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100 Great Matches of The Last Ten Years

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I sat for a while and thought about THE GREATEST MATCH IN TNA HISTORY...and I couldn't think of one. There are a lot of good ones. Great ones. Ones that despite all the bullshit is the reason WHY we STILL watch TNA. In no particular order I present the top 100 matches of TNA.

I will start off with 50 and I want you guys to finish up the list for me. I want this to be OUR list. Top 100 matches of the last 10 years. I am sure the Gen Me/MCMG and BMI/MCMG Best of 5 series will find its way on this list. Hope to get a lot of good recommendations from the 2002-2003 period.

1.Joe/Styles/Daniels Unbreakable 05
2.Angle/ Joe Genesis 06
3.Styles/Booker T/Cage BFG 08
4.World X Cup 16 man tag Victory Road 08
5.Samoa Joe/Angle Lockdown 08
6.Shelley/Shocker Sacrifice 05
7.XXX/AMW Turning Point 04
8.Samoa Joe/Cage Destination X 07
9.Samoa Joe/Steiner Slammiversary 06
10. XXX/LAX BFG 07
11.Styles & Daniels/LAX BFG 06
12.Sabin/Senshi BFG 06
13.Team 3D/LAX Destination X 07
14.Taylor Wilde/Awesome Kong Victory Road 08
15.Samoa Joe/Lyger BFG 05
16.Shelley/Strong/Dutt/Aries - BFG 05 pre show
17.Elimination X Genesis 06
18.Monster's Ball: Rhino/Abyss/Sabu/Hardy BFG 05
19.Sabu/Abyss Unbreakable 05
20.Abyss/Sabu Turning Point 05
21.Styles/Joe Turning Point 05
22.Desmond Wolfe/Angle Turning Point 10
23.Sabu/RVD Hardcore Justice 2010
24.Styles/Bully Ray Slammiversary 11
25.Angle/Jarrett Genesis 09
26.Angle/Jarrett Lockdown 2011
27.Lowki/Aries/Ion/Evans Destination X 11
28.Joe/Christian/Angle No Surrender 06
29.Sabin/Styles/Williams Final Resolution 05
30.Shelley/Sabin Genesis 09
31.Bully Ray/Styles Genesis 11
32.Abyss/Wilde vs. Raven/Daffney Slammiversary 09
33.KOTM Slammiversary 07
34.Rhino/Senshi LAX Slammiversary 07
35.Shocker/Shelley Slammiversary 05
36.KOTM Slammiversary 05
37.Angle/Styles Slammiversay 08
38.KOTM Slammiversary 06
39.Styles/Daniels vs. AMW Slammiversary 06
40.Waltman/Lynn No Surrender 05
41.Abyss/Raven- Dog Collar Match No Surrender 05
42.Rhino/Raven- Unbreakable 05
43.Raven/Waltman- Raven's House of Fun Hard Justice 05
44.Lethal/Flair - Victory Road
45.Sabin/London -Slammiversary 2003
46.Lynn/Styles/Mr. Aguila/Psicosis- June 2002
47. Raven/Sabu vs. Rhino/Jarrett- Sacrifice 2005
48. Chris Sabin & Shocker vs Alex Shelley & Sean Waltman - Chris Candido Finals Impact 2005
49. Rey Bucanero and Último Guerrero vs Speed Muscle - Impact 2008
50. Angle/Sting- Bound For Glory 2007
51. Styles/Abyss- Lockdown 2005
52. Beer Money vs. Motor City Machine Guns - Genesis 2011
53. Motorcity Machine Guns vs. Generation Me- Final Resolution 2010
54. Bully Ray/Aries - Sacrifice 11
55. Harris/Storm- Sacrifice 07
56. The Naturals/AMW -Ladder Match 2003
57. Sting/Angle- Empty Arena Match Impact
58. Sarita/Wilda vs. Kong/Hamada- 1/4/10 Impact
59. Foley/Flair - Last Man Standing Impact
60. Team 3D/Rhino vs. Jarrett/AWM- Genesis 05
61. Samoa Joe/Cage - Bound For Glory 2007
62. Angle/Hardy -Lockdown 2012
63. Roode/Storm - Lockdown 2012
64. Sabin/Joe - No Surrender 2005
65.AJ Styles & D'Lo Brown vs. Triple X - 2003
66. AMW vs. New Church -2003
67. Styles/Williams -Genesis 05
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I know it happens too often for anyone to care, but AJ/Angle have a special chemistry and all their matches are wonderful. Especially the ones in 08. That match is easily top 15.

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I dont know if I would put that in the top 100 matches of all time. There are several good ones pre 2004, that I am still digging through. A lot of the usual suspects and apparently TNA use to do a SHIT ton of ladders matches. At which point did the company switch from using real ladders to plastic ladders and was there a defining reason for it occurring?

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I'm gonna say a few...

Global Impact
Tanahashi vs AJ
Joe vs Liger
Nagata vs Angle

From 2010-2012
AJ vs Angle feud
Mick Foley vs Abyss
Beer Money vs MCMG feud
Bully Ray vs AJ last man standing
Bully Ray vs Abyss monster's ball
AA vs Low Ki vs Ion vs jack evans
Storm vs Roode impact
Bully ray vs Roode BFG series final
Bully Ray vs Austin Aries 2012

wow too many ray's matches...

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I actually think the last few years have had some of the best:

No surprise that Angle is in many of them!

Angle/Wolfe series from 2009.
Jarrett/Angle series
Anderson/Angle series (The lockdown match in particular)
Angle/Joe series
AJ/Joe/Daniels rematch in 2009.
Aries/Bully Ray - Sacrifice

I have a crap memory so can never remember the exact dates or PPV, but 09 had some really good matches on the PPVs that year.

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Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Sabin June 25, 2003

America's Most Wanted vs. Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper June 25, 2003

AJ Styles vs. Low Ki August 13, 2003

Chris Sabin vs. Michael Shane vs. Frankie Kazarian August 20, 2003

Gauntlet for the Gold Match/Raven vs. Shane Douglas August 20, 2003

AJ Styles vs. Raven august 27, 2003

Chris Sabin vs. Frankie Kazarian September 3, 2003

Juventud Guerrera vs. Teddy Hart September 3, 2003

Chris Sabin vs. Juventud Guerrera September 3, 2003

P.S. Joe vs. Styles at Turning Point 2005 is one of the greatest matches of all time for any promotion.

Another P.S. No Bully Ray match is top 50 material.

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Samoa Joe Vs Aj Styles Vs Christopher Daniels - Turning Point 2009

Motor City Machine Guns Vs Beer Money - 2 Out Of 3 Falls - TNA Impact The Whole F'n Show

Chris Harris Vs James Storm - Texas Death Match - Sacrifice 2007

Kurt Angle Vs Aj Styles - Last Man Standing - Hard Justice 2008

Aj Styles Vs Jerry Lynn Vs Lo-Ki Vs Psicosis - TNA Weekly PPV #2

Christian Cage Vs Kaz - Ladder Match - Genesis 2007

Aj Styles Vs Jerry Lynn Vs Lo-Ki - Triangle Ladder Match - TNA Weekly PPV #11

Motor City Machine Guns Vs Generation Me - Bound For Glory 2010

Abyss Vs Kurt Angle - Falls Count Anywhere - Turning Point 2008

Awesome Kong Vs Gail Kim - No Disqualification - Final Resolution 2008

Alex Shelley Vs Chris Sabin Vs Consequences Creed Vs Jay Lethal Vs Suicide - King Of The Mountain Match - Slammiversary 2009

Kurt Angle Vs Matt Morgan - Bound For Glory 2009

Alex Shelley Vs Chris Sabin Vs Daniels Vs Homicide Vs Suicide Vs The Amazing Red - Ultimate X Match - Bound For Glory 2009

Monty Brown Vs Rhino Vs Samoa Joe - Falls Count Anywhere Three Way - Hard Justice 2006

Kazarian Vs Kurt Angle - Slammiversary 2010

Kurt Angle Vs Sting - Bound For Glory 2007

Kazarian Vs Petey Williams - Slammiversary 2008

Consequences Creed Vs Petey Williams - Hard Justice 2008

Aj Styles/Christian Cage/Rhino Vs Brother Devon/Brother Ray/Kurt Angle - Full Metal Mayhem - Victory Road 2008
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