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  1. Was Heel Roddy Piper ever pinned or made to submit?

    Classic Wrestling
    Having watched some of the WWE Home Video Classics on the WWE Network, one of the ones I watched was called "Rowdy Roddy Piper's Greatest Hits." It was a compilation of matches from 1984 and early 1985, during his heel run in the WWF. What I noticed from the matches on there is that Piper's...
  2. Was WWF avoiding Canada from 1999-2001?

    Classic Wrestling
    Has anyone noticed that from the end of 1998 to March of 2002, the WWF had no PPV's in Canada, as a matter of fact, I felt that for over a year of 1999 until May of 2000, they stopped doing Raw episodes in Canada for the most part, although they did do one Raw in Canada once in 2000, one in...
  3. Suppose it had been Sir Charles instead of Papa Shango.

    Classic Wrestling
    I read somewhere that just before Charles Wright was given the Papa Shango gimmick, he wrestled one match in the WWF under the name "Sir Charles". Now this may seem silly but, if they had continued with the Sir Charles name, do you suppose that he would have been given a wrestling knight...
  4. 1994 King of the Ring rare authentic autographed poster

    Classic Wrestling
    Hey guys, new to this forum but I’m glad I came across it. I was cleaning out the garage and found lots of old WWF memorabilia including hasbros, Jakks, and posters. Found this gem from the mid 90’s when I bought it. Autographed from every participant from the 94 KOTR. Bret, Diesel, Tatanka...
  5. Was Smackdown created for the sake of challenging Thunder?

    Classic Wrestling
    Maybe this is not the main reason, but don't you think that one of the reasons the WWF created Smackdown for Thursday nights was to create a "Thursday Night War" with WCW's Thunder?
  6. Online LIVE Meet and Greets !!!

    General WWE
    Hello all and thanks for checking. I’m sharing the opportunity to meet and greet some of most well known wrestling stars from ALL brands right from the comfort of your home !! We have begun doing “Virtual Personal Meet & Greets that includes signed 8x10s Shipped to your door !! We recently...
  7. WWF Hasbro figures and the WWE Hall of Fame

    Classic Wrestling
    Everyone has said that the Hasbro figures are the most popular WWF Action Figure line in history, and as far as the wrestlers in the series go, quite a significant number of them are certified legends and are now inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. For now I'll go through which ones are and...
  8. WWF Superstars Green Screen Promo designs.

    Classic Wrestling
    If anyone recalls during the WWF Golden era, During a segment called the Event Center, Sean Mooney would promote upcoming events in the local areas, during which he would promote various matches, they would include superstars giving promos in front of a green screen with a logo of the superstar...
  9. Macho Man's best WWF babyface run and best WWF heel run.

    Classic Wrestling
    Macho Man Randy Savage is one of those legends that does well as both a face and a heel. During his run in the WWF he had 2 runs as each. 1st Heel Run: 1985-1987. Debut, Intercontinental Champion, Feud with Ricky Steamboat. 1st Face Run: 1987-1989. WWF Champion, Mega Powers. 2nd Heel Run...
  10. Should the nWo have ONLY consisted of wrestlers who were made into stars by the WWF before 1996?

    Classic Wrestling
    Everyone knows about the impact the nWo had on pro wrestling and the Monday Night Wars, and I'm certainly not denying that. However there was one thing about the nWo that I wish had been different, If you recall Hogan saying after his heel turn saying that Scott Hall and Kevin Nash had come from...
  11. Origins of British Bulldog's 1999 WWF Heel Run

    Classic Wrestling
    Let's be honest. Davey Boy Smith's 1999-2000 WWF run was not his best run. But one particular angle from his run really bugs me. It began at Rebellion 1999, Davey went into Vince's office demanding a WWF title shot, but Vince turned him down and it resulted in the Bulldog throwing a trash can...