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For one thing Hogan throughout his career would rarely put folks over. This is what makes Ric and him the biggest of rivals, because Flair would try to kill himself if it meant putting people over. Hogan would rather change scripts/storylines so that it puts HIM over. He just had to be the center of everything. All you need to do is watch any of the Macho Man's shoots on him(all real and not a work) if you really want to know what kind of man Hogan is.

The racist bit - it was in a video where he used to N word. This prompted Virgil, the one black guy that was traveling around with him for years, to defend him by saying for all those years he was around Hogan, he didn't treat him with any disrespect or made anything a race issue.

Of course anyone can hate on Hogan as much as they like, the guy though did fill seats. Being a massive draw is something he always did well at.
Ah OK then so he went over the guy you liked because he was the bigger draw, so you don't like him. Flair buried as many people as Hogan did, Dusty buried twice as many but he's a loveable fat man so it's OK.

He used the N word out of context in a non offensive way and has a hell of a lot of friends who just so happen to be black, but he's a racist.

He's so arrogant that everyone and anyone who's ever met him would say different.
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