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    I am new to the forum and was wondering who you consider to be the greatest black females in WWE history? What are their biggest accomplishments? I am finishing up my graduate degree and am doing my final thesis on black females in the WWE. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  2. General WWE
    What happen you're add best female wrestlers put them in action thriller-Michael Bay style film? You're get "Mary Huntess" a R-rated film,story about 7 group of ex- elite spec ops/officers turn mercenaries call "Mary Huntess" who get a mission "Lady Church (play by Beth Phoenix)" about the job...
  3. General WWE
    Just a funny harmless statistic. :) I checked the numbers or different participants in the fan threads for the women wrestlers. If a woman got multiple/overfilled threads, I took the highest number I found. There are a lot of women, who got no thread at all. (For errors, plz sent a PM. I will...