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  1. SmackDown
    Bayley is really needed on SmackDown really bad With Charlotte married & Sasha/Naomi suspended Only like 7 Women on the Roster, Vince likes to faver Raw We lost Lacey Evans to Raw for what nothing I think they teased a Rousey/Baszler steardown Hell, I want a Rousey/Baszler feud, WWE can...
  2. General WWE
    Back when the men were "Superstars" and the women were "Divas," the women generally got one match on either RAW, SmackDown, PPVs and house shows with some episodes not having a women's match while the rest of the matches were men's matches. Have match quotas been abolished in the WWE these days?
  3. General WWE
    I remember the WWE used to do special themed episodes of RAW like the milestone episodes, RAW Roulette, Old School RAW, the WWE Draft, Viewers Choice RAW, the Slammy Awards and the King of the Ring involving both the RAW and SmackDown rosters but ever since SmackDown's moved to FOX, the WWE...
  4. General WWE
    Twelve years ago, RAW was given top priority with its guest host gimmick, top stars such as John Cena, Randy Orton and Triple H and the special episodes such as Old School RAW, milestone episodes, the WWE Draft, RAW Roulette and Viewers Choice where both rosters appeared on while SmackDown was...
  5. SmackDown
    Prior to the Women's Evolution, the only instance where WWE's female talents had any physical contact with their male counterparts was a woman slapping a man on the face but Charlotte Flair attacking Drew Gulak on SmackDown and even making him say "I Quit" is now acceptable on WWE TV nowadays...
  6. General WWE
    The main reason in my opinion is the WWE giving spots on SmackDown normally reserved for men are given to women. Thoughts?
  7. General WWE
    For example, SmackDown talents appearing on RAW and vice versa. I know that FOX and USA Network are owned by two different networks and I read somewhere that FOX had to get permission for Seth Rollins to appear on RAW (an NBCUniversal network). This may explain why the WWE doesn't do special...
  8. General WWE
    Roman is not stale this is what happens when you’re on top for too long there’s nothing wrong with his character he’s being booked to perfection it just gets tiresome to fans watching every Friday the same guy on top plain and simple, nothing wrong with his character at all. I Believe this is...
  9. General WWE
    I expect the WWE to treat the 1500th episode of Monday Night RAW as a regular show as the WWE views SmackDown as the "A" show while vieweing RAW as the "B" show. Thoughts?
  10. Classic Wrestling
    A/N: Haven't been on this board for a while. I've been working on this project and wanted to share. In an attempt to make this as authentic as possible, there has been some borrowing from WWE's shows, with some changes made by me. Much of the promos are written by me, however, some phrasing...
  11. General WWE
    As for myself, I stopped watching the WWE back in 2015-16.
  12. SmackDown
    No way will Sonya give her a legit match next week. I reckon It'll be some screwy thng where she'll come out in her suit and give it that 'you can't hit me while I'm suited and a WWE official'. Then a one-sided beat down ensues where Naomi can't retaliate. What do you reckon? What do you want...
  13. SmackDown
    Surely she can't keep getting choked out by Shayna each week? What match stipulations, subplots etc? Lots of calls for her to join bloodline but not sure that would make sense.
  14. SmackDown
    After watching WWE Draft, We came across that activity ended up Strenghtening Raw and weakening Smackdown. And the most affected superstar is Roman Reigns. Despite hatred by many fans, The Head of the Table Overwhelmed 15 diferent rivals during his Universal Title reign. After draft, the blue...
  15. SmackDown
    As everyone recall, WWE is weird to watch. All tha happens on the venue comes along with stuff to we are already got used to watch. And during WWE Draft Day 1, it was not an exception. During the Second Hour, Carmella faced Liv Morgan one more time. But before starting the match, The Most...
  16. SmackDown
    Now that Triple H is slowly starting to lose backstage power while John Laurinaitis is back as WWE's Head of Talent Relations?
  17. General WWE
    It used to be Monday Night RAW but when Friday Night SmackDown moved to FOX back in 2019, all of the top feuds and special episodes now take place on SmackDown nowadays.
  18. General WWE
    Does anyone have any house show videos of Dawn Marie which aren't on youtube?
1-20 of 33 Results