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(What the hell I thought I'd give it a try.. Be nice to me, its only my first one :( )


Smackdown intro airs, as Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring. She enters the ring.

Stephanie: Now I know you guys are wondering what I'm doing out here. Well as you can see there's a steel cage up there. Tonight it will consist of 2 Teams of 3, Shelton, Charlie, and Kurt taking on Los Guerreros and Chris Beniot. But you see theres a little swerve to it.... Brock Lesnar is the special ref.. Have a good evening everyone.

*Edge makes his way to the ring and gets on the mic*

Edge: I'm tired of waiting. I'm tired of being held down. Rumor has it that my brother is gonna show up tonight on Smackdown. But make no mistakes about it...

*Matt Hardy interupts Edge*

Matt: Edge, Matt Hardy Version 1 has arrived. And He's gonna kick your ass right now.

Match 1:
Matt Hardy vs Edge
Great match, with Matt Hardy getting a roll up on Edge after using the ropes.
Winner: Matt Hardy

Cameras fade to the back as Los Guerreros are talking about their match when Chris Benoit walks in.

Eddie: Homes, what up.. Stephanie is a really bad GM.. She makes shit matches.
Chris: What are you talking about? Look if we werent good, we wouldnt be main eventing in a steel cage match. At least we are being used right over here on Smackdown!

*Fades to commercial*

Match 2:
Cruiserweight Title: Billy Kidman vs Shannon Moore
Excellent Cruiserweight match that sees Shannon pick up the upset win!
New Cruiserweight Champ: Shannon Moore

*John Cena comes out rapping*

Cena: (Insert Rap Here)

*Sean O'Haire comes out*

Sean: Cena instead of being an ass, I suggest you hang up your day time job. Hell go pay Uncle Sam to fire your ass from trying to rap..

Match 3:
Sean O'Haire vs John Cena
Sean wins with Seanton Bomb. Cena gets up and plants another attack on O'Haire and says Welcome to Smackdown.
Winner: Sean O'Haire

Brian Kendrick is seen outside 4 miles down the road in the snow wearing nothing and as soon as he walks into the road, a car comes flying down the road and nails Kendrick.

Michael Cole: Oh my god, What the hell just happened?
Tazz: Uh.. WOW.. Who the hell was that?

*Fades to commercial*

We come back and we see paramedics taking away Brian Kendrick in an ambulance as Christian looms in the darkness watching!

Match 4:
Rey Mysterio and Undertaker vs A-Train and Big Show
Rey wins with the West Coast pop on A-Train while Taker chokeslams Show at the same time.
Winners: Taker/Rey

We see the car driving to the arena.. Just arrived

Match 5:
Hulk Hogan vs ......
Hogan gets into the ring and talks for a few minutes, then Stephanie comes out and says she has a suprise for everyone.. Out walks... Spike Dudley.. Spike wins with Dudley Dog as Hogan gets back up and shows him a sign of respect, but outta nowhere then leg drops him.. Start of a fued for Hogan and Spike..
Winner: Spike Dudley

4 People are shown getting outta the car in all black and with masks on.. They come out to the ring..

*Goes to commercials then comes back with them in the ring*

They all take their masks off, as it turns out Rikishi, Christian, Chris Nowinski and Steven Richards turn out to be them..

Tazz: What the hell? Who would've thought this would happen
MC: Who was driving?

Rikishi: Yes, I taught that little bastard not to mess with me or my family. You see, Brian and I had a history together...

MC: Yea ok? Wheres that bring in the other 3 tho?

Rikishi: You see, I'm tired of being a thong-wearing stink face raising eye brow man. It's time for a change. I recruited a lot of people this is just the start.. Of the.. DESMOLISHERS!

Nowinski: Oh yea (Fans boo).. What more could you ask than 4 extremely talented wrestlers now being used.. Well guess what.. the moods about to change..

All four make their way to the back.. But wait a minute.. Edge whacks all four of them in the back of the heads with shovels..

Edge: Stay outta here.. And That was for Brian..

*Another commercial*

Cage is being lowered as all men make there way to the ring, and out comes your special ref: BROCK LESNAR!

Match 6:
Cage (Team Angle vs Benoit/Guerreros) Special Ref: Brock Lesnar
After a bunch of ground wrestling, and a shove from Kurt into Brock.. Brock gets pissed and F-5's Shelton as Eddie hits the frog Splash on him for the win. Brock and Benoit double team Kurt as Chavo is taking care of Charlie.. Charlie is knocked out cold now.. Triple team to Kurt. F-5 to Kurt Angle as Brock stands over Angle with the title over his Head.
Winners: Los Guerreros and Chris Benoit

(Eh, it was my first one and it probably sucked compared to everyone else's but meh, whatever..If I get enuff feedback I'll probably do it again)

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i didnt particularly like it.the hitting of Brian kendrick is great stuff and all but how would Spike Dudley, Steven richards, Nowinski and Christian all jump to SmackDown?besides no one wants to see Spike dudley anyway.other then that it was cool.

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i didnt particularly like it.the hitting of Brian kendrick is great stuff and all but how would Spike Dudley, Steven richards, Nowinski and Christian all jump to SmackDown?besides no one wants to see Spike dudley anyway.other then that it was cool.
Now who said I would explain in my first one.. And who said that was really Spike? That's right, I'm fooling you about Spike..

If Christian was looming in the darkness, how was he in the car?
And thats why I left you wondering.. Because it remains to be heard about .. Ok?
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