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Location-based matches have seen wrestlers fight anywhere from the back of a truck to the middle of a forest.

A steel cage or a set of ladders may improve a match, adding an element of danger and excitement.

There have been more bad ideas than good ones with gimmick matches. The following are matches where the action was moved from the ring to, let's say, a parking lot, and the results varied.

10 - Parking Lot


Sometimes two wrestlers' hatred for each other can't be contained in the ring or even the arena. They have to battle it out in the parking lot.

Basically this is a falls-count-anywhere match that involves a lot of cars.

Wrestlers may get slammed or suplexed onto the hood of a car. The added revenue that this might bring probably doesn't cover all of the car repair bills.

Another version of this match, the Hardcore Junkyard, happened in 1999 in WCW. Chaos and poor camera angles made it a forgettable affair.

Randy Orton and Wade Barrett could have pulled this off during their interrupted feud. The aforementioned Cena and Kane feud would have been a good fit as well.

Unless some brawlers get into with each other in the near future, this won't be an Extreme Rules addition.

9 - Empty Arena


Take away the fans, the signs, the cheering and you're left with an awkward brawl.

The Rock and Mankind fought out in front of thousands of empty chairs during Super Bowl XXXIII's halftime.

Terry Funk and Jerry Lawler began the tradition in '81. The match itself isn't anything special, but Funk delivers a great performance on the mic and in selling that his eye was stabbed.

TNA recently joined the fun when they pitted Sting vs. Kurt Angle without an audience.

As great as those competitors are and as hard as they tried to make it work, the Empty Arena match always seemed to fall flat. Gimmick matches should add an interesting element to a standard match.

The Empty Arena match only adds silence.

Were Kane and John Cena still feuding, perhaps they could have started with this, but then you rob the crowd that chance of chanting "Let's go Cena" or "Cena sucks."

8 - Boiler Room


A specialty of Mankind, the Boiler Room Brawl has simple rules.

The first one to escape wins.

The two wrestlers fight in the confines of the room, using any weapons they may find. With the right stars—Foley and the Undertaker or Foley vs. Triple H—this can be an intriguing brawl.

The match has been done too many times now to maintain its novelty, though.

This is a product of a past era. A Boiler Room Brawl without Mick Foley would be like a Casket Match without the Undertaker or Kane.

And while Foley is still currently a part of WWE, he's not in great shape and probably not physically ready for a match that grueling.

7 - Bar Room


Vengeance 2003 featured a match where over 20 wrestlers fought in a fake saloon until the last person was standing/drinking.

Matt Hardy and a host of other guys beat down on the Easter Bunny right away.

As busy and overcrowded as this match was, it was still fun. Don't expect a well-told story here, just some random bashing and brawling.

This was a one-time deal brought to life by the drinking element of the Acolytes' gimmick. Drinking beer and breaking pool cues over people's heads doesn't seem like something the current WWE is interested in.

6 - Pool Filled with Water, Gravy, Jell-O, Etc


This is the kind of event you might see at a frat-sponsored party or some shady bar in a small town.

The male-heavy audience ogles the wet females jostling inside a pool.

At Armageddon '99, Miss Kitty, Jackie, Ivory and B.B. fought for the WWE Women's Championship in an Evening Gown Pool Match, stripping the last shreds of credibility that title had.

When women splashing in water isn't titillating enough, WWE has resorted to filling the pool with gravy.

This is an instance where the PG rating is actually a blessing, as it might be the only thing preventing us from seeing Kelly Kelly vs. Eve in an Ice Cream Sundae match.

5 - Truck Trailer


The King of the Road match had wrestlers settle their differences in the back of a moving truck.

Among bales of hay, Dustin Rhodes and Blacktop Bully fought at WCW's 1995 Uncensored until one man (Bully) pulled the horn at the top of the trailer's cage.

This didn't produce the excitement bookers were hoping for. It ended up being the worst match on a bad card.

It's hard to appreciate two guys throwing hay on each other.

Not only was the match boring and hard to see, much of it was edited, as Rhodes bladed despite a no-bleeding policy.

A match that nobody cares about shouldn't cost as much as this kind of match does.

(The insanity begins at about 3:25 in the video.)

4 - Hog Pen


Triple H and Henry Godwinn fought in an Arkansas Hog Pen match at In Your House 5 in 1995. This match started in the ring and ended up in the mud and sludge of the hog pen.

At Extreme Rules 2009, WWE decided to revive and "improve" the same gimmick match.

Santino (as Santina) took on Vickie and Chavo Guerrero. The sloppy battle did not take home any awards.

When a man in drag wins a match with a push, you know you've done something wrong.

WWE wouldn't be above sticking Santino in a match like this again.

3 - Gulf of Mexico


Chavo Guerrero has a number of odd gimmick matches on his resume.

In 2008, an episode of ECW featured a match where to win, one has to throw his opponent in the Gulf of Mexico.

Chavo fought CM Punk with much of the action on a poorly-lit dock. Punk used a GTS to send Chavo into the gulf and ended one of the oddest matches ever conceived.

2 - Campgrounds


Japanese promotion Dramatic Dream Team is all about the lighter side of wrestling.

A company that had a chihuahua defeat a ladder for the DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship is certainly going to have its fair share of crazy gimmick matches.

One of them is an insane fracas in a campsite where guys in backpacks, blow-up dolls and a guy named Mammoth all tussle.

The action spills onto rooftops and into toilets. The unique match has enough bizarreness to satisfy anyone seeking weird wrestling.

This is far too silly, even for WWE.

1 - Ganryujima Island


Japanese legend Antonio Inoki faced off against Masa Saito in a battle contested on a famous island.

Ganryujima Island was the site for a 17th century duel between swordsmen Sasaki Kojiro and Miyamoto Musashi.

The Island Death match featured the two men fighting in a ring and on the grass with no audience, long into the night.

Hiroshi Hase and Tiger Jeet Singh returned to the island in 1991 for another grueling battle.

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Why was there no mention of the Supermarket brawl? Now THAT was a really weird place to wrestle!

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did crash holly not have match in a kids play area? or was that just a filler promo, when he said he would defend his title anytime anywhere.

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I'd put a baseball field in the top ten. Those old AWA events... It just looks weird.

But yeah, the 'King of the Road' match is hilariously bad. #1 for me.

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This is a cool thread. I vividly remember the King of the Road Match and as a Kid, I thought it was the coolest thing on the planet, ha ha.

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Cool list. Brings back some, ahem, interesting memories.

I'd like to mention Stone Cold/Booker T's supermarket brawl, not that it was an official match.

And Crash Holly losing the Hardcore Title in his hotel room.

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Hog pen ftw! Loved that match lmao

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Jericho told a story in his book about how he once wrestled in a barn for a kid's birthday party. He was paid with a hotdog and orange juice.
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