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  1. RAW
    It seems that the only time that a men's match has main-evented Monday Night RAW in 2022 is when Roman Reigns appeared on the show.
  2. General WWE
    I noticed that numerous female wrestlers such as Rhea Ripley, Shotzi, Cora Jade, Toni Storm and Ruby Soho all have their ears stretched. Anyone noticing that trend?
  3. General WWE
    We could very well see women's mid-card titles for the main roster and NXT. I also predict that Roman Reigns will lose the WWE Championship in 2023.
  4. General WWE
    What were some of your favorite moments from that period?
  5. NXT
    It could be called the "NXT South American Championship."
  6. General WWE
    During the WWE Divas Era, not very many WWE female talents had any tattoos and piercings other than either a belly button ring or a lower-back tattoo, these days, practically every woman on the WWE roster are covered in ink like CM Punk and have not only belly button rings but also lip rings...
  7. General WWE
    Natalya Believes Stephanie McMahon Could Bring Back Beloved WWE PLE - Wrestling Inc. The future of all-women's wrestling pay-per-views has been a hot topic this week due to Billy Corgan's comments about a possible NWA EmPowerrr 2 happening. However, WWE fans are also eagerly awaiting the...
  8. General WWE
    Back when the women were mainly hired for their looks and not for their wrestling ability? (There were exceptions to the rule such as Beth Phoenix and Katie Lea Burchill, however.) And which women would not have even been hired back then?
  9. General WWE
    Would we see the likes of Madison Eagles, Sara Amato and Daizee Haze on the roster instead the likes of Kelly Kelly, Maria Kanellis and Rosa Mendes?
  10. NXT
    It seems as if though there are an equal number of men's and women's segments on the show every week.
  11. NXT
    And possibly could challenge the NXT North American Championship if given the chance?
  12. General WWE
    Prior to the Women's Evolution, there weren't that many female talents in the WWE who wrestled for Shimmer (notable exceptions included Beth Phoenix, Paige, Natalya, Emma, Serena and Katie Lea Burchill) but now, it seemed as if every female talent on the WWE roster came from Shimmer. Thoughts?
  13. General WWE
    Or maybe the women could possibly be booked for a pre-show battle royal much like they did at the 2009 SummerSlam PPV?
  14. General WWE
    It wasn't like that 10-15 years ago where episodes of RAW, SmackDown and the PPVs would have no women's matches as fans didn't complain about back then but a match card with no women's match would cause fans to complain nowadays. Thoughts?
  15. General WWE
    Report: WWE Plans to Boost Women's Division, Evolution 2 in 2023 2023 might turn out to be a big year for women’s division in WWE if a recent report is to be believed. As per Xero News Twitter Account, new WWE Creative team is planning to bolster WWE Roster with new women’s talent...
  16. NXT
    By contrast, there were only six women on the FCW roster back in 2010. Thoughts?
  17. NXT
    And call it "NXT Takeover: Evolution?" After all, there are plenty of female talents on the NXT roster to do a show with nothing but women's matches. Thoughts?
  18. General WWE
    Since Triple H has took over WWE Creative last July, no longer are WWE female talents being portrayed as catty, high school girls but are now being portrayed the same as the men by cutting more vicious promos and having more violent brawls and not having petty catfights as evidenced by the...
1-20 of 103 Results