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  1. Watching pro-wrestling promos before matches

    Other Wrestling
    Sadly, fans don't understand the art of wrestling promos. They just watch matches without watching promos 1st. Promos make matches more powerful if they're good. Like Abdullah the Butcher's promo on Tenryu. When Abdullah said "he's not hungry anymore but i'm gonna beat him up..", he meant "he's...
  2. I Draw Wrestlers

    I Draw Wrestlers

    Hi, my names Chris, this is my first post so if I've put it in the wrong area, please move it into the correct one. After the mess that was WWE 2k, and constant changing of card tiers on WWE Supercard; I wanted to make a game that would be a cool spin on wrestling so I'm working on the 'Heroes...
  3. Babyface Movie

    Wrestling Multimedia
    Hey wrestling family! Just wanted to make this post to introduce something awesome which is currently in production. We are currently filming a movie about UK professional wrestling titled "Babyface". This dramatic and emotional story about going after your dreams follows a young european guy...
  4. Trying to understand, how pro wrestling as a sports entertainment business flourished.

    General WWE
    Hello, I have been a rigorous consumer of pro wrestling since a long time. Seen how WWE and other pro wrestling platforms have produced stars like John Cena, the Rock, Shinsuke Nakamura and many others. I have always found myself engrossed in the lengthy plots and story lines, week after week...
  5. Pinups & Pinfalls: Two Women Talking Wrestling

    Misc Media
    Hello Wrestling Communities! We wanted to drop in and let everyone know about our YouTube Channel & Podcast Pinups & Pinfalls, where we cover AEW, NJPW, and many more! We are currently looking for feedback, recommendations, and comments to help us! Please check us out on Anchor, Spotify...