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  1. Classic Wrestling
    Let's discuss the differences in the way Jesse "The Body" Ventura officiated the main events as guest referee at two Summerslams, 1988 and 1999. Have you noticed that in the Mega Powers/Megabucks main event, Although Jesse didn't actually show favoritism in his officiating, you could tell he...
  2. General WWE
    My Interview with u/DrewMcintyre tells the story of a 15yr old boy from Scotland who became the first ever u/British u/WWEChampion We talk about u/RoddyPiper , u/CurtHennig and even u/BillyCorgan This Interview is for the fans, for everyone fighting out there, Drew's story is inspiring. He got...
  3. Classic Wrestling
    Going back and watching the buildup for Summerslam 1992 with the episodes of WWF Superstars on the WWE Network, the one that got the most attention was the storyline of "In who's corner will Mr. Perfect be in" for the Warrior/Savage match for the WWF Championship. Of course for those who...
  4. Classic Wrestling
    Although he worked on both the 1998 and 1999 Summerslams I personally feel that the 1999 one was where Vince Russo's booking style was most noticeable. Does anyone else agree with this, or did SS1998 have just as much of Russo's style as SS1999?
  5. WWE PPV
    In a PWInsider Elite update, Mike Johnson reported that at least one outdoor location is in consideration. Johnson said that talks have been going on regarding moving the show to the beach or on a boat with two sources confirming talks about the boat being home for some or all matches.
  6. General WWE
    With summerslam likely heading to the PC just like.. Well every show wwe are doing right now is it safe to say 2020 is a right off in terms of wwe wrestling. With apparently plans being torn up and newly promoted head of creative of both shows bruce Pritchard is apparently 'very tired and...
  7. WWE PPV
    The two biggest shows of the year for the WWE are WrestleMania and SummerSlam. Although WrestleMania will always be the flagship show. There were times when in terms of show quality, SummerSlam was better than the WrestleMania of the same year. So for each year from 1988 to present, which show...