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  1. AEW
    Looks like NJPW is writing Jay White out of the company with a loser leaves match coming soon over the next couple of weeks. Is he heading back to AEW or is it time for a WWE run, does a rumble spot beckon? Or does he just return to IMPACT? Is Jay White Leaving NJPW for AEW or WWE?
  2. General WWE
    Reported in the wee hours of the morning is that Tessa Blanchard is no longer married. After scrutinizing her social media, it appears as though “Happily ever After” is over for good. She was spotted yesterday walking into the ring and training with one of the WWE’s best in Florida. Any info...
  3. SmackDown
    Lacey Evans has just made comeback on Smackdown after almost a year. She's back with new character. What do you think her storyline will be? is she gonna challenge for championship? with whom she will have a feud? she's gonna be a babyface for sure and this time no Rick Flair will be involved
  4. General WWE
    All time icon and all time favorite The Undertaker most memorable and seeing video you must see this
  5. General WWE
    I invite you to the Wrestling channel. It's my life, leave sub to stay up to date with movies. Movies are published daily, so feel free to come ! ! !
  6. Future & Past WWE PPV
    I ordered Wrestlemania 36 tickets in section 125 row z and I'm in the farther corner of that row...I know we don't know the exact setup this Wrestlemania but do you think I'll have an obstructed view in any way?
1-6 of 8 Results