddenly, Morley turns around, and brains Bubba with the ring bell! He is now busted open. Regal now comes to the outside, and takes a chair. He looks as though he is about to nail Bubba with it, but the referee comes outside and takes the chair away. Regal and the ref get into an argument, which leads to a distraction, for Chief Morley to go to the top rope, on the other side of the ring, nearest to D-Von who is lying prone in the ring. He signals for The Money Shot, but suddenly lil’ Spike Dudley runs down the aisle, to a huge pop. He gets on the apron, and shoves Morley off, who goes flying on top of the barricade! Spike then picks him up, puts him in a headlock, runs and kicks off the apron, and gives Chief the Dudley Dog, on the outside! Bubba is back up on the outside, spins Regal, who is still arguing with the referee around, lifts him up and drops him, on the steel-steps, front first! Regal holds his gut, as inside the ring, D-Von whips Storm off the ropes, and bends down for a Back Body Drop. But Storm kicks him in the face, and then nails him with a Superkick! Meanwhile, on the outside, Spike is beating the crap out of Morley, as the referee goes over to sort it out. Bubba is back in the ring now, as Storm grabs him and delivers a DDT! Regal comes back in the ring, and his clenching his left fist. Storm picks a limp Bubba back up, and holds him in place. Regal goes for a left hand, but Bubba ducks, and Storm gets hit! Storm drops to the mat out cold, as D-Von whips Regal off the ropes, Bubba gets in place, and The Dudley Boyz deliver the 3-D!!! We see Brass Knuckles on Regal’s fist. Bubba pins the legal man Storm, as the referee is now back in the ring…one…two…three!!! JR, “We have new Tag Team Champions!”
Winners: The Dudley Boyz in 11.21
Lawler, “Well I bet that Lance won’t be very pleased, with William Regal. He just ko-ed William with the brass knucks, and caused them to lose the Tag-Title belts!” William Regal and Chief Morley, carry an unconscious Lance Storm up the ramp, as all 3 Dudleyz pose on the turnbuckles, celebrating in the ring!


Segment 7 (9.30-9.45)

We see the victorious Dudley Boyz backstage celebrating, along with Lil’ Spike. D-Von, “Damn, now all we need are a few cans of beer!” Spike, “If you want, I’ll go and get some for you. After all, you deserve them!” BuhBuh, “Ok, we’ll be in the locker room.” We see Spike Dudley walking down the hallway, towards the vending machine. But suddenly out of nowhere, 3 Minute Warning attack, and beat the crap out of Spike. Rico rams his head straight through the Vending Machine, and then Jamal Powerbombs him through a nearby table, straight to the concrete floor! Rosey then picks him up, and tosses him through a Plate Glass Window!!! We see that the Dudley is a complete bloody mess! Rosey wipes Spike’s blood off his hands, on a nearby wall. They walk off, as we see Eric Bischoff in the background, looking at his watch…

JR, “Now…” But suddenly, he is cut off by AC/DC’s “Back in Black” once again. And Eric Bischoff walks down to the ramp, to some heat from the crowd. Lawler, “Well I think that everyone here, is getting sick of Eric coming out, again and again and again.” JR, “Well I can say, that I have certainly had enough “Eric” for one night! Bischoff gets into the ring, and takes a microphone from a ringside official. Bischoff, “Rosey, Jamal, Rico, come on down to the ring now!” 3 Minute Warning’s music hits, and they all come down to the ring and get in. Bischoff, “Well, I told you to take out a Dudley boy, and I see you have completed your task…” All 3 nod their heads. Bischoff, “But…it seems to me, that you took a little too log to do it. About 3 minutes too long…” Suddenly over the barricade and into the ring, comes BROCK LESNAR!!! JR, “Oh my god, it’s Brock!!! Lawler, “He must have jumped from Smackdown!!!” He gives Rosey an F-5, and when Jamal runs at him, he takes an F-5 as well!!! Rico tries to climb out the ring, but Brock drags him back into the ring, by his afro. He then gives Rico a Double-Powerbomb, driving him twice, into the ring mat!!! The crowd is going wild, over Lesnar! Eric Bischoff is laughing evilly, and offers his hand to shake. Brock puts his hand out as well, and they shake hands and hug. They raise their hands together in the air, and the crowd gives a mixed reaction. Bischoff goes to let go, but Brock won’t let go of his grasp. Suddenly, Brock pulls him in and hoists him over his massive shoulders, and drills him with a HUGE F-5!!! JR, “Oh my god, Lesnar just F-5’ed his own boss!!! Lesnar’s music hits, as he raises his arms in the air, to a massive pop!!!

*Advert for the Royal Rumble Pay Per View*
“ 2 brands…”
“ 20 men each…”
“ 2 Rumble’s…”
“ A Championship shot and the biggest spectacle of them all…Wrestlemania…”
*The Royal Rumble, the 26th of January, at Madison Square Garden, New York…*


Segment 8

Main Event:
WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H w/Ric Flair vs. Kane
“Time to play the Game” The lights dim, as out comes Triple H to a huge amount of heat. He tips water from his bottle over his head, and then slowly walks down to ringside. He gets on the apron, and sprays his usual Fountain of Flurry from his mouth. He climbs through the ropes into the ring, and hands his belt to Senior Referee Earl Hebner. Ric Flair is at ringside, as usual. Kane’s music hits as he walks down the aisle, to a pop. He gets into the ring, as Hunter makes a hasty exit. Kane raises his arms in the air, and brings them down, as flames shoot out of the 4 corners. The bell rings, so signal the start of this match. Kane signals for HHH to come on in. HHH gets on the apron, but drops back off, when Kane reaches for him. HHH gets on the apron again, but this time Kane grabs him by the hair and yanks him over top of the ropes. HHH stands up, and is pummeled with right hands into the corner. Kane whips him to the opposite corner and follows in with a running clothesline. Hunter staggers out of the corner and bounces off the ropes, right into a big boot to the face! HHH rolls to the outside as Kane follows. Kane goes after him, but Hunter runs around ringside, with Kane giving chase. HHH rolls into the ring as Kane rolls in, but Hunter is all over him with stomps. He brings the Big Red Machine to his feet, and whips him towards the ropes, but HHH grabs them, and slides back to the outside, to some heat from the crowd. But Kane just dives over the top rope, with a Plancha!!! Kane drags HHH to his feet and Irish Whips him into the Steel Steps. HHH hits them with such force, that he goes flying over them!!! Kane picks up HHH’s carcass, and whips him towards the ring post. There is a sickening thud, as HHH nails it head first! HHH staggers around a dazed and now bloody mess, as Kane spears him on the outside! Kane Gorilla Presses HHH, and tosses him over the top rope, and into the ring! JR, “Kane showing great power there.” Lawler, “Triple H is being manhandled!” HHH gets in the corner and is pleading for Kane not to get him, but Kane just knees him in the face, and chokes him with his boot. Kane brings HHH up, and whips him off the ropes, and into a Powerslam! Kane goes to the top rope, and waits. When Hunter gets up, he gets floored with a Flying Lariat! Kane drags HHH’s carcass up, and sets up for the Chokeslam! But HHH kicks Kane low, and gets out of it. The referee asks HHH if he kicked Kane low, but HHH drills the referee with a right hand! HHH stomps on Kane, and yells at Flair on the outside, “Pass me the damn Sledge.” But Flair responds with, “No, I’m sick of all this cheating to win. Beat him straight and fair!” HHH goes to the outside and shoves Flair and asks him, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Flair shoves him back! HHH turns his head away, then turns back and boots Flair in the gut, and drills him with The Pedigree on the outside!!! JR, “Oh my god, HHH just gave his manager The Pedigree!” HHH drags The Sledgehammer from out under the ring, and rolls in. By now, Kane is up, and HHH wipes him out cold, with the Sledge!!! JR, “Oh no. Come on ref.” He pins Kane…one…two…but hang on, Randy Orton comes in, and starts beating on Flair. Then Batista is in the ring, and joins in on the beating as well!!! The crowd is going wild, popping huge! The bell rings, as the ref has given the match to HHH by DQ!
Winner by DQ: HHH in 6.30

Lawler, “Oh no, Evolution is broken down now!” Suddenly we here the WolfPac howl, as Big Sexy Kevin Nash, strides down to the ring, to a mixed reaction. Orton and Batista jump out of the ring and check on Flair, as their stare at Nash. A beaten HHH is holding the ropes, to keep himself up. Nash gets in the ring, but doesn’t attack HHH. They look at each other, in an intense staredown. JR, “Why is Kevin Nash out here. To attack Helmsly, or to help him??? Remember last week, Evolution fled the ring when Big Sexy came out!” Lawler, “But JR, there is no more Evolution!
But Suddenly we hear the Sound of Glass Shattering!!! JR, “Oh my god, it’s Stone Cold!!!” Lawler, “Another person, has jumped back to Raw from Smackdown!” Steve Austin comes down to the ring, to a thunderous ovation. The crowd starts to chant “Stone Cold” over and over. Austin gets in the ring as HHH looks on in shock. Austin walks right up to HHH, BAM!!! Stunner to HHH!!! Austin looks at Nash. An intense staredown happens, in the middle of the ring. JR, “We’ve run out of time… See you next week on Raw!”

* Raw Show ends*

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If you didn't guess, Austin and Lensar WERE on SmackDown last week. Except I didn't post those, as they were rubbish. And the other writer did them, so I don't have them.
What does anyone think? For my first full show ever?

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I'll have to get it off the other person...

What I can remember...most of it is still the same for Raw/Smackdown, except Rock is on Smackdown, and Lesnar is on Raw. That is basically the only difference. Some others will be suprises coming up on the brands, so I can't say.


World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Raw Champion: Shawn Michales
US Champion: Test
Women's Champion: Victoria
World Tag Champions: The Dudley Boyz
Soon, a new Championship, that Xtreme Title, will be introduced. Along with some "xtreme wrestlers" who will debut and return at the rumble. A tourney will be after that. And the IC Title might come back.

Undisputed Champion: Kurt Angle
Cruiserweight Champion: Matt Hardy
TV Champion: Hulk Hogan
Fulley-Loaded Champion: Edge
Smackdown Tag-Team Champions: Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin
Global Tag-Team Champions: FBI (Nunzio and Chuck Palumbo)

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Grade = A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Sorry but I loved that. The commentary lines could be onb different lines but thats the only way to improve that.

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Thanks guys, I wasn't thinking that I would get that great feedback Personally, I think my next Raw show is better than

I have the SmackDown show by the other writer, it isn't nearly the same as Raw, it is alot briefer. Will post up in a bit.

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F-5 said:
I don`t know but I have that felling that you took this show from someone.Or the other forum.
Hey, I wrote the whole thing myself. I have written alot of Fantasy Wrestling stuff before, so I know how and what to do.

And what other forum?

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SMACKDOWN! 15/01/2004 Written By: Backlash

**Last week**
Cole:Hogan is signalling for the Leg Drop.What the? The Rock's back up!!!He's BACK UP!The Rock ducks under,swings to the rope,ROCK BOTTOM! ROCK BOTTOM on Hogan!1-2-3!!The Rock's done it!He's going to the Royal Rumble!!!
Tazz:What a move by The Rock.This was awesome,wacky crazy performance pulled by Rock and Hogan.
Cole:What the?What is Vince and shane coming down here for?
Tazz:Don't ask me Cole.Maybe he's here to uh...to congratulate Rock.Yeah that's it.
Vince:Officers,these are the people you have to arrest theft of $250,000.And Rock,you are officially stripped of your entrance to the Royal Rumble!!!!

*Pyros explode as Marilyn Manson's 'Beautiful People' echoes through the arena"

Cole:Welcome to SMACKDOWN! I'm Michael Cole and this is my assistant,Tazz!
Tazz:What the hell are you talking about Cole?Me your assistant?Ha Ha Ha
Cole:Anyways,we have got a mega mega match tonight.Team Angle will face The Undertaker in a Handicap Match,hoping to wear him down for Kurt at the Royal Rumble.

Match 1:Rey Mysterio vs. Tajiri
Last few moments of the match:Tajiri is kicking away at Mysterio and sends him to the corner,Tajiri runs up to him to score a kick to Rey's temple,but Rey ducks!When the Japanese Buzzsaw turns around,Mysterio kicks him to the ropes to set up the 619!!!Mysterio runs to the other rope,and scores the 619!Rey Rey clims the top rope and when Tajiri gets up,scores the West Coast Pop for the win at 5:46
Winner:Rey Mysterio
After Mysterio finished his victory,Kidman walked to the ring and shook his hand.When Mysterio tried to leave,Kidman pulled ihm back.Mysterio perplexed asks what Kidman's doing.Then out of nowhere,Kidman dropkicks him!He picks him up,and clothslines Mysterio.He then goes up top and hits the Shooting Star Press.Afterwards he kicks Mysterio out of the ring and grabs the mic.

Kidman:I know what you people are thinking.Why Kidman?Why did you beat up our hero,Mysterio?Well I'm going to tell all of you people here in this arena.For months,I've been teaming with Mysterio.When I tag Rey in,all of you lot start cheering for him more than you cheer for me.Those two guys who call the action every single Thursday night,Michael Cole and Tazz praise how good Rey Mysterio is.Rey Mysterio is so great,he's going to beat everybody up.Please.So I decided to show all of you that I can do the things that Mysterio can do.I can fly,I can do the 619,West Coast Pop and blah blah.And I can also beat the giants of the WWE.But when I did those things,you cheer me less and less.So I came out here and proved that if I can't do the things that Mysterio do,I can just kick his ass,and prove that he's not in my league.(The crowd boos) No,no,no don't boo me,I am better than Mysterio.Just accept it!!!


Match 2:Chris Benoit and Rhyno vs. John Cena and ???
Cena:tonight,I'm going to beat Benoit and Rhyno who looks like a dino.With my fellow rapper,after you see him you'll become a crapper.His name is Rodney Mack!!!
Last few moments of the match:Rhyno gores Mack as Cena tried to interfere but then Benoit came in and clotheslined him to the floor and latched on the Crossface!!!Mack was pinned the 1-2-3 at 11:35
Winners:Benoit and Rhyno

The Rock arrives at the arena!!!!!!

*Stpehanie's office*
Vince and Shane barge in.
Shane:What the hell is that?Why in hell is The Rock here in this arena?
stephanie:I got him out of jail.Also Hogan as well.Is there a problem?
Vince:Of couse there is!!! They stole $250,000!Isn't that enough?As the owner of this company,I'm telling you to fire both of them!!!
Stpehanie:NO!They are the biggest people in my company.And as the GM of SMACKDOWN! I will be making a match tonight.It will be a 15 Man Over-the-Top-Rope Challenge match pitting you dad,Shane,Rock and...Hulk Hogan for the TV Title!!!Also if the Rock eliminates more than 5 men,he will be definitely to the Royal Rumble
Shane:You can't do this.
Steph:I can.And I did.Now,GET OUT!!!!!!

Match 3:6 Man Tag No DQ Match:Too Cool and Edge vs. FBI
Cole:I don't know what the hell the matter is.FBI are bunch of big guys that annoy Too Cool day and night.What's their problem.
Tazz:Don't know and don't care.I don't think they'll win.You know?
Last few moments of the match:Edge hits the Edge-e-cution on Nunzio and he pins him but 1-2-kick out!by Nunzio.Edge tags Scotty 2 Hotty in and smacks him down with a spinning heel kick.Scotty goes for the Worm but Palumbo takes him down and soon becomes a 6 man brawl!!!Rikishi superkicks Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli to the outside.Then Chuck lifts him up and shows his amazing power and Powerslams him to the Tag Titles,knocking him unconscious.Edge Spears him to the ropes and when Edge turns around he gets hit in the head with the Global Tag Titles.Scotty waits to hit the Heel kick but Nunzio also hits him with the belt to pin him for the 1-2-3 at 14:26

Match 4:Handicap Match:Team Angle vs. The Undertaker
Last few moments of the match:Charlie Haas locks a Boston Crab on the Undertaker as he struggles to get to the ropes.The Undertaker kicks away Charlie Haas as he crashes into Benjamin head on,throwing Benjamin to the outside.Chrlie Haas,dizzy goes right into a Chokeslam as The American Badass wins the Match at 17:34
Winner:The Undertaker
Afterwards,Kurt comes sprinting down and smack The Undertaker's tooth out with a sickening shot with the Title belt.He then picks 'Taker up and gicves him an Angle Slam onto the WWE Championship as The Undertaker gets knocked unconscious.


*Backstage.Team Angle,Kurt and Heyman gloat*
Heyman:You are my Hero,Kurt.
Kurt:Did you see that?I just proved that I am the better man by smacking him senseless.This now proves that he is not in my league,and that I will retain my Title belt once more.Oh it's true.It's damn...
Undertaker runs and attack all 3 men as Heyman runs away.Taker bust open Team Angle and beats Kurt to the backstage.He gets out a chain and ties it to the motorcycle.He ties the other half end of the chain to Kurt and gets on his bike as Kurt pleads him not to.He then drives off and turns a sharp corner sending him to crash onto a SMACKDOWN! Titan tron,as Taker stares him down.

Main Event:15 Man Over-the-Top-Roep Challenge Match for the WWE World Television Championship.People enter every minute.

The match starts off as Rhyno enter at No.1!!!!He waits for No.2 and that is Sean O'Haire!They grapple as Rhyno takes him down with a Scoop Slam.Sean tries to run away but Rhyno just grabs him by the hair and kicks him in the abdomen and throws him out!!!But Sean catches on with a relieved look on his face.But Rhyno simply Gores him to the outside!!!Rhyno paces as he waits for No.3.Then few seconds later,outcomes,Eddie Guerro! Eddie runs into the ring and duck a puch from Rhyno and bunce off the rope and hits him with a kick to the face!Eddie starts to stomp Rhyno.Eddie picks him up and throws him to the turnbuckles.He continues to bash Rhyno's head and shoulders Rhyno's stomach.Then outcomes,Chavo Guerro!The Los Guerros double-team Rhyno and Chavo takes him down with an Arm Drag.he knees Rhyno's head 3 times as Eddie goes up top to hit the Frog Splash.But Rhyno gets up,picks Chavo up and throws him to Eddie as they both get eliminated!!!Then No.4 outcomes John Cena!He just stares at Rhyno from the outside.Rhyno starts to smile and motions him to take him down.But Cena just simply stare at him.Then a minute pass and Rey Mysterio comes out!!!He Bulldogs Cena onto the concrete floor,and rolls in the ring,goes under Rhyno's legs,and give him a Leg Scissors.Rhyno looks as if he has lost it and starts going all out against Rey Rey.John Cena comes in and double-teams Mysterio.They swing Mysterio on the ropes and try to hit a double-clothsline when Rey pulls the Top Rope down!Rhyno lets go of John Cena as he gets catapaulted over the top rope!But Cena manages to hold on.Mysterio gets kicked by Rhyno and looks to be in bad shape when he kicks Rhyno in the temple!Then The Rock comes down!He goes to work on Cena hitting him with 3 punches and spits on his hand and smack Cena to eliminate him!The Rock turn to Mysterio and hits him with punches as well!The Rock tries to throw Mysterio but Rey takes him down with a Dropkick.Rey clims the top rope to give The Rock a Moonsault,but The Rock jumps up and pushes him to the outside!The Rock then turns around to see Rhyno right in his face.They stare down until Nunzio comes down!Nunzio slowly enters the ring only to get beaten up by Rock and Rhyno and gts eliminated by Rhyno.The Rock turns around only to get Gored by Rhyno!Rhyno starts to stomp on The People's champ and Irish whips him to the ropes and puches him out.Rhyno start to kick the fallen Rock as Vince comes down.Vince simply takes a seat next to Cole and commentate.Rhyno picks him out and latches on the bearhug!The Rock looks about to faint when he snaps back again!!!He punches away at Rhyno's head and then Irish Whips him and Clothslines Rhyno to the outside!The Rock collapes on to the floor.Vince slowly leaves the announce table and enter the ring all arrogant.Then comes Hulk Hogan!He chases Vince away and start ot chase him and catches him! he punches away at Vince and throws him into the ring.He punches away at Vince and gives hima Big Boot to the face.He then gives him a Leg Drop!Hogan picks Vince up and is about to chuck him when Vince reverses and throws him out!But Hogan held onto the rope.Vince was celebrating when Hogan grabbed him and eliminated him!Hogan started to take a breather when The Rock got up and eliminated Hogan!Benoit raced down as the two icons loced up and Benoit scored with 3 German Suplexes!The Rock was out of his own being when The Rock reversed it and gave Benoit 3 German Suplex of his own.The two men were out.The Rock was the first one to his feet when he was met by a Belly-to-Belly Suplex.Rock writhed in pain when outcame Big Show!!!Big Show knocked Benoit down and picked him up over his head when Benoit gave him rake to the eye.Big Show dropped him as Benoit landed on his feet.Benoit went for a German Suplex and he got it!Big Show was looking up at the ceiling not believing what happened.Edge arrives at No.12.Edge work on The Rock,throwing him to the ropes and giving him a DDT.He then get attacked by Benoit as he chops him to the corner as the fans woo.Big Show gets up and attacks Benoit,and throwing him over the top rope.Edge tried to eliminate Show but he is then tossed out.Big Show picks The Rock up and is about to eliminate him with a Chokeslam over the top rope when The Rock gives him a DDT!Big Show barely got up when The Rock bottomed him to the floor!Rock picked up Show and tossed him out!Soon Billy Kidman came down to the ring and pointed the middle finger at The Rock.The Rock went all at it against Kidman and knocked him down with a Spinebuster!The Rock threw his pad to the crowd and hit the People's Elbow!The Rock picked Kidman up and eliminated him.Rock waits by sitting down on the ring when A-Train comes stormin' through!The rock and A-Train go head-to-head as A-Train hits a MEGA Powerbomb!Train picks him up and elbows at his temple he throws him to the corner and runs at him when The Rock Rock bottoms him!Both men are out as Shane O' Mac comes in as last!Shane picks up the fallen Train and toss him over!Shane celebrates as The Rock gets up!Shane attacks The Rock and tosses him over!But The Rock went through the second rope!The Rock climbs back in and toss over Shane at 25:33
The Rock is now the new WWE World Television Champion and he is advancing to the Rumble!
Winner:The Rock

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Feedback by me:

+ I liked the Kidman turn.
+ Some of these angles, could develop into something good.
+ The Battle Royal was quite long.

- Use speech marks, when having dialogue.
- Have spaces after fullstops and commars.
- Why did Vince/Shane accuse Rock/Hogan of stealing the money? Did they at all?
- There is no need, for 2 tag-team titles.
- All the matches, felt rather disjointed.
- The matches, at least some of them, could have been longer.
- The Battle Royal, was REALLY disjointed.
- Angle into the SmackDown titantron???

Overall: Grade C. Good attempt at your first go. (I think...?) Start to have some more spaces, make the show run alot smoother, and you will improve.

(Note: I didn't write the show. I posted it, for the person who wrote it.)

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Sorry it's up so quickly, but I want to get the show already done up, as I have nearly finished my bits of the first PPV. Tomorrow, SmackDown and The Rumble will most likely be up.

19th January 2004
Written by: Zeduck

Segment 1 (8.00pm-8.15)

We see the Raw introduction and then a video package of last week. Highlighting the split of Triple H and the rest of Evolution, the staredown between Triple H and Kevin Nash, until the return of Steve Austin. We see the huge Stunner that Stone Cold gave to Triple H, and then the staredown between him and Kevin Nash, ending the show. The video package ends, as we cut to Raw, as the pyrotechnics blast off, around the Raw set staging area. Union Underground's "Across the Nation" blares over the PA system, as we go to the commentary table at ringside, where JR and Jerry "The King" Lawler are standing by. Jr, "Welcome fans, to WWE Raw. We are live here tonight, from the Thomas & Mack Center, in Las Vegas, Nevada. And what a show we have for you tonight!" Lawler, "That's right Jr, Shawn Michaels will be facing Christian, and Randy Orton has challenged Triple H to a one-on-one match! And we have questions to answer, from last week's Raw." Jr, "That's right King, whose side is Kevin Nash on, and why did Stone Cold return last week?" Lawler, "Also Jr, The Royal Rumble is less than a week away, and we only have one match announced so far!" Jr, "Well Bischoff has promised to announce some tonight, so we will see." Lawler, "Here's out first match."

Handicap Match: Batista vs. Al Snow and Maven
Closing Moments: Even with the handicap, Batista has dominated the couple of minutes so far. Batista throws Maven over the top rope, to the outside. Snow runs at Batista, but he back body-drops him over the top rope, onto a standing Maven! When both men are up, Batista dives over the top with a Plancha! Batista whips Al into the steel steps, with incredible force. Batista drags Maven up by his neck, and throws him over the top rope, back into the ring! Batista comes in, as Maven stumbles, right into a Spinebuster! Maven is out! Snow gets back into the ring, to be met with a boot to the gut, and a Sit-Out Powerbomb!
Batista pins both of them, for the pin!
Winner: Batista in 5.00

Lawler, "Jr, Batista just destroyed them!" Jr, "I think he's trying to send a message to Bischoff King."

We cut backstage, to see The Coach with Eric Bischoff. Coach, "Eric, can you announce any more match for The Royal Rumble Pay Per View?" Bischoff, "I sure can Coach. The Dudley Boyz will defend their Tag-Titles, in a 6-team Table's Elimination Match..." Coach, "And the other teams are..." Bischoff, "Hold on, I was coming to that. The other teams will be 3 Minute Warning, Al Snow and Maven, Randy Orton and Batista, and my guys, Lance Storm and William Regal! Plus one other un-named tag-team But oh, I forgot to mention, that The Dudleyz will also defend the titles tonight in a rematch from last week, and if they lose, they will not be in the Tables match, which wil be changed to 4 teams!" Coach, "That seems a bit unfair..." Bischoff, "Shut up, before I fire your ass!" Coach, "Also, will there be any World Championship match at The Rumble?" Bischoff, "That's what you'll find out, in a minute." Eric walks off, as we go to a break...


Segment 2 (8.15-8.30)

We come back to Raw, as "Back in Black" by AC/DC is playing, as Eric Bischoff comes down the ring, to some heat from the crowd. He climbs up the steps, and gets into the ring. He demands a microphone, as an official at ringside hands him one. Bischoff, "Now as you know, we have two Raw matches signed, for our first Pay Per View of 2004. The Tag Teamn Table contest, and a Cage match for the US Title. Now anyone, who thinks they are worthy of facing Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship, come out here now!" With that, the glass shatters, as Stone Cold comes out, to a huge pop. He strides down the ring, and gets in, as Eric Bischoff is fuming. Bischoff, "What the hell do you think you're doing? You don't deserve a title shot, and you took out one of my top stars, last week! What do you thnik you're doing here?" Austin, "What?! What?! What?! Stone Cold says this. I'm sick and tired, of wrestling on Smackdown! I see Triple H, the World Heavyweight Champ on Raw. And I see his dirty tactics, of winning each match. Week after week. He has held the World Title belt, for far too long! He is undeserving, of that title. I am here Bischoff, to win the Championship off him! To give some respect, back to that title!" Bischoff, "Respect? Helmsley is by far, the most deserving champion, the Raw roster has got. And you waltz on in here, and expect to get a title shot, just like that?! You haven't even shown your worth, that you deserve one!" Austin, "Well then, in that case, give me a way, to prove my worth Bisch!" Bischoff, "Fine then, you can face The Big Red Machine Kane!!! The winner, will get a title shot at the Pay Per View,...deal?" Eric puts out his hand, as Austin shakes it. Eric smiles, and goes to take his hand away, but Austin keeps his grasp firmly on. Eric's grin, turns slowly into a frown. Bischoff, "What are you doing?" Austin suddenly boots Bischoff in the gut, and drills him with a huge Stunner, to a massive crowd pop! Steve Austin poses on all 4 turnbuckles, as camera's flash away. Lawler, "That son of a..." Jr, " Calm down King!" Lawler, "Oh well, hey, it's ytime for my match now!" Lawler gets out of his seat, takes off his crown and jacket, and gets in the ring to a huge pop!

Jerry "The King" Lawler and Trish Stratus vs. Steven Richards and WWE Women's Champion Victoria
The team of Richards and Victoria have dominated most of the match up, with the intergender rules, not coming into the match yeat, as we go into the closing stages: Richards whips Lawler into the corner, and follows in with a clothesline. He whips Jerry to the opposite corner, follows and goes for a Splash, but Lawler moves, and Richards tastes turnbuckles! Jerry stagers around the ring, and Trish tags herself in! Steven gets up, and walks right into Trish's clothesline! Stratus quickly tags Lawler back in!
Victoria gets into the ring, and takes a huge kick to the temple from Trish, as
Richards knocks down Lawler with a big Stevie Kick! Stratus stomps on Victoria, but is pulled around by the hair from behind, by Steven, as the crowd boos. He knees her in the gut, and holds her in place for something by Victoria? But Lawler spins him around from behind, kicks him in the gut, and hits The Puling Piledriver! As Stratus puts Victoria in a headlock, springboards off the corner, and nails The Stratusfaction! Lawler pins Richards, one...two...three!
Winners: Jerry "The King" Lawler and Trish Stratus in 6.00

Lawler and Stratus celebrate, as Trish goes back up the ramp, and Jerry returns to his announcing position! An irate Richards starts yelling at Victoria, and storms up the ramp, with her following behind.


Segment 3 (8.30-8.45)

*Advert for the Royal Rumble Pay Per View*
" 2 brands..."
" 20 men each..."
" 2 Rumble's..."
" A Championship shot at the biggest spectacle of them all...Wrestlemania..."
*The Royal Rumble, the 25th of January, at Madison Square Garden, New York...*

We see a video package, for "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Stiener.
It ends with the words flashing, "Returning soon!"

We go to the backstage area, where Coach is with Randy Orton, Batista, and Ric Flair. Coach, "First of all, Nature Boy, why did you refuse, to hand Triple H his Sledgehammer last week, on Raw?" Flair, "Coach, Woo! I'm sick of being told what to do, by Hunter. I'm sick of helping him win matches, and I am sick of his dirty tactics, woo! I came out to see, if he could win a match on his own, without dirty tactics. And I now know, he can't, woooo!" Coach, "Randy and Batista, you two ran down to attack Triple H, after he attacked Ric Flair...?" Orton, "I'm sick of him. He comes to try and help me win my match last week, when I told him not to! He attacks my mentor, Ric! So me and Dave had had enough with Helmsley! Coach, "And why have you challenged Triple H tonight?" Orton, "To prove, that I can wrestle just as good as he can, and to prove, that he isn't what he says he is, That damn good! Cause i'm the best, I know it!"

We see Triple H watching a monitor backstage, laughing at the comments, that Randy Orton just made.

The Dudley Bombs drop as the pyro's explode. As the Dudleyz walk down the ring, to a large pop from the crowd. They are wearing the tag titles arounds their waists, which they won last week. William Regal's music plays, as he comes out, with Lance Storm behind him, to some mild heat. Suddenly out the curtain comes Justin Credible!!! Jr, "Oh my god, what the hell is he doing here?!" Lawler, "I thought he was in XPW Jr!" Storm looks at Credible strangely, as Justin taps William on the shoulder. Regal turns around, and suddenly Storm and Credible lay him out with a huge Double Superkick!!! Jr, "What the hell is going on here?!" Lawler, "Have the Impact Players reunited???" The crowd pops huge, as Storm and Credible beat down Regal on the stage! Storm goes back through the curtain, and comes back out with a microphone...Storm, "If I could be serious for a minute! Regal, i'm sick of you. I always had to carry our team to victory. You were the liability, in our team. And you proved that more, when you caused us to lose my tag titles. Credible, "So Lance rang me up, and said, why don't we get back together. We could rule the tag team division, here in the WWE." Storm, "And Dudleyz, I hope you're listening! Because those tag titles of your's are ours! Credible, "Now that's not just the coolest, not just the best..." Storm, "That's a guarantee, from Calgary, Alberta Canada!" Credible, "And that, is Just Incredible!"

The Dudley Boyz suddenly get out of the ring, and begin to go up the ramp.

Segmen 4 (8.45-9.00)

But suddenly over the barricade through through the crowd come 3 Minute Warning! They ambush the Dudley Boyz on the ramp, and begin brawling with them! We see the Impact Players laughing on the stage, as they head through the curtain! D-Von and Jamal go over the barricade and into the crowd, as Bubba and Rosey brawl on the outside! D-Von grabs a fans glass drink bottle, and smashes it over Jamal's head, busting him open! Bubba whips Rosey into the steel stairs, and he goes flying over them! Bubba looks under the ring, and finds a table! He slides it into the ring, as Rosey clubs him from behind, and throws Bubba into the ring. Lawler, "Is this a sneak preview of things to come, at The Royal Rumble?"
In the crowd, Jamal has fought back, and whips D-Von into a concrete wall! He then grabs a chair, and brains him over the head! In the ring, Rosey has the table set up, and is about to powerbomb Bubba throuh it. But Bubba score with a low blow, whips Rosey off the ropes, and Flapjacks him through the table! We see in the crowd, that Jamal has put D-Von on a table, and is up on the balcony! Jamal dives off the balcony, a good 15 feet, and puts D-Von through the table with a splash!!! The crowd chants "Holy Shit!" over and over! Jr, "Oh my god, we need some medical attention for those two right now! Regal and Morley are now in the ring with chairs. They spin Bubba around, and knock him out cold, with a Conchairto!!! Lawler, "Ouch!" Suddenly Al Snow and Maven run down to the ring, but they recieve chair shots as well! Batista and Randy Orton are now in the ring behind Regal and Morley! They spin them round, Orton dropkicks the chair into Regal's face, as Batista superkicks Morley's chair back into his face! Regal and Morley roll out of the ring looking pissed off, as Batista and Orton stand dominant in the ring!


*We see highlights of the last segment, of Jamal diving off the Balcony, and splashing D-Von through the table*

Jr, "That was one of the most sickening things i've even seen, and I sure hope D-Von Dudley is ok..." Lawler, "But Jr, now we've got an update on Jeff Hardy!!!" Jr, "We sure have King. We now know, that Jeff Hardy broke a rib in his body, but will hopefully be returning for The Royal Rumble!" Lawler, "He's lucky he didn't do anymore damage Jr!"

We go to the back, and see Eric Bischoff, with an angry look on his face, holding his neck after the Stunner from Austin! Coach comes into the GM's office. Coach, "Eric, could you tell us any more information, about the Royal Rumble Match?" Bischoff, "I certainly can, there will be 20 wrestlers off Raw in its own exclusive Rumble. The winner, will face the World Heavyweight Champion, at Wrestlemania!" Coach, "Can you tell us any participants, in the match?" Bischoff, "I can tell you, that Chris Jericho, and Tommy Dreamer will be returning, on Sunday! And I can also say, that 3 ex. ECW World Champions, will be in The Rumble also. 2 are formely from WWE, one has even held a WWE Title! But i'm giving no more information away!" Coach, "Thankyou..."
Coach leaves the room, as Chief Morley and William Regal walks in...Bischoff, "What the hell do you think you were doing out there. You bailed the ring. You should've beaten down those arseholes!" Morley, "But Eric, there are other things, more important than that." Regal, " Yeah, like Lance. If that bloody lumbering ******* dwarf thinks he can beat on William Regal, he's got another thing coming, the imputant toerag!" Bischoff, "Ok, I can see you want him in a match, so at The Royal Rumble, you two can be in the match, and so will The Impact Players as well!" Regal, "Well if you see him, tell him that he has something coming from me!" William storms out the room. Bischoff, "Now Cheif onto other things, go and beat up Austin for me!"


Segment 5 (9.00-9.15)

No. 1 Contendership for World Heavyweight Championship: Kane vs. Steve Austin
The match so far, has been dominated alot, by the bigger man Kane. Closig Moments: Kane goes to whip Austin into the ring post, but he reverses and Kane nails it head first! Austin runs at Kane, but the mammoth just levels Austin with a clothesline! Jr, "What a monster Kane is, he got thrown into the ringpost, but is unnaffected by it!" Kane picks Austin back up, puts him in a bear hug, and rams him back first into the ring post! Kane Gorilla Presses Austin in the air, and tosses him over the ring ropes, back into the ring! Lawler, "What power and strength, Kane has!" Kane whips Austin, put pulls him back into a knee to the gut. He repeats this again. He then puts him in an Abdominal Stretch, into the high impact Pumphandle Slam! Kane then climbs up to the tp rope, and sits perched waiting. When Austin gets up, Kane flies off, knocking Stone Cold back down, with a Flying Lariat! Kane now raises his arm in the air, signalling for the Chokeslam! Austin staggers up to his feet, and gets caught in a Choke Hold! But Austin boots Kane in the midsection, bounces off the ropes, and lands a Louz Thez Press. He mounts Kane, and drills him with repeated punches. He rebounds off the ropes, and lands the Driving Elbow! Austin waits for Kane to get up. He boots him in the mid-section and goes for The Stunner. But Kane shoves him into the ropes, and puts Austin in a Choke Hold! He finally lands the Chokeslam!!! Kane pins, one...two...thr, and Austin kicks out! Kane holds his head in frustration! Kane drags Stone Cold up, and goes for an Irish whip, but Austin reverses it the other way, and Kane crashes into the referee, knocking him down! Austin lands the Stunner, and has the pin. But their's no referee! Suddenly Chief Morley runs down the ramp with a chair and gets into the ring. He jams the chair into Austin's gut, and then DDT's him on it! Austin is out! Morley heads to the top rope, possibly for the Money Shot! But suddenly through the crowd and over the Barricade, comes ROB VAN DAM!!! Jr, "RVD!!! RVD has returned!" RVD pushes Chief off the top rope, right into a Kane Choke Hold! Kane lifts him up in the air for The Chokeslam. But he holds him there, and walks towards the ropes. Kane then Chokeslams Chief Morley from inside the ring, to the outside through The Spanish Announcer's Table!!! The crowd chants "Holy Shit!" Jr, "Oh my god! He has to be broken in half!!!" Austin suddenly spins around Kane, as they stare at each other! They start trading right hands in the centre of the ring! Kane wins the battle, and goes to Irish Whip Austin. But Austin reverses, and pulls Kane into a Knee to the gut. He then lands a huge Stunner!!! Austin has the pin as the ref is now back up, one...two...three! Stone Cold is the new number One contender!!!
Winner: Steve Austin in 13.28

Austin helps Kane up. They both shake hands, to a pop from the crowd, after this great match! Austin, Kane, and RVD, walk up the ramp together, as we go to a break.


Segment 6 (9.15-9.30)

We are backstage somewhere, as we see Eric Bischoff with Triple H, talking to someone. But we can't see who it is, as they are in the shadows. Bischoff, "Ok, so you're in with us as well? That's great. Everyone will get a shock, when they see you with us! Or maybe some people, will be lying in pools, of their own blood!" Eric starts laughing evilily! Bischoff, "Trips, you know you gotta win at The Rumble?" HHH, "Yeah, you can count on me to!" Bischoff, "Well you'll be guaranteed to, with the plan that I told you about! Hey, what the hell. Bischoff starts yelling at the person holding the video camera! "What do you think you're doing?!?! Get the hell out of here!" Suddenly, the camera drops to the floor, as someone must have layed the video camera person out?! Bischoff, "Thanks, you just saved me from doing it. But great, you're here as well! This is getting better and better by the minute" Bischoff picks up the camera, and smashes it against a wall! We go to black...

Jr, "What was all that about? What was Triple H doing with Eric Bischoff? Who the hell were the people, we couldn't see???" Lawler, "Calm down Jr, it might have been anyone!"

We cut to the back again, as we see Rob Van Dam and Kane, in a locker room. Kane, "Rob, I need to ask you something." RVD, "No prop, what?" Kane, "You know we have been wrestling in a tag-team. Well I think we should go our seperate ways...I want to get my single's carrear back on track again." RVD, "No proplem, i'm cool wid dat. I was gonna ask you the same thing. My dream, is to become the Heavyweight Champ of the world. And I think that the time to try, is now." Kane, "Yeah, you know i'll still be there for you, if you need me or anything?" RVD, "Yeah, I will be for you. You never know, some day down the track, we may meet in a match, for the World Heavyweight Title! I know that we could put on a great match!" Kane, "Yeah, I sure hope we do!" RVD and Kane shake hands, as we go back to ringside.

Jr, "Well there we have it. RVD and Kane want to go their seperate ways. I..." But suddenly he is cut off by AC/DC's "Back in Black!" As the Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff, comes down to the ring, to some heat from the crowd! Eric has a mic with him..."First of all, I would like to announce that the match tonight, between Triple H and Randy Orton, will be a non title match!" The crowd give Eric humongous heat, at this announcement! Bichoff, "Now you know i'm a man of my words, and that I said that the winner between Austin and Kane, would get a World Title Shot, at The Royal Rumble Pay Per View. Well it will be Triple H, defending the title, against Stone Cold, after he won, by an amazing fluke, earlier tonight! Well I have another announcement, to make for that match. I feel, that on Sunday, the match needs a special referee. As it really will be a monumentous occasion! So I have appointed a Special Guest Referee!" The crowd pops huge! Bischoff, "And may I introduce you to that person, he is a really great and intelligent person, who will call it...hmm...maybe straight down the middle! I introduce you to that person...Me!!! The crowd break out in humongous heat, and start to chant "Asshole!" over and over. Bischoff, "I know, Austin really is an asshole isn't he? Well thankyou for letting me give you this announcement, and I know you really will all like the presence of me, in the ring on Sunday!" Bischoff leaves the ring, and goes up the ramp. Jr, "Now that is unfair, isn't it King?" Lawler, "What Jr? Eric said he would call it down the middle! Well anyway Jr, we have to go to a break!"


Segment 7 (9.30-9.45)

WWE Raw Championship: Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Christian
Closing Moments: Christian has the sleeper on, but Michaels has made it to his feet. He elbows Christian in the gut, once...twice...the third time, and Christian lets go! HBK rocks him with rights and lefts, whips him off the ropes, and knocks him down with a clothesline! Christian gets back up, and Shawn nails a second clothesline! Christian stands back up, and walks right into an Inverted DDT! Michaels climbs to the top rope, and signals to the crowd. He then leaps off, with the Huge Flying Elbow!!! Shawn now has the pin, one...two...kickout by Christian! Michaels brings Christian up, but he pushes him away, rebounds off the ropes, and goes for a clothesline! But Michaels ducks, and when Christian turns around, HBK levels him with some Sweet Chin Music! The match is over now, one...two...three! Shawn Michaels retains!
Winner: Shawn Michaels in 8.30
HBK celebrates and goes to the back.

Jr, "Well lets run down the Raw half of the card, for this Sunday's Pay Per View, The Royal Rumble! Lawler, "Triple H will defend The World Heavyweight Championship, against Stone Cold Steve Austin, with Eric Bischoff as The Special Referee!" Jr, "We have a 6 tag-team Tables Elimination match, for the Raw World Tag-Team Championship!" Lawler, "Test will defend the United States Championship against Booker T, in a Steel Cage Match!" Jr, "And of course, we have the Raw Brand, 20 Man, over the top rope, Royal Rumble! With the winner, facing The World Heavyweight Champion, at the biggest granddaddy of them all, Wrestlemania!!!"

We suddenly cut to the back, where there is a big argument going on, between Booker T and Test. Test, "There's no point even turning up on Sunday, cause you have no chance of winning, and you know it!" Booker T, "Dawg, don't try and force me out of the match! Cause i'll be kicking your ass, all over the ring in Madison Square Gardens! Now can you dig that sucka?!?! Test shoves Booker T backwards, but Booker T shoves him back! Test is about to hit Booker T, but suddenly Michaels runs over! Michaels, "Come on guys, break it up!" Test then Big Boots the hell out of Shawn Michales! Jr, "What was that for?!?!" Suddenly Eric Bischoff comes along with security, and they hold back Test and Booker T from each other, before any fighting begins! Lawler, "Well, some friction there, between Test and Booker T, before their match on Sunday!"


Segment 8 (9.45-10.00)

Jr, "And now it is time, for the Main Event King!" Lawler, "I know Jr! I can't wait to see my personal favourite wrestler, Triple H, kick that jelaous Randy Orton's ass!" We see Jr, shaking his head.

Main Event:
Non-Title Match: Triple H (WWE World Heavyweight Champion) vs. Randy Orton w/Ric Flair
"Time to play the Game!" The lights dim, and out comes Triple H, to a roar of gigantic heat, from the crowd. He tips water from his bottle over his head, and walks down the ramp. Triple H gets on the apron, and does his usual, "Fountain of Furry." He gets in the ring, as the lights come back to normal. Randy Orton's music hits, as he comes down to the ring with The Nature Boy, to a good pop! They both slide into the ring, but HHH slides out. The bell rings, to signify the start of the match. But HHH tells the ref, "Get him out of here." (Pointing to Flair) Senior referee, Earl Hebner, 0forces Ric to go out of the ring. But HHH is still not happy, and forces Hebner to make Flair go to the back, which he grudgingly does so! Randy is looking the opposite way, as HHH sneaks in and attacks him from behind, to start the match. HHH beats him into the corner, and stomps a mud-hole in him. He mocks Austin with the middle finger signal to the crowd, but turns around, to be tackled to the mat by Orton. Randy now beats the shit out of HHH, with right hands. He rebounds off the ropes, but HHH is back up, and takes him down with the high knee! He pins, for the two count. HHH grabs him by the neck, and tosses him through the ropes, to the outside! HHH grabs him, and whips him shoulder first into the steel steps! He then grabs him back up, and drops him throat first, on the barricade! Helmsley then slams his head, off the announcers table, to knock him down! Hunter takes the table apart, and grabs a monitor! He gets ready to swing, but Hebner takes the monitor away from him! HHH looks at him angrily, but Orton spins him around, and nails a Hooking Clothesline around the neck! Randy gets back in the ring and poses, to a pop from the crowd. HHH gets in the ring, but Orton takes him down with a drop-toe-hold! He locks HHH in a reverse chin lock, but Helmsley quickly powers out, and drops Randy on his neck, with a nasty Back Suplex! Hunter signals, that it is the end. He puts Orton in The Pedigree position! But Randy escapes, and slingshots HHH into the turnbuckles. He rolls him up, for the one...two...kickout. Orton nails HHH with a dropkick! He then goes to the top rope, and leaps with a cross-body, but HHH rolls through for the pin, one...two...kickout! Randy runs at HHH, but gets the Facebuster to the Knee, to send Orton staggering! HHH then tosses Randy out of the ring, over the top rope! HHH thinks he has, but Orton managed to hold onto the ropes. HHH has his back turned, and is posing to the crowd, who are cheering! HHH smiles, thinking they are cheering for him, but suddenly he is taken over with a roll up from behid, one...two...three!!!
Winner: Randy Orton in 8.00

Jr, "Yes! Randy Orton has just beaten Triple H! It is a pity, it was a non-title match though!" Lawler is sitting their with his mouth wide open, speechless! Randy Orton poses on the ropes celebrating, to a massive pop, from the sold out crowd! HHH is holding his head in shock, not believing what has happened! HHH suddenly looks angry, and flings Orton down from the top turnbuckle, boots him in the gut, and drills Randy with The Pedigree! The crowd is giving HHH huge heat! He rolls Orton to the outside, gets on the Announcer's Table, and drags Randy on, as well. He then drills Orton with a Second Pedigree, as Jr and Lawler dive out of the way, straight through the Announcer's Table! Randy is laying in bits of table, as HHH now drags the deadly Sledgehammer out, from underneath the ring! Jr, "Oh come on, enough is enough!" But suddenly, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair rushes down to ringside! But HHH turns around, and brains him with the Sledgehammer!!! Flair is out cold, and is a bloody mess! HHH now raises the Sledgehammer in the air, and brings it down on the out cold, Randy Orton's ribs! Jr, "This is sickening!" Lawler, "For once Jr, I think Hunter HAS gone too far tonight!" HHH rolls the body of Flair into the ring, and once again, raises the Sledgehammer! But he stops, as his attention is drawn to the stage, as "Glass Shatters"! Cause here comes Stone Cold, to a huge pop, and he has his own Sledgehammer! He gets in the ring, and HHH swings at his head and misses! Austin knocks the Sledge from HHH's hand with his own Sledge! He drops his own sledge, and starts trading punches with HHH! Austin beats the hell out of HHH! Suddenly we hear the "Woflpac Howl", as Big Sexy Kevin Nash, strides down the ring with a chair! He waits on the outside, as meanwhile in the ring, Austin goes for a Stunner! But HHH pushes him away! Austin turns around, as both men have the same idea, and they knock each other down, with a Double Clothesline! Nash gets in the ring, and surveys the carnage. He waits with the chair. Jr, "What is Nash, going to do here?" Triple H and Steve Austin get up at the same time, as Nash holds the chair high in the air! Lawler, "Who is he gonna nail Jr?!" At first, Kevin looks like he is about to hit Austin! But he turns and drills Helmsley over the head with the chair! Austin is now fully to his feet, as him and Kevin Nash, are locked in an intense staredown! Nash puts out his hand. Austin cautiosuly, shakes hands with Big Sexy! They raise their arms in the air! Jr, "Well it looks, as though there is an allignment here, between Nash and Austin!" Flair is on the outside of the ring checking Orton, as Austin and Nash toast over the body of HHH, with some Steveweisers!

Suddenly we go to the backstage area, where we see Bischoff once again, privately talking to someone in the shadows, who we can't see. Bischoff, "Ok, so you know he's gonna jump here, from SmackDown? Well that's great! So our plan will go into action, at The Royal Rumble! Hahaha! Nobody will be able to stop us!!!"

Jr, "What the hell is this about!?!?!?" Lawler, "We're out of time Jr, thankyou fans for watching the hottest wrestling show, Raw, and we'll see you at The Royal Rumble, this Sunday on Pay Per View!"

*Advert for the Royal Rumble Pay Per View*
" 2 brands..."
" 20 men each..."
" 2 Rumble's..."
" A Championship shot at the biggest spectacle of them all...Wrestlemania..."
*The Royal Rumble, the 25th of January, at Madison Square Garden, New York...*

*Raw show ends*

Please, some feedback would be much appreciated. For this show, and for my other's writer's SmackDown.

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Here are some comments:

-Have your matches well developed
-Have your matches well written
-Have your matches flow with your show
-ake your storylines/angles flow with your show
-Have your promos well organized
-Have more promos.
-Add realism
-Create fresh new ideas so that we can understand this is all coming from you and you are not trying to do something that will just please us, high marks are gained for this!
-NDM was a little bit screwed.
-Make sure we understand why a match is taking place, it adds to the readers psychological aspect of the whole thing as if they know they feel more involved and more up to date!
-To many matches!
-There were nothing interesting in your show.
-I don`t understand where is promos and where is matches.
-Matches are mot so good,at all!
-Your HHH/Orton match was a worst match i have possibily EVER read. The match lacked any form of understanding and showed you could not be bothered by the time you got to writing it.

Grade: E-

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1) I think it was easy to tell where the promos were. And there were plenty of them as well.
2) Yeah, the NDM was a bit stuffed. Agree.
3) Hmm, I wrote one of the matches at the last minute, probably shouldn't have.
4) I think I did make clear why some matches took place, if you read last weeks, but maybe I could have put more.
5) After reading over my HHH/Orton match, I have to agree with you on that. That is the worst matches I have ever written. It was majorly disjointed.

Some of the points I don't agree with, but thanks for the feedback though, i'll take some into account for next time.
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