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  1. AEW
    Seeing that AEW is not afraid to go "Hardcore" could they have their own Hardcore division? Or instead adding a new title could they transform the FTW title into one as an homage to ECW?
  2. General WWE
    Previously I posted a couple of drafts my redesigns for the WWE/Universal title belts on Reddit and got some great feedback. Last night I finished the designs for Tag Titles (I only made one version because I think they should be unified), United States Championship, and IC title. I really like...
  3. Impact Wrestling
    Well we now have Josh Alexander in X Division is he the right choice for title? Dont get me wrong i love him he is amazing but is the X Division good for him and basicly for whole Impact? Main Event scene is not brightest to be honest and i feel like this is really bad fit for both sides. Josh...
  4. General WWE
    WWE have had 2 world titles in there company since 2002 full time apart from a 2 and half year hiatus from TLC 2013 when Randy Orton unified the titles beating John Cena in a tlc match. Then there was only one world champion up until July 2016 when they introduced the brand new 'universal...
1-4 of 4 Results