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10. They stink.

09. They'll suck your dick for a beer.

08. They'll suck your dick for a cigarette.

07. They'll suck your dick for a box.

06. They try to lecture.

05. They try to act like they have seniority or like they have been here the longest,

04. They like gay people. (i.e. Willie Nelson)

03. They suck your dick when they are horny.

02. They try to act wise.

01. Look at The Lonesome Hobo for an example.

Ivan Petrov
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BabyBoy, you are confusing (as many do) a Hobo with a "Bum" or a "Tramp".

What exactly a Hobo is: (www.hobo.com)

Well folks, I’ve been asked to tell a little about HOBOS to a group
of people who have no real Idea, so I’m sending what I decided to
write up to see what you’re Ideas on this are!

The more I try to live in a self imposed retirement, the more that
songs about train riding become favorites, and it seems that every
train whistle, or passing train causes me to experience a prolonged
mournful longing for a life I am no longer able to physically enjoy.
And still I am asked to tell more people about Hobos, as if I am a
better authority than those of the culture still living on the road

What a hobo looks like

To begin with, there is no real way to visually tell who a hobo is,
there are no specific uniforms, or style of dress. No secret hand
signs, or greetings, no membership cards, and contrary to most police
attitudes, no organized gangs. This Idea come from an attitude called
“Pass The Buck”, where a police officer cannot figure out a
conclusion to a crime, so the police officer finds a Hobo to blame.

And where a Hobo is concerned, migratory in activities, and habits,
they are still predictable to return to places and areas they deem
comfortable with a frequency. With only a past history of employment,
they return to areas they are used to, the police know this and so,
with that predictability, they haunt areas that Hobos frequent.
Looking for someone who fits the description of the criminal suspect
the police cannot otherwise find.

The Hobo, having no community ties in the town, has no physical
proof of his travels, and past places of residence, and therefore is
an easy scapegoat to blame for what local crime the police cannot
otherwise solve.

The traveling and working man/woman know each other by sight and
nickname from past experience of travel, work, and residence of
locales. Life habits become character traits, which are the
fingerprints of each Hobo encountered. There are many eccentricities
of each Hobo that cause each one to be identified in the Hobos dress,
name, way of living, and what friends he/she surrounds themselves
with, or if they are loners.

Head gear

Ball Caps permeate through out the entire Hobo Culture; some may be
from certain Football, Basketball, or Baseball Teams that a Hobo is a
fan of. Other caps can be of Industry, or Industrial Companies that
the Hobo is seasonally employed by. Other caps may be showing Cities,
or States the Hobo spends their winters in, and still other caps have
no denotation at all. These can be Military Caps, Welders Caps,
“Boonie Hats”, Corn stripes, or Toboggans, still, like the Native
American, the Hobos hat tells something about him/her.


Clothes can be of any style, but generally consists of long-sleeved
shirts, and denim pants, good denim pants are needed because the work
and travel of the Hobo is rough, easily destroying clothing not made
for the job.
Too many attendants at the local mission are used to locals wearing
what ever pants are given, and will not even try to understand the
Hobo looking for the rough and tough pants that will endure a working
punishment, and last for at least a year. They are used to most
accepting what ever scraps are given, so they cannot fathom one
discriminating over clothing.
Another thing that mission attendants cannot understand is the Hobo
wanting to wash his/her clothes. It is inconceivable to them that
someone living “outside” would want to take care of their property.
The mission attendant is too used to folks preferring no
responsibilities, that they cannot fathom someone wanting such.

In fact the mission attendant has been brainwashed by an
administration with a “Big Brother” attitude, which are too used to
seeing folks existing as a nameless, faceless number in a crowd. And
are not used to anyone wanting to be an individual, so the Hobo is
the freak of nature to the mission attendant.

Foot wear

There is no specific kind of footwear that can be called “Hobo
Shoes”, or “Hobo Boots”, some wear work boots, some wear tennis
shoes, some wear military dress shoes, some wear mountain climbing
shoes. Most will find footwear that will last through the most
extreme punishment, so if the boots/shoes cost $$, or not it is up to
the individual to determine what will be obtained, and how.
A big benefit to the Hobo is the “Military Stand Down”, where the
Army gathers to redistribute many goods to veterans. At this activity
a Hobo can replenish his/her living goods, boot, clothes, underwear,
socks, coats, gloves, sleeping bags, food, etc. At a time, and in a
culture that constantly tries to make its’ finances “go the extra
mileage”, this is a better benefit than getting a Federal Tax Return,
and will last much longer.

Usually, at a local jungle, Hobos will group together and decide, of
what they have gathered at the Stand Down, what each personally wants
to keep, and what to pass on to others in the culture.

A grand sense of family permeates the Hobo Culture, and in that idea
is the constant activity of giving unto others. This constant is
ingrained in their minds by a street quote-“what goes around, comes
around”, and most Hobos will remember the good done to the by others
of the family/culture. And when they are “flush”, they will return
the favor, maybe not directly, but eventually it will return to the

Although the use of a sleeping bag may appear self explanatory, it
serves several functions in a Hobos life. As a bed, as a couch, as a
worktable, as a seat, it can just be used to keep warm with, most
will be military issue and will definitely show signs of heavy use,
and travel.

Back Packs

In older days a backpack was called a bindle, and it is a staple of
the Hobos life, and will carry extra clothes, food, eating utensils,
cooking utensils, possibly a small stove, (although most hobos will
opt for building a small fire, unless they are on the run, then they
will eat cold). This container also holds their working tools, or
“traveling trade”, and may contain pliers, screwdriver, knife,
razorblades, needles and thread, denim material, leather or deerskin.

Traveling Intelligence

Traveling Intelligence is an item most hobos try to keep in their
head; this might not always be possible (especially in this day and
age). Mostly Traveling Intelligence revolves around the mode of
transportation that the Hobo uses to get from Point-A, to Point-B.
This usually is by a freight train, but also includes interstate bus,
or hitchhiking so to say a hobo only travels by freight train is
totally erroneous. For independence of life, enjoyment of freedom,
and self-reliance in caring for ones’ self and ones’ personal
finances is the basic essence of the Hobos way of life.

In actual physical points of traveling, the intelligence begins with
a total respect for freight trains, seeing that it is hundreds of
thousands of tons of unrelentlessness, and mindless, or heartless steel.
Totally having no feelings for human life, nor prejudice toward who
ever it may kill, it is a machine that takes on the personality, and
attitude of its’ operator. And if the operator/engineer has a hate
directed toward Hobos, then the train will act accordingly!

Older Hobos may not always use past experience, but may also be
armed with a railroad scanner, in the past a hobo could ask and get
good direct information as to whatever train they might be wanting to
travel on going to, or near their destination. This may not be an
option in this age; most Hobos agree that being out of sight is best
for catching a train. Therefore scouting a train yard, and listening
to a scanner for train numbers, then deciphering the cryptic
information to tell where the train is, and its’ departure time, and
destination is very reminiscent of a military reconnaissance

While in transit, keep in mind that you are a guest (uninvited) on
the freight train you are riding, and anything you do that is
otherwise asinine, and could effect the safety of your train must be
avoided. If you feel this does not apply to you, please consider, In
all but 16 freight train derailments in the past 50 years were
caused by Dumb Hobos monkeying around.

Evading Railroad Police

Evading Railroad Police has never been a sure thing, an older Hobo
once told me “ the bull aint caught you because he didn’t want to
catch you”. The easiest way I know of to avoid Railroad Police is
don’t drink alcoholic beverages while waiting to catch out. A person
takes too many life threatening chances when they are alcoholically
impaired, I’ve seen too many folks get “Sliced and Diced” after
trying to catch when they are inebriated. Too many yard employees
have had to clean up the tracks after a drunk hobo has gotten
himself/herself killed by a moving train. For your protection
(believe it or not) they will call the Railroad Police when they see
someone drinking near the train yard. The best idea here is to catch
out sober, and celebrate after the train is rolling.

The old saying “Patience is a Virtue” is not too far off the mark,
when scooping the yard to find a ride a person can draw a lot of
attention to his/her self because most are in a hurry to get going. A
problem with this is the fidgety acting, and pacing around also draws
a lot of attention to yourself when around a train yard. It’s a hard
thing to do, training yourself to be patient while waiting near a
train yard, but the main thought here is an old Military Discipline,
“Nothing is more evident than a moving object”. While waiting outside
of the train yard, watch the activity, and try to scan the extent of
the yard, you may be able to find an area away from too much activity
that will be easier for you to access your train. Also in an area of
low activity you will be less likely to be spotted by, or called into
a railroad police officer.

When all is said and done, and you still end up getting kicked off
the yard, think of coming back at another time, it might be that the
railroad police officer is doing you a favor!

How do Hobos get Work/Money?

In almost every town there is a corner where people catch out work,
most hobos have been working a migratory labor route for years, they
are well aware of when and where seasonal work crops up. As always,
planned travel does not work quite the way most want it to go, and
most Hobos have experienced this, therefore they have had to seek out
labor in areas that they would not otherwise stop in. Because of this
they have established work corners in various towns across the
continent, this also allows hobos who do not migrate with the seasons
to have an area to replenish their road funds.
Seasonal employment has existed since the founding of this country,
most of it is centered on agricultural work. The best way to find out
about this kind of work is to contact the Archer Daniels Midland

Another way most hobos will get work is to go to day labor offices,
like Labor Ready, which has offices in almost every major town in the
nation. The offices pay daily, and while $40 to$60 a day is not top
dollar, it is still not anything to laugh at, especially when your
wallet is full, of dust and lint.


A big thing that has been asked of me over the years is do Hobos
have families?

Everyone comes from a mother and father, and some how they are
related to someone somewhere, the problem with this is sometime
neither of the parents have learned to how to love their children.
Basically they are full of cold emotions, and therefore displace, or
throw away their children, and so in a manner of speaking, they hit
the road, many go to the big cities and fall prey to a destructive
sub-culture that permeates in these areas.
Some, however, have a spirit of wanderlust about them, and begin
hitchhiking around the country, to a degree they find a loose knit
family with the hitchhikers they encounter around the country. But
many fall prey to the many greedy opportunists that follow, and feed
upon hitchhikers, but some of them find the hobos.

Much like these kids, hobos come from a family somewhere, and many
of them have a family they return to see from time to time. Because
hobos cross paths with each other so often, or travel the same routes
they each become the others’ brothers and sisters, and form their
self-styled family bonds. Because Hobos all share the same lifestyle,
mode of travel, and dangers- the hobo family bonds, and love become
stronger than most blood family bonds. Because they share everything
with each other, they adopt those who have none, and kids that are
thrown away by their own family find the Hobo Family highly accepting
of them. So what if the kid is not college material, so what is the
kid has a lot of body piercings or tattoos, so what is he/she smokes
marijuana? If he/she has decided not to follow a norm or standard in
their hometown life, then they are of the desire to be an individual,
or an outlaw!
A friend of mine, Just Jim (R.I.P.) once told me “hobos are the
last of the outlaws”, and because of that the hobo family still
inspires imagination, creativity, and independence. It is this kind
of lifestyle I grew up with, and eventually hit the road with, it is
this kind of lifestyle most kids find appealing, it is this kind of
family most want to belong to. Because most Hobos have little, or no
monetarily valuable possessions, the adopted kinships they have with
other Hobos is so much more precious.
And so hand made items abound among the Hobo Family, it is a throw
back to a time when gifts could not easily be bought, but they could
easily be made.

And when one Hobo dies, though the rest of the U.S. could care less,
the entire Hobo family feels the pain nation-wide.

What’s the appeal of Hobo Life?

So what appeal to this kind of life is there really?, to the
neo-phyte, imagine a way of life where you are not bound by time
schedules, home owner bill, job expectations, the IRS, you can live
where you want, sleep where you want, travel wherever you want as
long as its’ in the continental US and Canada. Never pay a travel
fare unless you want to, never pay rent, electric, gas, water, or
cable bills, never pay taxes, and see places in the US and Canada
others only see in the movies, or in a magazine. Sound like the
lifestyle of Bill Gates, or Donald Trump?, well hundreds of folks
live that kind of life every day, in fact that kind of life/culture
has been going on since just after Americas’ Civil War.
A lifestyle/culture so sweet, so addictive, so seductive, so
intoxicating, that those of us who retire after 20, 30, even 40 years
of are never really free of it. Because Lady Freedom has gotten too
far in our blood to gotten rid of her completely. Freedom, complete
freedom, and the ability to pursue that ultimate free life, and the
vehicle to propel you ion such a quest, and a constitutionally base
right to free movement.

It’s truly a drug, a greasy steely drug that once it gets in your
blood it’s there for good, and no matte how you’ve retired, no matter
how much you deny it, you’ll never be free of it.

Whenever you hear a train whistle, whenever you see a moving train,
or just train cars, or even train tracks, that longing in your heart
will tug at you so tight you’ll realize that you’re addicted for

The Hobo Code

As inscribed in the Annual Convention Congress of the Hoboes of America held on August 8, 1894 at the Hotel Alden, 917 Market St., Chicago Illinois;

1.-Decide your own life, don't let another person run or rule you.

2.-When in town, always respect the local law and officials, and try to be a gentleman at all times.

3.-Don't take advantage of someone who is in a vulnerable situation, locals or other hobos.

4.-Always try to find work, even if temporary, and always seek out jobs nobody wants. By doing so you not only help a business along, but insure employment should you return to that town again.

5.-When no employment is available, make your own work by using your added talents at crafts.

6.-Do not allow yourself to become a stupid drunk and set a bad example for locals treatment of other hobos.

7.-When jungling in town, respect handouts, do not wear them out, another hobo will be coming along who will need them as bad, if not worse than you.

8.-Always respect nature, do not leave garbage where you are jungling.

9.-If in a community jungle, always pitch in and help.

10.-Try to stay clean, and boil up wherever possible.

11.-When traveling, ride your train respectfully, take no personal chances, cause no problems with the operating crew or host railroad, act like an extra crew member.

12.-Do not cause problems in a train yard, Another hobo will be coming along who will need passage thru that yard.

13.-Do not allow other hobos to molest children, expose to authorities all molesters, they are the worst garbage to infest any society.

14.-Help all runaway children, and try to induce them to return home.

15.-Help your fellow hobos whenever and wherever needed, you may need their help someday.

16.-If present at a hobo court and you have testimony, give it, whether for or against the accused, your voice counts!

So as you can see, Hobo's are not what you think they are BB.

Ivan Petrov
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D-Man said in post #7 :
It's nice to see fellow mods getting along so well.
To tell you the truth, I don't even like to see this. I don't know what BB has against me, but let's hope he gets over it soon. Because no amount of childish "humour" is going to get to me. The whole custom title thing was just surprisng and offending to me as I no one had ever done anything like that to me, nor have I ever had a rant about me (albeit a pretty terrible rant, I mean the schoolboy humour is just gawdawful). I know exactly what I'm doing D-Man. The Lonesome Hobo is always one step ahead of the game :)

I believe I said this once before but; BabyBoy, please do act your age, not your screen name.

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I didn't say I liked it really, that was just some crappy sarcasm on my part.

What I don't like is that the mods of this forum can't get along. The mods are supposed to be a team that works together to keep the forums under control. Yes, you could say that's being done, but what's the reason for mods having little rivalries and/or bitching at eachother, like Babyboy/OZ, and Babyboy/Hobo (even though it doesn't bother you like you said)

Then on top of that, there's the admins are threatening to ban someone like every 5 minutes, it's just making being a member here less enjoyable.

Ivan Petrov
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I agree with you on that one. But sadly we haven't had a staff which ran that smoothly in a while now. Seems all some people want to do now is bicker and cause hassle, it's sad really that what could be a more vibrant place has such a problem at it's heart. What is worse still is that in removing the problems we could be cutting off our hand to spite our arm. If you know what I mean.

The Comeback Kid™
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Originally posted by The Lonesome Hobo
To tell you the truth, I don't even like to see this. I don't know what BB has against me, but let's hope he gets over it soon.
BB has alittle bit of something against everyone here. I'm not sure what conflict sparked this, but maybe you guys should kiss and make up :)

...Wow, Hobos suck alot of dick...

Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Thro
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Personally, I just think there's a lot of pussies who "cant take shit" online.

Oh and looking back at #6 in BB's list, what's Hobo's response? A lecture.

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As far as I know, the Staff can co exist. I've chatted with almost all the Staff here and have gotten along with them as well.

The Comeback Kid™
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Originally posted by Otacon
Oh and looking back at #6 in BB's list, what's Hobo's response? A lecture.
Holy shit, what a coincidence!

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D-Man said in post #9 :
........... like Babyboy/OZ, and Babyboy/Hobo..........
Notice a trend?

Admins don't threaten to ban people. Mods can give users enough warning points to ban users, we can just IP ban them so they don't return, not that I know how to do that anyway. No gets banned for the hell of it, they get banned because are complete idiots.

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D-Man said in post #9 :
Then on top of that, there's the admins are threatening to ban someone like every 5 minutes, it's just making being a member here less enjoyable.
His Aunt Flow has been visiting for the last week or so. He'll get over it.

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Rajah said in post #17 :

No gets banned for the hell of it, they get banned because are complete idiots.
In that case, I'll say the whole "I'll ban you for this" thing is officially NOT FUNNY.
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