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  1. 05/15 SmackDown Discussion: Mr. MITB Otis appears on MizTV. And it's The Return of the Queen.

    It's The Return Of The Queen. The monster among Universal Champions. New Day, same champions.
  2. Involve the NXT talents to become audiences

    General WWE
    The event of the night is really very entertaining, especially there is a part where Triple H acts silly and without a script. But unfortunately, there should be one or two people that pass when the game is running, I want to see trainer Sara Amato or Matt Bloom is passing around the PC. In the...
  3. Disrespect to the man not just his character! Joe Anoa'i A.K.A Roman Reigns

    Before I start, I know that a lot of you will not understand my reasoning for posting this. It has more to do with the man behind the character than wrestling. Tonight I watched as the shitshow of a match between Dolph Ziggler and The Big Dog, Roman Reigns played out like I expected it to...