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  1. General WWE
    "Did Stephanie threaten you?" - Former WWE employee blasts Triple H over booking on Monday Night RAW (Exclusive) Former WWE writer Vince Russo recently blasted Triple H for the dismal booking on Monday Night RAW. Triple H is currently spearheading the creative process in WWE after Vince...
  2. General WWE
    Natalya Believes Stephanie McMahon Could Bring Back Beloved WWE PLE - Wrestling Inc. The future of all-women's wrestling pay-per-views has been a hot topic this week due to Billy Corgan's comments about a possible NWA EmPowerrr 2 happening. However, WWE fans are also eagerly awaiting the...
  3. General WWE
    During the Vince McMahon Era, there were Superstars such as Santino Marella, Hornswoggle, Reggie and Jillian Hall that had comedic characters as well as comedic storylines and promos but now that Triple H is in charge, pretty much all the comedic stuff and been replaced with more serious and...
  4. General WWE
    Since Triple H has took over WWE Creative last July, no longer are WWE female talents being portrayed as catty, high school girls but are now being portrayed the same as the men by cutting more vicious promos and having more violent brawls and not having petty catfights as evidenced by the...
  5. General WWE
    There have been less comedic and childish storylines as the WWE talents' storylines are more intense and serious thanks to more vicious promos directed toward more hatred to each other and not silly or catty (no more "Suffering Succotash," LayCool being riducled for their non-existent waist size...
  6. General WWE
    From what I have read, Triple H is not a fan of talent releases as he wants the WWE to be seen as a job creator. Instead, the WWE opts to let unwanted WWE talents' contract to expire. Thoughts?
  7. General WWE
    With rumors of the WWE going TV-14 and Triple H in charge, I think it's a huge possibility considering that the WWE focuses more on athleticism and character work and not on looks. BTW, Bianca Belair vs. Bayley in a First Blood match for the RAW Women's Championship at Extreeme Rules would be...
  8. General WWE
    In 2006, most of WWE's female talents were former fitness and swimsuit models with virtually no wrestling talent or character while TNA's Knockout Division hasn't started yet. This is Mercedes Martinez competing in a match at Ring of Honor. But now that Triple H is in charge of WWE creative...
  9. SmackDown
    SmackDown will be airing its 1200th episode next Friday but don't expect it to get special treatment as it was rumored that Triple H was not a fan of special episodes of RAW and SmackDown like Vince McMahon was as Triple H felt that milestone episodes, RAW Roulette, Old School RAW and the Slammy...
  10. General WWE
    Triple H famously lobbied and got Bruno and Ultimate Warrior just to name a few into the HoF. Who do you expect him to put in now that he is in control? Demolition, Owen and maybe even CM Punk?
  11. General WWE
    Considering that he is a huge fan of women's wrestling. I meant, when was the last time that an episode of RAW or NXT had only men's matches on the show?
  12. General WWE
    Is that the women are not acting as catty or childish as they did when Vince McMahon was in charge but now that women are acting very similar to their male counterparts when it comes to their promo skills and personality. These days, there are no "Piggie James," "Smelly Kelly" or "Glamaman"...
  13. General WWE
    https://slicewrestling.com/report-triple-h-focused-on-making-the-wwe-womens-division-exciting-and-explosive-again-as-one-of-his-main-goals-as-head-of-creative-backstage-details-and-more/ Triple H is working on making the WWE Women’s division to be exciting again. Hunter feels the WWE Women’s...
  14. General WWE
    I know that Triple H is a huge fan of women's wrestling and was responsible for phasing out lumberjill matches and bikini contests.
  15. General WWE
    IMO it was Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Since they started to gain more power in the mid-2010s, they were instrumental in treating WWE's female talents the same as the men. Thoughts?
  16. General WWE
    This may explain why the WWE has released several talents as of late.
  17. General WWE
    IMO it was the most underrated era in the WWE. The biggest stars were men such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H, the Undertaker and Rey Mysterio. In addition, there were top mid-carders such as Sheamus, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, Big Show, Kane, Drew McIntyre, Daniel Bryan, The...
  18. SmackDown
    Now that Triple H is slowly starting to lose backstage power while John Laurinaitis is back as WWE's Head of Talent Relations?
  19. General WWE
    IMO they did a lot when it came to giving more focus on WWE's female talents. Their rise to power began back in 2012 when they started to gain more pull backstage even though Vince McMahon had the final say. IMO they were the ones to allow the women to compete in the Royal Rumble, the...
  20. NXT
    I think it's gonna be Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn IMO. I also expect Bruce Pritchard to have some say regarding which NXT talents to push but I do think that Triple H's days as NXT showrunner is coming to an end.
1-20 of 29 Results