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1/19/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - Matt tries to have his cake & eat it too (he's FAT)

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No spoilers, etc, main event is kind of a big deal, yada yada.
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Another opening talky segment. Way to be different.
Tyrus has improved as a talker.
And Heath Slater has improved as a wrestler.
Looking at the dudes in the FoF. You can fire Bram, I guess.
Not sure what happened to Jessie, but he blows c0ck on the mic.
Imagine Reby joining Velvet, Rebel and Marti in the KO division. Can't wait.
Hammer in a diaper bag. Why not?
'This is brilliant, bro.'

Dixie being a mark on Twitter is pretty great though.
1 - 16 of 142 Posts
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