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  1. General WWE
    Rumors that naitch is preparing for an in-ring return. Do ya'll think the nature boy could hang with Walter? I personally don't think that match-up could ever happen because one chop from Gunther and Ric Flair's pacemaker would just give out.
  2. General WWE
    My friend and I are stand-up comedians. We watch a lot of wrestling content online, and got kinda tired of so many people covering WWE like they work for CNN. Come on guys, we're watching guys go at it while covered head to toe in KY jelly and wrestling for a belt that can't even be used to hold...
  3. General WWE
    Me seeing him genuinely enjoying this run and his time now in WWE makes my heart feel warm. He's really the lockerroom's leader. Im so proud of Randy for growing and coming this far, not as a professional but as a person who earned the respect and gives the younger one time to shine. This...
  4. General WWE
    So quarantine made me like wrestling again. So what are some of the best matches from each era that you like? So I could binge watch during this quarantine. Lol
1-4 of 5 Results