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1/19/16 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - Matt tries to have his cake & eat it too (he's FAT)

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No spoilers, etc, main event is kind of a big deal, yada yada.
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Given Jade has been getting wins on Xplosion and Impact and is getting more offense in matches, I'm expecting something to happen during the Gail/Kong match.

The main event is outstanding coming from people who were there so I'll be watching.
Jade leaving the Dollhouse it seems.
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Great show, Raquel being used perfectly if she's paired with Lashley. Main Event outstanding, Heel Crazzy Steve is going to be great he has that laugh. Great start to 2016 for TNA. The great part for me was Reby Sky convincing Jeff to go to the hospital.
I think now EC3 needs to be off TV a couple of weeks to sell that beataing and get that babyface pop.
Why Jeff squashed Tyrus? Doesn't make sense to me, unless that's what TNA are building with Tyrus. Since he's not very good in the ring but is ok as a support, maybe TNA want to keep him that way and explaining people why this big dude not wrestling too often.
Have Tyrus take out Jeff, Have Reby convince Jeff to go to the hospital to keep him out of what would go down later. Makes sense to me.
X Division stuff next week, theres a surprise there.
I haven't seen TNA in awhile so I checked this out. Good main event, show didn't wow me or anything. The double turn had a nice execution. Lol @ the Catrina rip off that flirted with Lashley btw.
Think you'll find Reby Sky is the Catrina knock off, however may do it better...

Hammer in a diaper bag > Lick of death.
Rating up again.

321,000 - Showbuzz.
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Big replay number. 122,000.

Total of 443,000.
This promotion used to draw 1.5 million viewers and now that they get over 300 thousand viewers this is the start of the turnaround according to one guy, smh.
Pop and DA do not have the reach Spike once had (they've lost viewers recently). Thats why Pop is only 1 year old and DA was on third tier.

Demo down slightly 0.09, but it was still the highest of the night as That 70s Show and Young and the Restless got 0.07 and 0.08 respectively.
2 more, this week and next.
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