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1999: A Federation in Turmoil

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April 29th 1999​
For many months, The Undertaker along with his Ministry of Darkness had vowed to take control of the World Wrestling Federation. The only force standing in his way was the McMahon family and the Corporation. However, when The Undertaker targeted Stephanie McMahon this began to break the spirit of Vince McMahon. Shane McMahon saw this as an opportunity to usurp his father and become the leader of the Corporation so that they could take out Stone Cold Steve Austin once and for all to get back the WWF Title.

Continuing at the 1999 Pay Per View Backlash, Vince McMahon had helped Stone Cold Steve Austin retain the title at the expense of The Rock to put a stop to Shane's power trip. However while this was happening, The Undertaker kidnapped Stephanie McMahon. On the following RAW, Shane McMahon fired The Rock from the Corporation and The Undertaker's unholy marriage to Stephanie was stopped by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Behind the scenes however, a merger from hell was in the works. On the pilot episode of Smackdown! dated April 29th 1999, Shane McMahon interupted a promo between mortal enemies The Rock & Stone Cold Steve Austin and shocked everyone as out standing beside him moments later was The Undertaker. Shane went on to declare the formation of the Corporate Ministry, a combination of the remaining Team Corporate and Ministry of Darkness members. The mission of this new faction? To destroy common foes, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock & Vince McMahon and rule supreme in the Federation! Who would rise to meet this deadly new threat?


Al Snow
Big Bossman
Billy Gunn
The Big Show
Blue Meanie
Brian Christopher
D'Lo Brown
The Godfather
Hardcore Holly
Headbanger Mosh
Headbanger Thrasher
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Joey Abs
Ken Shamrock
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Mean Street Posse
Pete Gas
The Rock
Road Dogg Jesse James
Scott Taylor
Shane McMahon
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Steve Blackman
Tiger Ali Singh
Triple H
The Undertaker
Val Venis
Vince McMahon

Women of the WWF

Luna Vachon
Nicole Bass
Ryan Shamrock
Stephanie McMahon
Terri Runnels

Additional Talent

Gerald Brisco
Paul Bearer
Pat Patterson
Linda McMahon (CEO)
Shawn Michaels (Commissioner

Backstage Interviewers: Kevin Kelly, Michael Hayes & Michael Cole
Ringside Commentators RAW & PPV: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler
Sunday Night Heat: Michael Cole & Kevin Kelly
Saturday Night Shotgun: Kevin Kelly & Michael Hayes
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel

Current Champions

WWF Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin
WWF Intercontinental Champion: The Godfather
WWF European Champion: Shane McMahon
WWF Tag Team Champions: Kane & X-Pac
WWF Hardcore Champion: Hardcore Holly
WWF Light-Heavyweight Champion: Gillberg
WWF Women's Champion: Sable

Next Show

Saturday Night Shotgun - May 1st 1999​
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May 1st 1999

Recap: The Formation of the Corporate Ministry. The WWF better watch out!

Singles Competition: Light Heavyweight Champion Gillberg Vs Matt Hardy accompanied by Jeff Hardy - Non Title Match

Recap: A look at Val Venis problems with Jeff Jarrett. Has the big Valbowski got his eyes set on Jeff Jarrett's lovely manager Debra?

Singles Competition: Droz Vs Test

Recap: Tension within the New Age Outlaws. Whats got into Billy Gunn?

Tag Team Match: Mideon & Viscera Vs Edge & Gangrel accompanied by Christian

Recap: Rerun of Triple H & The Undertaker Vs Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock on Smackdown!​
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