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  1. Interview with Drew McIntyre the first ever British WWE Champion

    General WWE
    My Interview with u/DrewMcintyre tells the story of a 15yr old boy from Scotland who became the first ever u/British u/WWEChampion We talk about u/RoddyPiper , u/CurtHennig and even u/BillyCorgan This Interview is for the fans, for everyone fighting out there, Drew's story is inspiring. He got...
  2. Vince Mcmahon still undecided on match for SummerSlam card

    According to the latest articles McMahon still isn't sure what route to go with the whole Seth Rollins and Dominick story for Summerslam Possible ideas apparently are Seth Rollins vs Dominick a one on one match Black-Dominick vs Rollins-Murphy - tag team match Or not have Dominick or black...
  3. Average raw but orton vs McIntyre Begins

    So wwe are going for what we expected for summerslam and that's McIntyre vs Orton for the WWE title. Orton came out and cut a great promo talking about he's been part of some legendary teams/factions in the WWE like evolution legacy and the authority. Also talked about how the WWE have created...
  4. Vince Mcmahon apparently is now 'building for the Future' Ok...

    General WWE
    So in the latest rumour mill apparently Vince McMahon is apparently got a new goal of building for the future whatever the hell that means. I mean theyve not a gotta good track record with it because of the continuous let's bring a legend back to pop a rating stuff which theyve been doing for...
  5. Raw was lukewarm but not as bad as last week

    Raw Starts off with Rollins addressing his actions from last night and when people ask if he regrets it he says basically it's the wwe universes fault for turning there back on him and because of that he did what he did to mysterio so it's there fault. If the crowd was here we'd of forsure gotta...
  6. RAW is unwatchable.

    Is there any point of even watching Monday night raw right now. Because the show is so flat it's unbelievable. The no crowd stuff is a big factor for me but it's just not that as Well because I feel like things woudnt be that different with a crowd. There just lining guys up for drew to knock...
  7. My Problem with Jericho's Raw Debut.

    Classic Wrestling
    As much as people praise Chris Jericho's WWF debut on Raw. My problem with the segment is that The Rock was victorious in the promo. I think it would have been better if Jericho got the last word in the promo over The Rock or better yet, have Jericho storm the ring beat down the Rock by putting...
  8. Involve the NXT talents to become audiences

    General WWE
    The event of the night is really very entertaining, especially there is a part where Triple H acts silly and without a script. But unfortunately, there should be one or two people that pass when the game is running, I want to see trainer Sara Amato or Matt Bloom is passing around the PC. In the...
  9. A night of a 1000 Super Stars!

    Classic Wrestling
    Watched a usa network special in fall (aka autumn) or winter of late 1996. It was called something like "It's a nite of a 1,000 super stars!" Basically it was wwf showing ALL their inventions i.e. wrestlers especially their main event guys THEY made who left 4 wcw. I.e. razor diesel hulk...
  10. Most wins on RAW (1993 - 2019)

  11. Raw and Nitro

    Classic Wrestling
    I’m trying to go back and watch the attitude era and the events leading up to that. My problem is I don’t pay for cable. Is there anyway I can subscribe without cable or is there another way I can watch these episodes?