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  1. NXT
    It seems as if though there are an equal number of men's and women's segments on the show every week.
  2. NXT
    And possibly could challenge the NXT North American Championship if given the chance?
  3. NXT
    Like match cards with only men's matches, for example?
  4. NXT
    While the women have only one in-ring segment? How would the fans react?
  5. NXT
    And call it "NXT Takeover: Evolution?" After all, there are plenty of female talents on the NXT roster to do a show with nothing but women's matches. Thoughts?
  6. NXT
    And why is the NXT Women's Division being pushed so heavily in the last year or so?
  7. NXT
    It seems as if though the NXT women are being pushed heavily as of late.
  8. NXT
    An episode of NXT 2.0 had no women's matches, only men's matches? Do you think that would ever happen in the very near future?
  9. NXT
    I'm pretty sure that it will be one of the most vicious and intense heel promos which could even include an expletitive regarding to Roxanne Perez (the five-letter b word, perhaps).
  10. NXT
    Ever since the rebranding of NXT 2.0 last fall, there has not been a single episode that had no women's match on the show and more often than not, there have been at least two women's matches on the show. Thoughts?
  11. NXT
    I ask because on Nxt they'll sometimes advertise or talk about matches involving Raw or Smackdown superstars. And every now or then you'll have a Raw or Smackdown wrestler appear on Nxt. And once in a blue moon a Nxt superstar will wrestle on Raw or Smackdown. But for some reason...
  12. NXT
    This week's episode of NXT 2.0 had no men's matches other than the mixed-tag team match. :(
  13. NXT
    IMO I think that it's entirely possible given that the NXT roster has over 20 women. Thoughts?
  14. NXT
    There are 25 women on the NXT 2.0 roster.
1-14 of 14 Results