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  1. Greatest Wrestling Match Ever Cartoon

    General WWE
    Hi guys, I just finished making this cartoon about Edge vs Randy Orton, but it's actually more of a tribute to past "greatest wrestling matches ever". Please check it out, I would really appreciate your support! Hope everyone's safe, and we all get to enjoy the greatest PPV :) - Ash
  2. Online LIVE Meet and Greets !!!

    General WWE
    Hello all and thanks for checking. I’m sharing the opportunity to meet and greet some of most well known wrestling stars from ALL brands right from the comfort of your home !! We have begun doing “Virtual Personal Meet & Greets that includes signed 8x10s Shipped to your door !! We recently...
  3. WWE 3D Stages

    Misc Media
    Hi everyone ! Im starting a thread to share with you my work about animatind WWE Stages. It is a way for me to share my work and have thoughts on it, so dont be afraid to say what you think about it :) We start with a video i made 3 years ago. With the Hardy Boyz returning at WrestleMania 33...
  4. Best matches from each era?

    General WWE
    So quarantine made me like wrestling again. So what are some of the best matches from each era that you like? So I could binge watch during this quarantine. Lol
  5. WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

    Wrestling Games
  6. Corporate MITB : The roof is on fire

    General WWE
    https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2020/04/wwe-announces-climb-the-corporate-ladder-money-in-the-bank-669395/ Madman Vince went nuts,so finally we could see the real version from the 99 commercial
  7. WrestlingInc owner Giri says Meltzer is biased against WWE

    General WWE
    Don`t worry, starts at 1:27:00. (Timemark set.) Takes like 3 minutes. What do you think? Is Meltzer biased against WWE or not?
  8. Which current WWE female Superstars IYO would not have made it during the Divas Era?

    General WWE
    IMO, they are: Becky Lynch Ruby Riott Ember Moon Rhea Ripley Sasha Banks Bayley Asuka Io Shirai Shayna Blazier Kairi Sane
  9. Columns Thread

    General WWE
    What Is This? This is our new area of the forum where you can post columns! What Is A Column? The only criteria for a column is that it be wrestling related and be a minimum of 800 words. So that can be breaking down your thoughts on a particular topic or a review of a particular match or show...
  10. Spring clean??

    General WWE
    https://wrestlingnews.co/wwe-news/some-wwe-stars-are-worried-about-getting-released/ So, does WWE finally realize they have overstock unused or underutilized wrestlers? So,I guess they will release the superstar who are not going enter to the next plan, the superstars who will be out of their...
  11. What if Johnny Ace was still WWE's Head of Talent and not Triple H?

    General WWE
    IMO the WWE would have a different roster than what we have today. IMO Johnny Ace would definitely not hire the following WWE Superstars: A.J. Styles Kevin Owens Ricochet Finn Balor Sami Zayn Becky Lynch Sasha Banks Bayley Ruby Riott Sarah Logan Asuka Shayna Blazler Shinsuke Nakamura Samoa Joe...
  12. Which division is more entertaining, the men's division or the women's division?

    General WWE
    IMO, I like the men's division due to the fact that several of them are major stars while I see the women's division as filler.
  13. Want to join a Wrestling discussion?

    General WWE
    My friend and I are super into Wrestling, so we decided to talk about. Check it out, and be sure to have discussion, we'd love to hear comments.
  14. Hot Tag Media Works - Wrestling Music Compilation Vol.2

    Misc Media
    Hi! I'm Matt, and I make entrance music under the name 'Hot Tag Media Works'. You might of seen my name pop up randomly in On Demand streams or at shows. I've done a bunch of tracks in the past, most notably Marty Scurll's 'One True Villain'. As you're all aware, the wrestling industry is having...
  15. Would two brand-exclusive MITB ladder matches work in today's WWE?

    General WWE
    After all, there were two MITB ladder matches involving male wrestlers from 2010-2012 (one featured RAW Superstars vying for a future WWE Championship match) while One featured SmackDown Superstars vying for a future World Heavyweight Championship match) but would it work in today's WWE (the...
  16. Ramifications of a multi-month live event shutdown

    General WWE
    With the impending cancellation or postponement of WrestleMania I am starting to wonder what the effects will be on the industry as a whole if events cannot be held with crowds for a period of months. WWE: Can still hold events in empty facilities, but at that point these become a huge money...
  17. Wrestlers real heights

    General WWE
    in reply to an old thread I would like to chime in it was on this site - wwe-wrestlers-real-heights.612968/ Since I couldn't reply to this old thread as it's locked , I would like to make a new thread on the subject :) , as a height obsessed guy ( I know pretty sad lol ) who has done years of...
  18. WWE To Launch A Performance Center In Japan Soon

    Would this work or end up badly since it's not easy for WWE to blend in with Japan style and culture https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2020/02/wwe-to-launch-a-performance-center-in-japan-soon-666747/
  19. The wait is no more! Here idea The Expendables movie with all female cast...But with WWE stars and it is Straight-to-video

    General WWE
    What happen you're add best female wrestlers put them in action thriller-Michael Bay style film? You're get "Mary Huntess" a R-rated film,story about 7 group of ex- elite spec ops/officers turn mercenaries call "Mary Huntess" who get a mission "Lady Church (play by Beth Phoenix)" about the job...