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15 things I learned from 12/20/2010 Raw

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1. The Miz is STILL WWE Champion...The Miz is STILL WWE Champion...The Miz is STILL WWE Champion. Get used to hearing that from now on.

2. Alex Riley is the Ghost of Christmas Past, Michael Cole is the Ghost of Christmas Present, and John Morrison is the Ghost of Mic Skills Yet To Come.

3. Melina cut her hair short over the weekend, but managed to grow it all back in 48 hours, just in time for tonight's show.

4. Natalya wants to have sex with Jerry Lawler, and CM Punk thinks he smells nice.

5. When a pissed-off psychopathic Viper walks into the locker room you're in, intent on threatening you, and could give you an RKO at any second, it's best to ask "Wazzup?" and then proceed to call him "bro".

6. If John Morrison manages to beat The Miz for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble, Randy Orton will immediately become his first challenger for the title. Sorry Miz, but rematch clauses no longer exist.

7. William Regal is still employed. William Regal is also still jobbing. But William Regal still has a badass entrance theme.

8. You can look but you can't touch. Daniel Bryan must take The Bella Twins entrance theme seriously. He could also be gay. Just a thought...

9. Tamina thinks Maryse is a cupcake. Fine by me. Pastry or not, I'd still lick her cream filling.

10. Santino Marella himself fell victim to The Cobra. Yes, it is possible for a superstar to get hit with their own finisher.

11. Vicky Guerrero is a heat magnet. Duh.

12. The taste of Diet Pepsi is worth holding a grudge. CM Punk approves this message. Give that superman a chair shot.

13. Alex Riley now carries a metal breifcase to the ring with him. The contents? His testicles and his dignity.

14. Sheamus bathes in bleach. Not really anything I learned. I just thought it was funny.

15. This is the first Raw without the Nexus running the show in over six months. Ironcially, it recieved the biggest crowd reaction in over six months.
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· Phantom Thief
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5 was the best.

But you forgot to add that not only will your non - wrestling job be unaffected if you attack performers and skip work, but you will get title matches and main event at the age of sixty.
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