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  1. General WWE
    https://slicewrestling.com/report-triple-h-focused-on-making-the-wwe-womens-division-exciting-and-explosive-again-as-one-of-his-main-goals-as-head-of-creative-backstage-details-and-more/ Triple H is working on making the WWE Women’s division to be exciting again. Hunter feels the WWE Women’s...
  2. General WWE
    I know that Triple H is a huge fan of women's wrestling and was responsible for phasing out lumberjill matches and bikini contests.
  3. General WWE
    Is an authority figure whose title is "WWE Women's Division Commissioner." Someone like Beth Phoenix would be great for that role.
  4. General WWE
    Would it have gotten negative backlash back then as opposed to 2018 when WWE's female talents weren't taken very seriously back then?
  5. SmackDown
    Bayley is really needed on SmackDown really bad With Charlotte married & Sasha/Naomi suspended Only like 7 Women on the Roster, Vince likes to faver Raw We lost Lacey Evans to Raw for what nothing I think they teased a Rousey/Baszler steardown Hell, I want a Rousey/Baszler feud, WWE can...
1-5 of 5 Results