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I was looking back on 1994 in WWE and i have always been surprised at how well WWE actually did that well considering a lot of what was put out on screen was the idea's of some of the wrestler's due to Vince McMahon concentrating on his upcoming trial. A great example would be how Shawn Michaels had suggested the Ladder match at WrestleMania 10 and he and Scott Hall basically came up with the idea's on the story leading into the PPV which then went on to be the first ever five star match in WWE history.

Another example was Bret Hart suggesting that Owen Hart turn heel and the two then feud throughout the year over the WWE title and due to there being joint winners at The Royal Rumble in Bret Hart and Lex Luger it was then suggested by Lex Luger that they have Bret Hart vs Owen Hart as an opener at WrestleMania 10 before Bret Hart went on to win the WWE title later on in the evening from Yokozuna. Of course there was a booking and creative team already in place but everything always went through Vince McMahon and was his decision that would ultimately count although this was at a time when Vince McMahon appreciated his wrestlers using their initative and coming up with ideas of their own.

It was back then with Vince McMahon liking wrestlers to come up with ideas as well which saw people believe that The Clique of Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman and later Triple H had backstage power as they were always coming up with ideas and going to Vince McMahon with them and which some were used as Vince McMahon liked the ideas. I have read before that the feud between Bret Hart and Owen Hart though was also written in large parts by Bret Hart himself and he had also come up with the idea to introduce his brothers in law Davey Boy Smith and Jim Neidhart into the feud as well.

It wasn't just the two main feuds in Bret Hart/Owen Hart and Shawn Michaels/Scott Hall that were idea's of the wrestler's as i had read that Paul Bearer and The Undertaker had a lot of input for the feud with Yokozuna and were the one's the came up with the finish in the Casket match at The Royal Rumble in 1994. Randy Savage who was desperate to wrestle again rather than work as an announcer was said to be the man behind the feud with Crush which was actually not too bad and the same can be said for their No Holds Barred match.

Apparently it was towards the end of the year when Vince McMahon was back in full charge and was behind the majority of booking again that things began to go the other way again as it was Vince McMahon idea solely to put the WWE title on Kevin Nash the night after Survivor Series and give him a year long reign. I am not saying that Vince McMahon can not book because quite clearly that would be a very wrong statement but from how things look Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and The Undertaker were coming up with better ideas in early to mid 1994 than Vince McMahon was from mid to late 1994.