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1/19/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - Matt tries to have his cake & eat it too (he's FAT)

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No spoilers, etc, main event is kind of a big deal, yada yada.
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Wonder if the first one after that will be "live" again
Nope, UK is next
Matt vs EC3 was bleh as a match, but the angle proved to actually spark some interest from me towards the current TNA product. Still unsure if this is the right move for EC3 in the long run, though. I can buy Matt as a heel. EC3 as a face? We'll see. The fun of wrestling can be overnight turnarounds from both perspectives.

Shame he's gonna be intertwined w/the Wolves, although decent follow up on Crazzy Steve actually being a heel once he assaulted Uno at ONO. At least it went somewhere.
141 - 142 of 142 Posts
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