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  1. General WWE
    The WWE used to be a male-dominated industry with the likes of John Cena, Roman Reigns, The Undertaker and Randy Orton being major stars.
  2. General WWE
    I have a video in mind where he counts with his fingers and the Johnny Cash music was played... and it was used for promo wrestlemania 25 or 26 against Shawn Michaels... But i could not find it anymore... Could you please help me with a youtube link? Thank you in advance Kind regards
  3. General WWE
    If someone has a video of it... or a link to a youtube video, it would help me. Thank you in advance Kind regards
  4. General WWE
    One of just 37 sets in the world! Beautiful display and autograph...super stoked to get this. Well done WWE getting into the NFT game early. Here's the digital artwork in case you haven't seen it: * link removed*
  5. General WWE
    Hello I was wondering if anyone has any idea how to get the wwe wine in the uk. I would love a couple of bottles of undertaker wine but they don’t send to uk. I wonder if anyone can help me with this. Many thanks
  6. General WWE
    During the last ride documentary last month the undertaker basically came out an said he was now retired from in ring competition by saying the desire he's always had to to wrestle has now gone and that he's now content with his career. But I've seen fans recently say it would be more poetic for...
  7. General WWE
    Will be great watching The Undertaker as the American Bad Ass, he still has more matches in him.
1-8 of 8 Results