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  1. General WWE
    I know I won't. She's too unattractive IMO.
  2. General WWE
    IMO I think that the post-WrestleMania 38 roster cuts will very likely affect the men's roster as there are plenty of dead weight in both the WWE and NXT men's divisions while no female talents are released. Thoughts?
  3. General WWE
    This may explain why the WWE has released several talents as of late.
  4. RAW
    I knew Finn endup wasted on CJ. What the fuck was Vince thinking when was drafted to RAW? First, the irrelevant Balor Gay Club, after Demon's bury on Soft Rules and now losing against a fucking gamer Geek. Definitely, I won't Finn Balor, I won't the Demon, I want Prince Devitt coming back to NJPW.
  5. Impact Wrestling
    WWE realease Samoa Joe and many more wrestlers once again do you think is there any possible chance of joe returning? and maybe i wasnt around Web media that much back in the day did Joe left Impact in good terms on bad terms years ago? + i would really love to see Tucker Knight in tag team with...
1-5 of 5 Results