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15 of the bloodiest minutes in WWE, Bradshaw vs Guerrero, how would modern WWE react?

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This was one of the toughest examples of humanity I have ever seen. These wrestlers are simply as tough as they come. I'm sure you have all seen this before, but if not, or if you need to refresh your memories, here it is.

The question is though, how would PG WWE react if something this bad ever happened again? At the time, I was about 10 or 11 and thought it was the most awesome thing ever. I was too young and excited to fully understand. 8 years later (where has the time gone!?), it is so hard to watch. It is almost physically sickening to see Guerrero bleed that badly and still some how continue. Any ordinary man would have surely passed out, this guy somehow carried on. Supreme toughness. The thing is, looking back, I'm incredibly surprised it did carry on. He could easily have passed out in the middle of the ring, I'm surprised no doctors dashed out there. With Cena and Lesnar, doctors were on the scene immediately when Cena was busted open, Cole even said it was a mandatory act or something like that with the doctors. New to me anyway. Then again, I don't know if Cena's cut was a blade job? If it was, I don't see the point of the doctors. If it wasn't a blade job and a legit cut, I kinda understand as it looked like a deep cut.

Nonetheless, if something on that scale happened again, do you think WWE would stop the match there and then? This isn't a knock on PG at all, it's just something like that is incredibly dangerous. I'm all for blading to happen at PPV's again, however something that big was gut wrenching. Guerrero could have been seriously hurt. Don't want to sound like a buzz kill or whatever, but if a match was cancelled I wouldn't be annoyed at all. Last thing we want is more wrestlers dropping dead. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for blading and chairshots to the head returning in smaller moderation. However at some cases the line is crossed. Guerrero bleeding at Judgement Day was an example of that imo.
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Re: 15 of the bloodiest minutes in WWE, Bradshaw vs Guerrero, how would modern WWE re

I think the match would be immediately stopped and to be honest I'm surprised it wasn't when it happened.
Re: 15 of the bloodiest minutes in WWE, Bradshaw vs Guerrero, how would modern WWE re

A similar botch happened on Smackdown last year when Orton accidentally hit Cody Rhodes too hard with an object. They were lucky it was taped so they could edit it out. But on PPV, I think they would probably stop the match to put a stop to the extreme amount of bleeding before continuing.
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