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  1. General WWE
    https://slicewrestling.com/report-triple-h-focused-on-making-the-wwe-womens-division-exciting-and-explosive-again-as-one-of-his-main-goals-as-head-of-creative-backstage-details-and-more/ Triple H is working on making the WWE Women’s division to be exciting again. Hunter feels the WWE Women’s...
  2. General WWE
    IMO it was Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Since they started to gain more power in the mid-2010s, they were instrumental in treating WWE's female talents the same as the men. Thoughts?
  3. General WWE
    IMO they did a lot when it came to giving more focus on WWE's female talents. Their rise to power began back in 2012 when they started to gain more pull backstage even though Vince McMahon had the final say. IMO they were the ones to allow the women to compete in the Royal Rumble, the...
  4. General WWE
    Even though he is currently married to Stephanie McMahon, I could very well see him leaving the WWE and joining AEW. Thoughts?
1-4 of 4 Results