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Please note these are probably out of order -

1) Thank god for YouTube - 3 hours of Raw is approximately watchable in 1hr 15 min!
2) JTG officially has Pink Eye after tangling with RyBack...He might need to take some paid sick leave.
3) Big Show showers down in the parking lot...lockerroom showers aren't large enough for his sweaty ass (Maybe he was going to the Car wash heyman and HBK were going to)
4)A drunken Piper is better than half the crap we get...even it was hard to tolerate...granted when Miz comes out you can hear piper randomly crap on
5)Jericho never wins with the walls of jericho...unless he's got the knee driven in and it actually looks painful
6)Lesnar loves doing his on the spot jig every time he transitions from one environment to the next (in ring, out of ring etc.)
7)ADR is extremely hard to understand on TOUT....probably the first time i've enjoyed one of them and the first positive to come out of tout
8)Titus O'Neil is now the alpha dawg of the PTP...he gonna be the one to stop
9)Poor Beth...nuff' said
10)Daniel Bryan controls AJ from behind camera to effectively do her beautiful head tilts after claiming she aint insane!

What a crappy attempt I apologise in advance!
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