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One year ago this Sunday was the biggest match in my lifetime,since the Attitude Era Cm Punk VS John Cena WWE Championship match.Would the rebel the new Steve Austin Cm Punk leave with the WWE Championship.I had not been this excited for an match since 2004,when Eddie faced Brock Lesnar at No Way Out that year.The build was excellent Punk and Vince the contract singing took place one year ago on Raw this past week,I thought man this best WWE character since Steve Austin Punk will make watching WWE cool again.

Everyone will talk about wrestling and he is the new face of the company,the rebel good guy who I would look up to and inspire to be.The PPV was amazing as well I remember saying what is going to happen on Raw the next night.This awesome I had not look forward to an Raw like that since the Road to Wrestlemania 2004,which had an excellent build to that event.

Fast forward an year and WTF has happened Punk the man who was saying to Vince the owner of the company."you will say sorry to Cabana and Gallows and you will like it." From that to saying sorry to an woman who was on NXT at Money In The Bank time last year in angle involved with Hornswoggle.What the hell has happened the voice the voiceless giving Pipebombs to saying sorry to AJ what the hell.This Video puts my situation perfectly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Rz38IwXKG0 2011 the best year of me watching as an fan in 8 years,now were back to this boring crap just like before and worst of all for WWE is that Tna is producing better shows then them.

The Summer of Punk is gone and now it's The Summer of Aries,if you had told me that after Money In The Bank last year I would of laughed so hard.The Next Steve Austin is now just the same as John Cena an boring babyface.Thanks for your creative genius WWE well to ruin what was the greatness of the Cm Punk character,and make me feel sick of him I don't want Steve Austin to return to face this boring babyface Punk.No I wanted Austin to face the Voice of the Voiceless the Pipe bomb man not this loser,the boring Punk getting hit by an 95 pound woman no Austin would of never agreed to this storyline.Punk you sold out and are an ass kisser just like Dwayne,just like Hogan and just like Cena you have become what you hate your an corporate company man tool.
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