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This episode showcased AEW at it‘s best and worst.

MJF & Punk segment - This is exactly why AEW shouldn’t be all about Wrestling. Promo time is just as important as matches, it helps wrestlers get over and allows them to showcase character and personality. Unsurprisingly giving MJF & Punk this much time on the mic, made their segment the highlight of the night.

Rosa vs Hayter were given enough time to produce a solid match. Hayter turning on Britt is much needed, AEW fans really need to see the Jamie Hayter that was so good on the UK independents.

Bryan Danielson just continues to be magnificent.

Now for the bad, AEW did so much good last night; however they always let their episodes down with a sprinkle of bad. QT Marshall & Gunn Club getting match time, unnecessary.

Instead of Punk wrestling an absolute goof, considering he’s now feuding with MJF, why not put him in a match with Spears? At least that would be logical.
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