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11/12 NewsCastle, England - Big Show vs Orton w/Kane + Cody With Possible Concussion

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Well attended, although about 150-200 empty seats. Great crowd multiple chants throughout the night. Justin Roberts began by welcoming everyone and said that they would be back in May time over in the UK and Europe.

First match was Kofi Kingston Vs. The Miz, who received good reception when he came out but gradually change to a mixed reception of boos and cheers. As the match went on it was clear that the Miz was there to play the heel role. The Miz appeared to act confused that the crowd preferred Kofi although he never cut a promo before or after the match. The crowd was well behind Kofi and he hit Trouble in Paradise to finish the match. The Miz did manage in a figure four in the match. The Miz went to the back confused as the crowd continued to boo him.

Next Justin announced that the crowd had the chance to vote for either a dance off or a match between Fandango and Santino Marrella. Results would be announced later on in the night.

He then preceded to introduce the next match between The Real Americans (with Zeb Colter) Vs. Los Matadores (with El Torito). Zeb Colter cut a heel promo before the match stating that they were moving to the UK to take over the country as Prime Minister. He then insulted Football (Soccer) which is huge in the UK, as well as the city using jokes such as calling it Sunderland and Manchester. The match was a good match, back and forward including Cesaro hitting the big swing. They traded blows back and forth before Los Matadores hit their finisher for the win. After the bell, Swagger and Cesaro attacked them before Colter grabbed El Torito. Just as they were about to attack Torito, Los Matadores pulled Cesaro and Swagger out of the ring, distracting Colter before Torito rammed Colter twice. Real Americans largely booed and Matadores were cheered although 'We the People' got a huge pop.

After the ring cleared, Roberts introduced a Divas Match which proved to be an awful match between Aksana and Alicia Fox. Aksana played as a heel while Alicia played the face role which didn't really draw any crowd reaction which led to a lot of fans looking bored. This kind of killed the buzz a little. Nothing major happened when Alicia rolled up Aksana for the win.

Next up, Santino and Fandango with Summer Rae were introduced. Justin then revealed the results of the vote which turned out to be a Dance off. Both competitors came out to a chorus of cheers but Fandango got a huge pop because of his song. The dance off began with Fandango and Summer preforming their normal moves which received pretty much no reaction from the crowd. Santino then took over pulling of some hilarious moves and dancing with the Cobra as well as doing his splits. Santino was announced as the winner and Fandango attacked him before it was reversed and Santino hit the cobra. Summer then shouted at Santino before he grabbed her and kissed her. Summer in shock ran out the ring with Fandango. Santino celebrated before heading to the back.

In the final match before the intermission, The Rhodes Brothers and Big E Langston went up against the Shield. The faces received a huge pop and there '5' chants for Big E dating back to NXT. Cody began up against Rollins and they went back and forward. The Shield began to control before the faces ran in to disrupt a pinfall. They traded blows before Cody hit a disaster kick on Rollins and reversed Ambrose for a roll up victory. The Shield attacked Cody and Big E after the match before Goldust made the save chair in hand. Big E and Goldust looked really impressive in this match while Cody appeared to injure himself by incorrectly hitting a move from the turnbuckle, suspected concussion. Really good match possibly best of the night.

After the break, Zack Ryder came out to a good reception before his opponent Wade Barrett appeared to a huge pop in his home country. Barrett always receives a good reception in Newcastle and led to Ryder playing the heel role in this match as he tried to walk out on the match half way through. Barrett returned Ryder to the ring and Ryder began to take charge before Barrett hit the bull hammer for the win. Barrett returned to the back with a Huge reception while the boos ran round unfairly in my opinion for Ryder.

Next up, Damien Sandow came out to face Dolph Ziggler. Sandow cut a heel promo before hand saying he was still the uncrowned World Champion. Ziggler came out to a huge pop. Great match back and forth between both men trading blows before Sandow hit the 'Your Welcome' for the win. After the match Ziggler signed some photos and signs before heading to the back and being cheered back to his feet.

Main event of the night was for the WWE Title. Randy Orton up against the Big Show. Both men came out to huge pops and despite Orton playing the heel role, he seemed content to play along with some of the cheers. A slow start the match saw Orton dominate including hitting the top rope DDT to Show. Orton then prepped for the RKO before Show reversed and took control. He then set up for the WMD before Kane's music hit causing the distraction. Orton then hit the RKO for the victory before Kane made his way to the ring. As Orton began to celebrate Kane climbed in to the ring and raised Ortons hand before signalling for the Shield to come down. All four attacked Show while Kane made his way back up the ramp. They all beat down on Show before they set up for the triple power bomb. Show reversed and attacked the Shield before they all began to retreat to the back. Show stood tall and received a huge reception. Orton posed for photos without engaging the audience. Justin announced the end of the show before Big Show took the mic and thanked all the fans on behalf of the Superstars and said they always enjoy visiting Newcastle as they have done for 16 years. He said Newcastle Fans are the best in the world (Hahah true story).

Overall good show and really well thought out. Some fans disappointed as Daniel Bryan was advertised but was at Smackdown instead. Majority of fans went home happy.
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