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2 questions

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I'm a newbie and I was wondering how do I get the color around my user name?
And also how do I change my status (I guess thats the word for it)? I mean like from Newbie to Cena's Homie (for example)?
Any help would be appreshiated.
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You need to earn some more points. To earn points, you need to make posts. You get even more points if you create a thread and people post in it. Not too sure on the exact amount.
On typing this, you have 498 points. You need 1500 points to add a glow to your name, and a further 2500 to change your title. To see the full list of things you can buy from the store, follow the link.
second part of your question... go to your user cp.. and in either edit profile or options, there's something there that says user title or something
That's not there for members.
BabyBoy for Admin!! It's true Amish. You need to have points to change your usertitle. Like I said, he needs 1500 for a glow, and 2500 to change his usertitle. Lee brought those numbers down. It used to be a lot more to change things but it was out of reach of newer members.
I also like how Amish's post count has gone from 40 yesterday to 147 now.
NEVER question The Boss.
*bows to Amish*
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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