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  1. Best/Favorite Coliseum Videos AKA Home Video Classics

    Classic Wrestling
    Back during WWF's Hulkamania - New Generation era, the WWF would release home videos besides just the PPVs would either be simple match compilations, or focus on a single popular superstar at the time, or matches with a specific theme. They would all be under the banner of Coliseum Video. A...
  2. WWE Legends without a Match Compilation/Documentary about them.

    Classic Wrestling
    It appears as though the WWE has stopped with the DVD collections and have shifted everything to the WWE Network. However, there are still quite a few WWE Legends who have not been given a DVD set with their best matches/moments or a documentary about their lives and careers. Now the Network has...
  3. Missing content from WWE Network you would like to see?

    Classic Wrestling
    As awesome as it is to have the WWE Network to see all the old PPV's, and Raw and Smackdown episodes. I'm sure we're all aware that not everything in the WWE library is on there. Here are some things I would like included: Special Events: Wrestlefest 1988 UK Rampage 1991 TV Episodes...
  4. Request: Chronicle Roman Reigns

    Media Requests
    I'd like to get a copy of both parts of Roman's Chronicle episodes that aired last year. Can anyone help me out?
  5. The wait is no more! Here idea The Expendables movie with all female cast...But with WWE stars and it is Straight-to-video

    General WWE
    What happen you're add best female wrestlers put them in action thriller-Michael Bay style film? You're get "Mary Huntess" a R-rated film,story about 7 group of ex- elite spec ops/officers turn mercenaries call "Mary Huntess" who get a mission "Lady Church (play by Beth Phoenix)" about the job...